Casts Against Civility is a Cards Against Humanity Chromecast game now available on the Google Play Store


Cards Against Humanity is a party game, that brings hilarity, just the right amount of immaturity, sometimes a little awkwardness, and tons of fun to any adult party. A new Android app dubbed Casts Against Civility aims to bring the popular party game to largest screen in your house, thanks to Chromecast.

Just like the regular Cards Against Humanity game, the objective of this Chromecast game is to respond to a question or statement that has certain words or a phrase hidden by playing one of ten cards available in your hand. Almost Mad Libs style, it’s generally accepted to make completely horrible combinations to appease the ‘Card Czar’.

You’ll need at least two people to play, however it’s much, much more fun with 3 or more players. To get started, everyone playing will need to have the app on their phone or tablet and connected to the same WiFi network. After launching the app, you’ll want to go into settings and assign a player name. Next, just tap the familiar Cast button and choose your Chromecast. The Card Czar is automatically chosen and assigned to read the black card on TV to the rest of the group. All players are given 10 cards on their devices and must choose one to play by tapping on the card. Remember, choose an answer that you feel the Card Czar will like…or hate the most. The Card Czar then chooses their favorite submission and ‘Awesome’ points are awarded to the winner.

Cards Against Humanity games tend to last a long time and we’re sure Casts Against Civility will follow suit. If you’re going to organize a Chromecast game night, it’s probably going to be a smart move to have your friends bring along their phone chargers just in case.┬áCasts Against Civility is currently in the beta stage, however stable enough to play and available on the Google Play Store. Check out the official beta community on Google+ to submit feedback or give suggestions.

Happy casting!

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  • CryptoNoel

    YAAASSS! this game is freakin awesome! man i’m gonna have a blast hahaha

  • DavidVarghese

    I never thought of having games for the Chromecast. Can’t wait to try this out!

  • Chimphappyhour

    So, silly question but does this work only with Android or is there a way for this to work with people on iPhones too? Unfortunately, most people I know use that other brand.

    • Derek Ross

      Time to get some new friends! Seriously though, I think this is only available for Android at this time.

      • Chimphappyhour

        They’re going to need to step this up then. I know I could get my friends to play. Doubt I’d get them to change OS.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Luckily I have a few spare Android devices around the house so I could hand those out to the iFolks. Hopefully they make an iOS app too though.

  • guitarist5122

    This is going to need an iPhone app too

  • Chimphappyhour

    Looks like it won’t matter now. CAH has told the developer to pretty much get their own content and not use theirs. Ooops!

    • CaptainSisko

      Except CAH is released under creative commons. He just has to change his logo and a few things, according to his thread on Reddit, and they’re cool with it.