Mar 11th, 2014 publishUpdated   Mar 13th, 2014, 7:36 pm

Marvel Run Jump Smash in-app purchases

Earlier today, we told you guys about a New York woman suing Google over their lax 30-minute window that made it possible for her children to purchase $65 worth of in-game content after she only authorized a single purchase. It’s a pretty strange loophole, one many Android fans, let alone less tech savvy parents, probably weren’t even aware of until today.

To further illustrate how easy it can be for a child to make in-app purchases after their parent has just purchased an app or game — even if the Google Play Store is set to password restrict purchases — we decided to make our own video. If you’ve checked out some of the countless freemium games in the Play Store, you’d know that more than often, they make it exceptionally easy to purchase additional game content that runs anywhere from $1 – $100 (depending on the game).

Now, we’re not saying this lady is in the right for going after Google. We’ll let the courts decide that. What we hope to do is simply get the word out before anyone hands off their phone or tablet to their kids after they’ve just made a quick Google Play purchase. The more you know…