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A while back, we mentioned that Niantic was working on its own AR-based game, which incorporates different gameplay elements from simulation and pet-rearing games, all while giving players a familiar taste of the studio’s work from Pokémon GO. Titled “Peridot,” the game finally launches today for mobile devices.

Peridot comes with AR features that allows players to interact with their pets with integrated real-time backgrounds, making for a more immersive experience. As per the game’s offical webpage:

“Peridot is a real world adventure pet game where all the creatures, known as Peridots (or “Dots” for short), are one-of-a-kind and unique. In this game, you are a Keeper, in charge of raising your Dot from birth to adulthood. Your Dot grows as you nurture, feed, play, and engage with it. Your Dot loves to explore the world with you, and you’ll be able to discover new places in your neighborhood with them by your side.”

Players can adopt Dots, which come with their own unique stats and personalities. They can then raise Dots through completing adventures as well as social interactions with other players. In a way, the game reminds us of a more online version of the classic Tamagotchi portable pet games from the 90s.

Players can now download Peridot for free (with in-app purchases) on their Android device, although Niantic does state that there are only a limited number of devices supported at this point, which includes flagship Samsung handsets from the Galaxy Note 9/S9 and above, and Google devices including the Pixel 6 series and above.

Source: Peridot

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