Canonical reveals its first hardware partners for Ubuntu Touch OS


Those that were following our Mobile World Congress coverage from last year may remember Canonical releasing a special developer preview of their Ubuntu Touch OS for the Nexus 4. In that same press release, Canonical also made mention of their plans to introduce hardware partners for Ubuntu Touch OS sometime in October, and while version 1.0 of their mobile OS went live — hardware partners were still nowhere to be found.

If you were curious to see what Mobile World Congress 2014 will bring outside of the usual plethora of Android devices, Canonical is now finally ready to announce hardware partners for Ubtuntu Touch with Chinese manufacturer Meizu and Spanish OEM “bq” officially jumping on board. Canonical wasn’t able to provide many details about these devices, only that they would offer the “lastest” mobile hardware with a release scheduled for later this year.

It was in August of last year that Canonical’s ambitious Ubuntu Edge smartphone failed to meet its lofty Indiegogo goal, but apparently some good may have come out of it. Canonical was able to launch the “Ubuntu Carrier Advisory Group” of which 16 major telecoms including T-Mobile USA, Verizon, and more were offering to give their support.

Bringing it back to Ubuntu Touch, Canonical describes apps as having their own dedicated pages on the homescreen, with more than 50 of the “top apps” available at launch. Of the ones Canonical was able to reveal, Evernote, Grooveshark, and the Weather Channel were already said to be on board.

Just like last year, we expect to pay Canonical a visit during this year’s Mobile World Congress. Be on the lookout for our coverage starting next week.


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  • Ajmcnicol

    Put me down for one!

  • guitarist5122

    I’m confused. Are you saying the Ubuntu Edge is coming or Canonical is just bringing some Ubuntu phone through some manufacturer?

    • Chris Chavez

      2 OEMs so far: Meizu and bq.

      • guitarist5122

        I get that. still confused, so I’m just going to guess there will be two different devices and no Edge

        • TheCaullen


        • Prithviraj Nag

          That is correct. A Bq phone and a Meizu phone, both running Ubuntu Touch OS is coming, but not Ubuntu Edge phone.

  • TheCaullen

    Unless it natively supports existing android apps, count me out. I can’t live through the birth of another mobile operating system.

    • Henri Weich Conradie

      Going through the birth of a child would probably be way worse than going through the birth of a mobile OS as a consumer.

      • TheCaullen

        …that’s a rather odd statement. But yes, I suppose childbirth would cause more physical pain. Yes.

      • Steve Albright


  • phinn

    Don’t really think the world needs two Linux-based operating systems competing for phones. That been said this project still intrigues me and I’ve been following the related Ubuntu wiki/forums casually since it began.

    Since the world is moving to more ARM/mobile devices it’s great to see Linux have a firm hold there. The app support doesn’t worry me I only use about 10 total apps anyway, but it would have to have native Google Maps for me to ever use it.

  • Jeremy Bevington

    If they integrate it with Android and Ubuntu I’m onboard. I use Ubuntu as my desktop daily driver at work.

    I’d just have to remind myself to ditch unity as quickly as possible… shudders…