Feb 20th, 2014


According to sources, Google is experimenting with a new app that can automatically connect users to free public WiFi hotspots in places like Target or Starbucks.  The app — for both Android and iOS — automatically authenticate users, bypassing that annoying “agree to terms” prompt you often fiddle around with when trying to check to Twitter or visit a webpage.

And what good would this app be without more free wireless access points to log into? Guess that’s why, like their work in San Francisco, Google is also set to roll out free Google WiFi to even more locations across the US (Canada too). To help facilitate this, Google will also be working with Boingo to expand the number of free WiFi locations where the search giant is already picking up the tab.


The app could be a real life saver in a world where truly carrier unlimited data plans are going the way of the dodo. Before you get your hopes up, keep in mind that although the app is already being tested internally by Google, there is no guarantee that it will ever leave the Mountain View HQ.

For those interested, there are already applications in the Google Play Store that mimic the functionality of this secret Google WiFi app, although we haven’t had any experience with them. Anyone know of any others?


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