HTC M8 (The New One) shows up at the FCC, confirms new curvier/tall design



We know exactly when HTC is planning on unveiling their next flagship device, having received an invites for their March 25th event in New York City and London. One of the things we don’t yet know about the device: exactly when the heck it’s supposed to come out (and for which carriers).

Today, we may have a few extra clues hinting of the device’s impending release, thanks to the M8 finding itself uncovered in some FCC docs. Aside from an outline of the device — showing a similar design to last year’s model only with more curves — the FCC filing also revealed AT&T compatible LTE bands (2, 4, 5, 7, 17) which given the extra bands, is more than likely the GSM unlocked model. We expect to find the One 2014 launching on many of the same networks as the previous version, so don’t let this scare you.

Even with the actual look of the device leaking out these past few days, HTC has been doing alright keeping a lid on some other details about the device, namely it’s official name (we’re hearing “The All New HTC One”) and exactly what they have planned for those strange dual-cameras on the back. We’ll learn more in a few short weeks.

[FCC | via Engadget]

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  1. Do I see a shaded line that represents the housing of a micro sd-slot

    1. I hope so :D

    2. Looking at the images from @evleaks, it appears there still may not be a micro sd slot. One side clearly shows the SIM slot with the pin hole for ejecting. Other side only shows a volume rocker.

      However, that shadow spot above what would be the volume rocker is intriguing. Maybe there is hope.

      1. evleaks and shen ye both said there was an sd slot

    3. If they do include a micro-sd card, I still hope they have a 32GB variant, at least. Kinda why I haven’t gotten another phone.

      16GB is just not enough space.

      1. The original ONE has 32 and 64, I would be surprised if HTC made a 16,32 and 64 gig variety

  2. Has the Galaxy S5 been sent to the FCC?

  3. Taller design is a really bad design decision keeping the space where the hardware keys use to be is very bad. The one X is big enough already.

    1. Totally agree.

    2. Only agree about the taller design… It should really be wider. But I’m really hoping for a bigger screen

      1. Any wider and I’m out. The current One is already at the corner of Too Big Rd. and Finger Cramp Ave. for me.

        We really need at least one 4.3-4.7 inch Android Flagship for those of us with bleeding edge leanings and short fingers.

    3. well, taller is better than wider. If anything, taller means it will be easier to use it as well… a phone.

  4. No removable back, but there is a spot for expandable memory!

    1. Where do you see that at?

      I see power, volume, IR blaster and mystery slot on the right. That mystery slot could be the place for the micro-sim card.

      Don’t get your hopes up. It sux when they’re crushed. =.[

      1. Micro sim and volume on the right, sd on the left, and power and ir on the top. That being said the mistery slot is quite large to be a sd slot.. who knows.
        I dont need expandable memory, I am hoping for htc’s sake it’s included. Being present on the max it would be a much more stupid decision to not include it on the new one as they admitted it was something consumers want then they’d be taking a step backwards.

        1. They should have kept the power button/IR Blaster on the same side as the 2013 version, now im gonna be reaching for it and gonna have to remind myself where it is.

          1. Agreed. On other leaks I’m seeing the lock button is on the top right while the IR remains on the top left. I have an m8 case and there is no cutout anywhere for an IR blaster. Only time will tell.

  5. Kinda sad that either T-Mobile and AT&T will have different variants (again), or that the GSM M8 won’t support T-Mobile’s new Band 12.

    I was hoping Unlocked/Dev/AT&T/T-Mobile/GPe would all be one model this time.

    1. Band 12 is supposed to be rolled out in Q4 of this year IIRC, but yeah a little future proofing would be nice

      1. Right, and I’m in a market with the Band 12 license and no UHF52 to hold up deployment. I normally go about 18 months with a phone, so about the time the first Band 12 markets fire up, I’ll be looking.

  6. this looks a lot longer and thinner than the renders that have been leaked. also, in those renders, the screen looks too small to be 5 inches. only time will tell what it officially looks like but to me, this silhouette casts doubt on the legitimacy of the renders.

    1. I was thinking the same thing about the screen size. The renders don’t have an edge-to-edge display and show the HTC bar at the bottom. In order for the phone to be 5-inches and not be an edge-to-edge, it would have to be wider.

      What if they leaks wii saw were decoys? =.O

  7. So us Verizon hostages can expect to be screwed over again?

    1. U can always change carrier

      1. Oh can I? Well let me just call up our CTO and tell him that I’ve decided the company will be switching carriers. Thanks for your helpful comment.

  8. Aren’t those Tmobile bands too?

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