LG G3 release date tipped for as early as May



Does it make sense for LG to launch the sequel to the LG G2 less than a full year after the flagship was announced? Probably not, but crazier things have happened in the mobile industry. Buzz out of Korea says LG could be targeting a May release (or at least announcement) for the LG G3, the name likely to be associated with the G2 successor.

Specifically, a date of May 17th is on the docket. Should we mark our calendars? History says not to hedge bets on rumored smartphone release dates so far in advance. Too much could happen between now and then to cause a shift in expected plans. That is, of course, assuming the report holds some shred of truth.

We agree it seems strange to launch a followup to the G2 in such close proximity to the the initial model’s release, but LG has the incentive to get a jump on the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 looks to be the phone that the G3 will target as a direct competitor, and Samsung’s major smartphone announcement has typically occurred during the late spring/early summer (and looks to follow that pattern again this year).  If LG simply teases the phone or offers a full announcement while delaying actual commercial availability an additional month or two, it might be enough to steal some of Samsung’s thunder.

The report also reiterates specs that have previously been associated with the LG G3, including a 5.5-inch QHD display (2560 x 1440), LG Odin octa-core CPU, and 16MP camera. While these specs, like the release date, remain unconfirmed, they seem within the ballpark of reality. Still, take the whole thing with a but of skepticism.

[via Asiae]

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  1. They got to make some drastic changes to their UI… no half-stepping this time. I love my G2 but I hate that they were chasing the look of a Galaxy Device.

    1. True I couldn’t agree with you more, they’re trying to mimic TW and TW IMO is just hideous

      1. Yep, thats why I had to cover my G2 up with Nova launcher and a bunch of Xposed theme tweaks, LG’s UI is just not very attractive.

        1. I used TW for a few months on my S3 and then discovered Nova (which I still use now). Touchwiz’s transition effects etc are slick, but I disliked how big the icons were and not being able to modify the # of icons you could have on a homescreen. Nova rules.

        2. I don’t like Touchwiz, but LG’s UI is absolutely horrendous.

    2. So true. I owned my g2 for 1 day before I threw on an AOSP rom.

  2. This is nothing new. LG absolutely despises supporting their phones, so the sooner they can get a new one out, the sooner they can forget about the G2.

  3. May 17th? hmmmm Birthday Present? I think so…

  4. As for timing, there’s crazier things to do than to put out your best/most current offering right as all the people coming off a 2 year contract with SGSIIIs start looking at upgrade options.

    1. That’s a very good point. Millions of possible upgrade opportunities. I might get me a Note 3 in about 6 months, though I have some reservations about the faux leather back. Does anyone know how the device feels in-hand? Tacky, weird?

  5. Am I the only one who has a kinda bad feeling about LG making their own SoCs?

    1. With everyone complaining about SoC support causing updates to stop, what other options are there?

      Make your own (Moto, Samsung, LG), get shut out of SoC driver packages (HTC One X, ASUS TF Prime), or go with someone much smaller that you can throw your weight around with.

      1. moto still uses qualcom’s snapdragon.

        1. Ah, so it is. For some reason I thought the X8 was a custom main CPU, too, not just an S4 Pro.

  6. I think that the G2 Pro is more likely than the G3. Those specs sound nice, but I am looking at LG’s track record. Maybe, they might surprise us to go after Samsung’s market shares? They need some UI overhauls though. LG is a bit better than the G2x fiasco. That phone was unusable. The N4 had some problems with the digitizer and some of the flash (for me specifically since the flash holders were slightly out of place, but still a good phone) and the battery life is weak. The battery is a compromise for the price at the time. Now, the G2 and Nexus 5 are popular phones, which shows LG is making up for the past. More competition means a better list of choices for people looking for phones. Supporting phones is also a key too. I want companies to give two major year’s worth of updates for each flagship. IE: LG G2, Android 5.0 and the 2015 flagship update. That’s a bit too much to ask because of the maximization of the bottomline, but one can always hope.

    1. +1 for the G2 Pro. They need to update that phone before updating the G2. I really hope it competes well with the Note 3 (and future Note 4 I suppose).

  7. I’ve heard of crazier things. I actually kind of liked LG’s late summer release date. It kept the phone fresh in people’s mind for the holiday season and there was newer tech available that allowed it to be an absolute spec beast. By the time the holiday season rolled around every phone released prior the the G2 and the Nexus 5 seemed outdated and I’d hate to see LG fall into that. Besides… do they really think they have the clout to go toe to toe with the Galaxy S5 and its similar release timeframe? They might have the specs but they don’t have the mainstream acceptance or the marketing dollars that Samsung has. They’ll get eaten alive. They’re far better off waiting for the Galaxy S5 buzz to die down a bit and then blow them out of the water with a massive marketing campaign and an incredible phone to back it up. Motorola and especially HTC won’t have a chance.

    1. If the G3 goes up against the S5, it’ll be compared by everyone, and if the G3 is the better phone according to critics, which I think is likely, that will steal a LOT of thunder from Samsung.

      1. There will probably be a lot more people renewing at that time than there will be in Sept., so that could be good for LG.

  8. I’m just hoping that it won’t be locked down like Samsung’s recent devices.

  9. FUDGE!! All my dreams of the HTC G3 has been crushed. =.[

  10. I agree it should be around the same time as S5 and HTC One 2 if they want to really get in the game.

  11. And no update on the G2 yet I bet

  12. I hope its not a 5.5 inch display. Its big enough now.

  13. Best. Phone. Ever.

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