Polaroid’s Socialmatic 14 megapixel Android camera looks like a big Instagram icon

Polaroid socialmatic camera

Polaroid has announced a new Android camera with a very interesting and unique form factor. They’re calling it the Polaroid Socialmatic, which houses a 14 megapixel zoom sensor alongside a 2 megapixel front-cam for selfies. This thing runs Android inside a decent-sized 4.5-inch display, and in case you haven’t already noticed, it looks like a gigantic Instagram icon.

The Polaroid Socialmatic was named after its ability to edit and share shots instantly to all your favorite social apps, though there’s more to this thing than Android. It also includes the ability to print small photos on-board, with Polaroid’s Zero Ink (or ZINK) 2 x 3″ printing paper being compatible with the thing. It seems like a cool way to quickly capture and share memories with your friends and family on the go.

We don’t know many of the other specs powering this thing, though we imagine it’s not something that has to be super powerful for the task of snapping and editing photos. The camera is set to come out later this Fall, so no pricing or exact availability information is available to us just yet.

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  • http://www.scratchwireless.com/pad sWireless

    Do people still need the ability to print small photos? It seems like most people just want to be able to share them to social media, which you can already do with your existing cell phone.

    • 萨夫 侯赛因

      We have a couple of Fuji Mini Instax’s and disagree with you! Photography of this type may have become more of a niche in recent years but trust me – its still magical and meaningful!

  • http://www.greenless.com Lex Lybrand

    I think you mean the Instagram icon looks like a Polaroid camera.

  • np6s4x

    in this case wouldn’t the ‘front camera’ actually be the back camera? (assuming it’s on the side with the screen, not the lens, thinking of it like a camera, not a phone or tablet) quite the interesting idea for sure, too bad it’s 2×3 though, not 4×6

  • NinoBr0wn


  • steveb944

    This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve seen

  • WhoaManWtF

    This is easily one of the dumbest things I have seen, between this and their new tablets I think we may be witnessing the last year of polaroid… Unless they become full time patent trolls to save their company…

  • lolwut


    This could be a neat party trick actually if you host a lot of people at your house; I might buy one if the price was right to keep on the coffee table when I have people over. Might even get a couple thrilling keepsakes if there’s enough booze :-X

  • squiddy20

    Is that an Ethernet port on the side?