Could this be the white Nexus 5?

The retail packaging leak from earlier in the week already left us with two questions regarding a possible white Nexus 5: (a) does it even exist, and (b) does it look any good?

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the white Nexus 4 since it’s front side remained black, and the glass-back of the phone anyway meant users would almost certainly have the phone in a case. However, if the white Nexus 5 looks anything like what a tipster sent to the Chinese website CtechCN, I have pretty much decided which version I want.

white nexus 5The tipster also told the site that the white variant would release alongside the black one, unlike the Nexus 4. While the authenticity cannot be judged at this point, I think that releasing a white version from Day 1 makes a lot of sense. The reason? Because of how much “white” we have seen in general in the KitKat leaks. The white version of the phone, particularly in the form above, would probably go better with the new look of Android we have seen so far.



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  • Anthony Walker

    Didn’t we already see the White Nexus 5 with a black front and a White back?

    • wollac11

      Yes we did!

      • jimv1983

        What I really want to know is why the side of the box is blacked out. What are they hiding?

        • Sudev

          Serial Number, Mfg Date etc. To protect the identity of the source.

    • Raveesh Bhalla

      Only issue being we aren’t sure which one is real and which one is fake
      Edit: or if any of them are real. In fact, if anything in the entire world is real at all

  • j-dawg

    No. Compare pic of packaging – the camera should be black.

  • bozzykid

    It’s clearly a fake since the box showed a black front. Nice fake render though.

  • TY

    Come on, it’s SOOO obvious that it is merely the official render with the body inverted. Also:

    The image was simply stolen and watermarked after that.

  • Charlie Val

    Raveesh Bhalla is a dumbass lol

  • Tommy Thompson


  • Jack Parker

    Looks good as it clashes with the white icons, although i dont like the back or the camera

  • Jordan Caviness

    yeah it seems fake…it is one of those “too-good-to-be-true” are two scenarios:

    1. this is a render of what the all white nexus would look like..someone had time on their hands.

    2. Google heard of the negative comments consumers said about the Oreo-like color combination of N4…and granted our wishes

  • Rabid Rotty

    “Could this be the white nexus 5?”
    No it’s the green nexus 6

  • Anthony McKay

    I might be the only one here, but I’m more excited about the Nexus 5 speakers being on the side rather than being on the back. No more muffled sound or worrying about your screen being face down. When I saw the iPhone 5 had that I thought “It’s like I hate you in so many ways, but that’s cool.”

    That and I will finally have LT-F***ing-E!

    • Darkbotic

      I think you meant…
      “I’m more excited about the Nexus 5 speakers being on the bottom rather than being on the back.”

      • Anthony McKay

        Potatoes.. tomatoes.. same difference

  • Wesley

    Even if there is an all white version, I’ll still be getting black!

  • Marcus Townsend

    The white looks more acceptable since the onscreen buttons are transparent on the homescreen, but I don’t think it’ll look as good once an app is entered (and they go from transparent to black).

  • Nathan Bryant

    I need to see white phones in person. An all white Nexus 5 would look so much better. If this does launch on all carriers or the rumored carriers, then I hope Google handles the updates to their phone like Apple does. It didn’t make sense to have the Galaxy Nexus on Sprint and Verizon if you didn’t control the updates and what’s on the phone. It’s little things like that that ruin the entire thing.

    • Anthony Walker

      I’m pretty sure it’s not launching on any of the carriers. You’ll have to buy the phone through the Play Store and then get your own service. It’s has radio bands for three of the four major carriers.

      • Nathan Bryant

        Well, the point would be for them to actually control the updates still. Because the iPhone can be purchased from Apple or carriers Apple controls the updates either way. Google should have done the same with all their phones and they haven’t. That’s my point. Just selling them in the Google Play Store limits the amount. They should sale it through carriers as well, but control it still as far as updates and all. Carriers should do nothing more then to simply provide service. Google is sweet but they have some issues when selling things and supply. It messes things up. Still looking forward to this phone.

        On another note I should have mentioned before this image was fake.

        • Kevin Johnsom

          Iphones don’t have skins, ala touchwiz or sense, so yeah, they can push updates to all phones

          • YBAH8R

            Which is in essence the same as Nexus, an un-skinned presentation of Android.

          • Nathan Bryant

            You do realize I am talking about the Nexus devices? Origin of Android. Nothing about skins here. Google was not in control of updates when the Galaxy Nexus was n Sprint or Verizon. I’m saying if it is sold through the Play Store but supports all those or most of those carrier bands, then I hope they all get timely updates. I also think they should sale them on carriers as well and still have control of the updates like Apple does. They sale iPhone through the Apple Store and carriers and still control updates. I am talking about the Nexus phone. Nothing about skins is related here. Maybe you misunderstood.

          • Kevin Johnsom

            Yeah, I did, thought you meant android, in general! My bad!

  • htowngtr

    ehhhhh….. Too much white, honestly. Looks like someone painted it.

  • Wozn2

    Praying they are building up stock levels to avoid the release Nexus device -> crash Play store -> sell out thing that Google seem to like.

  • CerealFTW

    I guess I’m the only one who preferred the one from the box. I don’t like a black screen with white bezels. I’d rather have an all black front and a white back

  • Cory Wilson

    I agree the white nexus 4 didn’t look right with the black front, especially with the curved edges, this looks a lot better!

  • bt

    I don’t usually like white phones, they usually seem a bit tacky, but this is gorgeous. The black nexus 5 looks a bit plain, this looks rather more glamorous…

  • Tommy Thompson

    All they did was invert the colors. took 5 seconds.

    • Fram

      Even I can do a white “render” which looks more real

  • Anthony Walker

    A poster on another site noticed the black and white versions of the phone from this photo:

    • RitishOemraw

      this looks legit. Matches with the ‘leaked’ boxart and doesn’t look fake like the photo in this article (I base that on the camera areola looking too white and not silvery as it should)

      That being said. I can’t decide yet what kind of phone I want. I generally really like the all-black phones. But I want to spice it up with white, but I like the black on the front so that when the screen is off it is completely black and you hardly see where the screen ends and the bezel starts…..So maybe two-tone, or just black….or I am stillhoping for a kitkat red+white version :D

  • John Burg

    Yeah just like the nexus 4

  • Tomato88

    Fake or not. I’d hit that.

  • krisyadao

    That’s an obvious Photoshop…

  • Alex Boro

    This is obviously fake. Why even post this when previous leaks prove this to be false. Notice that the camera in this picture is black, not white like the picture in this article.

  • Jose Vodka

    It is a fake, but one can dream of an all white nexus 5.

  • Ben Edwards

    Considering the white version of both the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 have had white backs with the same black front, I’m going to say this is a fake. The fact that the leaked packaging backs up this theory only furthers this as a fake.

  • Chris Clark

    Wasn’t this the one a commenter posted on Reddit? He just took the colors and inverted them in Photoshop.

  • supremekizzle

    Black bezels make the display appear larger.

  • Vincent Marino
  • Wow

    Really? You can’t tell that is an obvious invert job? -_-‘

    • John Vu

      I too am of the opinion that it’s an inverted job based on the shading at the top. The lighting just doesn’t make sense. The grey gradient that you see is really the highlighting on a black phone.

  • Virus57

    Obvious invert of the colors.. disappointing that this crap gets published.

    • master94

      mhm, its a fake. The real white model has already leaked by Google and shows a black front and white back

      • Virus57

        Exactly. It’s just laughable that articles such as this one are being posted when the black front/white back model is clearly consistent in one of the photo leaks as well as the retail box leak. Smells like this was just published in order to grab some easy pageviews and to portray a false render. Pathetic.

  • shmoops

    Ok it’s been established that this is fake. That being said. How the hell is it so hard for google to get this done. It’s by far the best looking nexus I’ve ever seen. I’m on the fence about picking up the N5 and switching back and forth between it and my black 5s. They make this exact phone available and I go from 50/50 to prob 80/20. Two polar opposite devices to fit my moods or daily needs.

    Google, just give me a reason to put my htc one on ebay

  • Gideon Waxfarb

    I don’t care about colors, but I’d get a white one, simply because it would be easier to find if I leave it laying somewhere :P

  • Vanakatherock

    Fake or not, I’d prefer a White Nexus 5 look like this more so than the White back/black screen.

  • Guest

    No, if you compare them side by side you’ll realize it’s just an inversion of colors

  • jwillis84

    Rare as unicorn feathers

  • Guest

    Busted open Photoshop just to play with it.. here’s a more realistic example (simply inverted the back view, inverted half of the side view, and brought the camera/flash forward).

  • Virus57

    Woops.. Disqus can’t handle transparency? Yikes. Trying that one again..

  • jimv1983

    So glad that isn’t real. It looks ugly.

  • George

    Don’t know if this is real or not. That said, I was already suspicious about a potential white Nexus 5 because of this —>

    The white and clear version of the case this company has for preorder clearly has a white phone inside. This isn’t any more official than the rumor in this article, but definitely interesting to see a case maker with a white render coupled with the rumor.

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  • Epic Tea

    It’s already confirmed fake the white version sadly had a white front and black back based on the package box leaks that has a photo of the N5 on it.

  • andreana mccann

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