Amazon review points to lifting of Nexus 5 embargo on October 25, seems fake


amazon review nexus 5 case

 Considering the Moto X was also in the hands of a lot of people prior to it’s release, all of who could not write about it until Motorola gave the go-ahead, it could be the case once again with such a route.

Is the reviewer to be trusted? I’m not certain. She is a “Top 100 reviewer” on Amazon, as has been stated on the Reddit thread, but most of her reviews are for books. She must be quite a prolific reader, too, with a review almost every day. The “Top 100 reviewer” status on Amazon itself is flawed, as this article points out.

I haven’t been able to trace her further than the Blogger link mentioned on her profile, so it still isn’t quite clear to me why she was deemed worthy of getting a Nexus 5 prior to its release (unless Google plans to offer the phone on Amazon, and wants reviews from a few Top 100 reviewers, which I just don’t think would be the case). Also, I don’t think people under embargo typically don’t go out of their way to publicly announce they are under embargo.

Anyway, if you do want to order the case, which as you can see, she clearly rates very highly, you can at this link. It ships October 31st, so you would probably have the whole of November to return the case if Google still doesn’t release the device. There are a few colors on offer, too.

nexus 5 case




Raveesh Bhalla

Could this be the white Nexus 5?

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  1. No need to give it a good review for me. I was planning on getting this white case anyways, because I like the look of white phones. Just wish the front of the phone would be white as well.

    1. My gnex has a white case. Had a white case. I guess it’s tan brown now.

  2. All I can say is the company that sales those cases are pretty legit. I was able to get a Nexus S and Galaxy Neuxs case for free when those phones first came out in the forums Android Forums. Free of shipping and all.

    So could it be announced on Friday? They said 6 more days until they can mention anything about the phone. That was yesterday looking at the date of the review. This has to be one of the most hyped and interesting leaks of any Nexus phone. It excites me beyond comfortable. I like it and then I don’t like it because it’s a little overwhelming.

    1. I think the case manufacturer isn’t quite clear when the phone comes out themselves, they’re just prepared to ship whenever it does. My guess is that October 31 is just a random date chosen in the future.

      1. Possibly. I’m just saying if history repeats itself, then the push on these cases could hint at an upcoming announcement.

  3. As a former reporter and copy editor, I’ve never heard of an embargo that long, but I didn’t deal with product reviews. typical news embargoes are midnight of the current day, or no more than a day or two.
    that a story is embargoed isn’t announced, though if asked if the newspaper is aware of an issue, it wouldn’t be improper to tell an individual that the story is in hand ready for publication.

    1. We’ve certainly received embargoes longer than a day or two, and it can often be longer on the side of product reviews. That allows the reviewer to spend more time with the device and run through different tests (like the battery tests).

      1. You probably have one right now.

        1. If we do, nobody’s told me about it. Typical

    2. I haven’t had an embargo last that long either. NDA’s are another story though. I’ve had some of those last a few weeks.

  4. Hmm embargo ends the day after the Google Play Event??

    Potential scenarios:

    Google Play event is actually the Launch event for Kit Kat, Nexus 5

    Google will have a Kit Kat, N5 event the day after the Google Play Event?

    Google screwed up and the embargo is ending before they actually have an Kit Kat / N5 event, which was delayed due to some software/hardware reasons.

    1. You forgot the most likely scenario. That review is a fake/troll.

  5. the phone in that render isnt running kitkat

    1. That’s the case manufacturer’s render, who is probably just more focused on the dimensions of the phone and building the case to match it.

    2. you’re not running kitkat!

      1. lmfao

  6. Idk, it could be real. That guy has a lot of positive feedback on his reviews on Amazon, and it’s apparent that he’s the top 100 reviewers on Amazon (#71). So this guy is probably legit.

  7. Nexus 5 is the king of worst kept secrets but it looks promising

    1. Google is doing this on purpose.

      1. actually, they’ve been successful at building hype with both moto X and this one now, moto X has been a lot of hype with a big ad budget too, but this one is almost exclusively no ad budget. so, i’d say this is a win for google! I doubt if even iphone 5s got this kind of frenzied reception for about a month!

      2. Totally! They were amazing at keeping the secret of ‘KitKat’ even from their own employees (I know they didn’t keep it for that long because they changed the name at the last second, but it was still kept very secretly)

        And guess what is the purpose? To make people focus at the Nexus 5 as much as they can to be distracted from the other stuff, mostly Google Glass and Nexus 10. Which will also have announcements in Oct. 18.
        What are you planning, dear and loving Google? ♥

        1. Of course they kept the KitKat name under wraps, it was only around for a short time before announcement and very few people needed to know about it. Building a phone is a whole different story, it takes a long time and a lot of people to design a phone.

          The simple truth is that these days there are too many people required to work on any project and it’s too easy to leak information making it almost impossible to keep anything under wraps any more.

          1. Well, seems like Valve have surpassed the impossible.

            Also that’s actually the plan once again, to distract everyone with Nexus 5 rumours so people don’t try to think or ask about Nexus 10, Google Chrome (which will defiantly get Google Now), Google Glass, even Google Gem didn’t receive as much attention as Nexus 5

  8. Not saying this person is legit but why did you say they only review books? I see a bunch of laptops and also the Nexus 7 and Kindle HDX along with some other tech related gear among the reviews. They of course could still be trolling but who ever this person is they write ALOT of reviews on items that clearly can’t all be owned by one person (they reviewed like every size of this one HP laptop).

    1. I said most of her reviews are books, and even a blog she has linked from her account is about books. She’s done a few on tech stuff like you mentioned, but the number of reviews just give me a wrong vibe, making me believe she’s doing it for personal gain in one way or another.

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    1. So you’re not clever enough to do it yourself?

      (Yes I know this is spam).

  10. Looking forward to it… Only hope is that Google actually has availability beyond the first five minutes and the website isn’t hosed.

    1. Let us not forget last year’s fiasco and the employees who suffered ;)

  11. This entire review seems odd. Everything written could be valid without having seen/owned the phone. The quality build and material could be from cases she has owned from the company prior to the Nexus 5. The part about cutouts could also be gathered from leaked dimensions. No she has not dropped the phone yet bc she doesn’t possess it. So technically she isn’t lying. Everything she said could totally be legit without having ever touched the Nexus 5.

  12. Is it possible that google gave a few N5s to active reviewing readers because of the possible announcement of “news stand” with the phone? Makes sense to me.

    1. Long shot, they might have given away the new Google Play apk and let them use their own devices, but very unlikely

  13. And now you are posting amazon review comments as source of info on N5? Are you really that stupid?

    1. How rude can someone get

  14. “prior to it’s release”
    Find a 3rd grader who can tell you why that’s wrong. Do they have editors at Phandroid?

    1. When I was in 6th grade, my history teacher didn’t know the difference between “it’s” and “its.”
      Stupid people these days…

    2. At least we didn’t see its’. Then I’d have some major questions.

    3. regbs, I think if you focused your attention to things more useful you would be better off. Obviously it was a mistake.

  15. For fears of breaking my embargo, which ends on the 29th, I cannot say much, but the nexus devices is set to be released on two different days, the nexus 4 2g LTE (I didn’t have to sign a embargo to talk about this strangely) will be released on the 28 th within the speculated release times of the nexus 5 being marginally correct. The nexus 4 2g will have a slightly larger frame and will not be sold through the google play retailer

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