Oct 20th, 2013

The retail packaging leak from earlier in the week already left us with two questions regarding a possible white Nexus 5: (a) does it even exist, and (b) does it look any good?

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the white Nexus 4 since it’s front side remained black, and the glass-back of the phone anyway meant users would almost certainly have the phone in a case. However, if the white Nexus 5 looks anything like what a tipster sent to the Chinese website CtechCN, I have pretty much decided which version I want.

white nexus 5The tipster also told the site that the white variant would release alongside the black one, unlike the Nexus 4. While the authenticity cannot be judged at this point, I think that releasing a white version from Day 1 makes a lot of sense. The reason? Because of how much “white” we have seen in general in the KitKat leaks. The white version of the phone, particularly in the form above, would probably go better with the new look of Android we have seen so far.



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