Mysterious Google display unit pops up at Best Buy – What do C&C Music Factory and KitKat have in common?


A mysterious Google display case has popped up at Best Buy as snapped by a Daniel Benavides on Google+. While we could guess all day what will eventually populate the demo kiosk — HP Chromebooks? Nexus 7 (2013)s? Google Glass? — it seems obvious that this could be the new home of the Nexus 5 at Best Buy. According to Benavides (who also runs a kickass Android clothing site called Andy’s Threads), he was able to confirm this info with the Best Buy manager, but that’s hardly official.

We reached out to our sources and discovered that this kiosk is just the beginning. Apparently there will be an entire “section” of Best Buy set aside for Google, although it wont be as large as the Windows, Samsung, or Apple areas. No word on devices to be featured (right now it’s just Chromebooks and tablets), but take that as you will.

While we never put much clout in that “rumored” October 14th announcement/release/whatever-people-were-calling-it for the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 KitKat, it would appear we’re getting closer. Much closer.

Android KitKat dancing Google Plus

In other cryptic Android news, the official Kit Kat Google+ page posted a fun little pic of a dancing Android in the shape of a Kit Kat. The text of the status update read, “Everybody dance now! #AndroidKITKAT”. At first glance, it doesn’t appear to mean much of anything. Some Google plussers were quick to mention the song referenced in the post “Everybody Dance Now (Gonna Make You Sweat)” by C+C Music Factory is 4:04 long (4.4) and was released in 1990 on — wait for it — October 18th.

I think it’s safe to say Google is having a mighty good time watching all of us squirm. Do you like it, Google? Do like it when we dance for you? We’ll play your sick little game. We’ll dance all night if we have to…


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  • Joshua Wise

    Its just a new display for chrome books and Nexus 7s. Its up at the Best Buy I work at. I’ll send pictures when I get the chance if you need proof.

    • Cory Wilson

      that sucks, but makes sense

  • jak_341

    No chance a N10 will grace this display?

  • Cory Wilson

    I like the idea of the nexus 5 being sold retail, would of been nice a year ago with the fiasco it was to get a nexus 4

    • tomn1ce

      Having it on retail wasn’t going to help the situation a year ago. Production of the device wasn’t enough to support demand. They would’ve sold out either way. Google just dropped the ball on the initial order they placed with LG. Hopefully this time around they get it right so I don’t have to see so many people crying because they can’t get a N5 in a timely manner.

  • keithmaxx

    I just want them to announce the Thing already! ^^

    • Chris Chavez

      Same >.<

  • Alex Alexander

    I have few weeks seen them in a BB store close to me.
    There are Chromebooks and Nexus tablets.

    • Chris Chavez

      Work with me here, but is it possible that Google is simply using their current products to fill in the display until the Nexus 5, Nexus 10, Nexus smartwatch is announced?

      Think about it….. Just think about it. O_O


      • Steven Skwarkowski

        Nope, not gonna happen! Its for Chromebook stuff and Andy trinkets!

      • ScottColbert

        Ohhh Chris, this is like sex with a beautiful girl: the anticipation is greater than the realization.

        • Chris Chavez

          And it’s always over so fast :/

          • CerealFTW

            Not me. I always treat my girls like my android devices… I always flash them and forget to wipe *starts crying* why wont the girls talk to me?!?

        • CerealFTW

          or like waiting for a UPS package

        • Fel Pe


  • gregorypierce

    October 18th, okay cool. Just announce and release the damned thing.

  • Travis Carr

    I think its just new marketing stuff. The one at my local best buy is filled with Chromebooks and Tablets.

    • lucky_panda

      You’re right. They have the Chromebook, Chromecast, and Nexus 7 displayed at my local Best Buy. BTW, they used real wood.

  • phinn

    A Google display in major with the Nexus 5, 7 and 10 would be epic.

  • MITM


    • Chris Chavez

      Y u do dis Gooby :c

    • ChristianMcC

      Other than the N7 and chromecast dongles below, what’s on the display?

      • TheRealBBOX

        That’s a Chromecast on an anti-theft device in the middle.

  • scoter man1

    I’d be so happy if I could buy it somewhere else than the play store. I’m sorry Google, but my N4 coming a month late is unacceptable.

  • Nathan Bryant

    please be the 18th

  • Coolio

    Google is messing with us. I can’t sleep these days. UGH!! GOOOOGLEE! -.-

    • Chris Chavez

      Don’t. Stop. Dancing.

      • ari_free

  • Anthony Tran

    If it’s not announced this Friday, I will have to perform seppuku. There is no other way.

    • ChristianMcC

      Don’t do it man! Life will go on, not easily, but it will…..

  • coolbreeze03

    I seen this display last week when I was at my local bestbuy

  • Kevin Johnsom

    Lol, everybody dance now! (Gonna make you sweat!) Get it!

    • Chris Chavez

      *starts twerkin’*

      • TheRealBBOX

        Easy there, Miley.

      • Anthony Tran

        *throws Sacagawea coins* This pleases me.

    • ari_free

      Because you asked for it! (yes I am so evil)

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    If I could help I wouldn’t buy from Google play because of chromecast coming really late even though I was suppose to get it in 2 days. Just sold my galaxy s4. I am ready for nexus 5.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Its a toss up between Nexus 5 or Note 3

    • Crickerman

      I’m in the same dilemma, probably nexus for me if the price is right..

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        I feel the same way since the price for note 3 is pretty steep. Price and tmobile compatible lte would help me select nexus 5. Wasn’t the rumored announcement today?

    • chuckles87

      I was thinking the same thing and was goinig to go with the nexus5 but tmobile is giving me a free s4 so I’m good for my device this year but unless you want the huge screen of the note I’d give it to the nexus

  • David Tyler

    What do C&C Music Factory and KitKat have in common?

    Right now: Things that make you go hmmmm….

    • John Andrew Stuart

      C+C Music Factory was a group previously known as 28th Street Crew. October 28th is the supposed release date for Nexus 5 and Kit Kat.

  • ari_free

    the official Kit Kat Google+ page posted a fun little pic of a dancing Android in the shape of a Kit Kat. The text of the status update read, “Everybody dance now! #AndroidKITKAT


    It’s the GOOGLE branded display for the rumored ANDROID TV line of products, formerly named GOOGLE TV, to view ANDROID applications, now available @ tge GOOGLE PLAY STORE ………….


  • SocalTeknique

    Google Edition iPhone 5S

    • Chris Chavez


      • ari_free

        Google makes all these apps for iphone. I don’t know what iPhone users would do without a youtube app.

  • John

    My local Best Buy has had two displays that look like this for at least a week now. One has Chromebooks in the computer area, the other has two of the Nexus 7 and the Chromecast in the middle.

    • Chris Parks

      My store has one in computers housing chromebooks, nexus 7s, and chromecast. Another in tablets has nexus 7s and chromecast.

      No mystery, just some stores rolling out slower.

      Part of Best Buy’s strategy to increase partnership with vendors. Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, now Google.

  • CryptoNoel

    Nexus Smartwatch, Nexus Phone, Google Glass…I wish…

    • SocalTeknique

      The “Nexus View” (aka Google Glass 2)

  • ari_free

    I didn’t find any android kitkats but I got a whole bag of kitkats. I didn’t know they had white chocolate kitkats-they are very good!

    • Chris Chavez

      Been meaning to try those!

  • RaiDei

    Throw me in with the “saw this at my BB with Nexus 7’s on display” crowd. Did look snazzy though :)

  • Wozn2

    First there would be an announcement on the 15th, and now a mysterious new display stand has arrived for the Nexus ummm 7.

    You guys need a new tipster!

  • KiwiBri

    Kitkat.. Sweet… Looking forward to android smarties one day..

  • David Narada Brown

    GIVE ME A BREAK! Im so ready for this nexus 5 and a piece of that kit kat bar.

  • PSarge

    Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

  • Ricardo Jimenez

    I work at BestBuy in Cali and we have had this Google stand for a while, this holds chromebook, chromecast, and nexus 7

  • OurPrisonPlanet

    We can dance if we want to… We can leave your friends behind…

  • Jeff Saul

    Everybody dance tonight…Everyone Wang Chung tonight

  • John Andrew Stuart

    Everybody dance now! *Er er-er-er-er er-er-er-er* Everybody dance now!

  • Blake Stagner

    They better give me a damn Android KitKat with my Nexus 5

  • enomele

    my best buy has had their own little Google Area for a while. I don’t know if this is a new addition to the existing area they already have, but it has had chromebooks and chromecasts and perhaps a Nexus 7. it was very small just like in this picture. just throwing out my two cents.

  • Caezar07

    Maybe the announce date will be the 18th, and orders can begin on the 28th, delivered on halloween.