Google could be working on Google Glass 2.0 for a 2014 public release



We know just about everything there is to know about Google Glass. Participants in the Explorer program (including yours truly here at Phandroid), have been playing around with units for months now. At this point there’s only 2 questions still left: when will Glass be available to the masses, and how much will it cost?

While we don’t expect to nail down pricing until right when Glass is officially made available to the general public, it’s been said that Google is currently targeting a 2014 release date for the wearable tech. This will be right around the time when Glass’ own app store is set to go live. Before any of that can happen, it’s clear the Glass team still has their work cutout for them. Build quality issues and battery life are among the chief concerns for Glass wearers. Personally, I’m on my second unit and already in need of another replacement due to a faulty LCD housing.

Google Glass 2.0 to be released in 2014?

In an interview with MIT Technology Review, Mary Lou Jepsen, head of the display division at the Google X Labs alluded to a Google Glass sequel that we might be able to see as early as next year. In the interview, she referred to the current model as a “Ford Model T”, describing it as the first of its kind, comfortable, lightweight, and cool. But according to Jepsen, both the industrial design and user experience “isn’t the whole product.”

“There’s only so much you can do by styling the housing and icons. I think there’s a lot of room for diversity and innovation of approach here.”

Wearable computing and fashion


There was even mention of wearable computing devices like smartwatches (Nexus watch?) and just like the clothes we wear, she emphasized the importance of varied designs if smartwatches hope to become well adopted. Without getting too ahead of ourselves here, you might remember that the now Google-owned Wimm smartwatch featured a module that could, hypothetically, be placed in a variety of watch straps. Just throwing it out there.

We’ve seen Google toying around with the idea of different Glass designs in patent filings, even hints that Samsung could be working on their own version of Glass. It could very well be that Google Glass in its current state is nothing more than a proof of concept. A way of showing OEMs like Samsung and LG that the technology is possible, and to run with it with devices of their own.

Google Glass 1.0 isn’t ready for prime time

Google Glass Explorer Edition unboxing DSC00031

One thing is certain, Glass in its current state is still very early. I’d argue that if released tomorrow, the device wouldn’t fare too well with consumers. Not even because of hardware limitations, but simply because Google needs to further condition the general public to believe Glass is “cool”, not awkward and nerdy. Consumers will be much more receptive to Glass if they see it on their favorite movie stars and celebrities, a move Google has already made by making the device available to those with deep pockets.

As far as the future of Glass and smartwatches, Jepsen mentioned that technology like the laptop wasn’t possible until LCD display tech was available, and that the Glass team is working ’round the clock to help “bring the technology forward.” Google Glass contact lenses, anyone?

[via MIT Technology Review]

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I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Yeah I wear contacts most of the time so I’d need something that looks a little better than what I’ve seen.

  2. They need to have an Oakley and/or Ray-Ban version of it. Actually, maybe they can make somehow a clip on Google Glass that you would clip on your favorite pair of glasses and rock it.

    1. I see a Men In Black 4 tie-in in the future.

  3. Yes! Google Glass contact lenses, please XD

    1. CMR anyone?

      Maybe 64 yrs…

  4. So Chris…now that the novelty has worn off (I’m still a fan…but you always play with new toys more at first)….how do you incorporate them into your daily life. How often do you wear them? Any specific uses that you have found their benefit? Still get a lot of looks and ?’s about them? A follow up story might be in order. Unrelated note: I need these things now! I direct sub-contractors remotely all day (for video surveillance biz) and i’d love to see what they are seeing, instead of having them email me picture after picture. These things could literally save me a couple of hours a day.

  5. They certainly need better adjustments. The one that exists does nothing useful for me. I need to wear it about 1 cm off of my face since I can’t move the screen out without moving the entire assembly. I don’t really like the feel of that as I normally wear my glasses very close to my face. But I can’t clearly focus on it that close to my eyes (20/20 vision).

    1. Well that is rather the entire point of the explorer program. Get a basic working prototype out to the public in a limited fashion, have them wear it around and do whatever they want with it, and then provide feedback on what needs improving.

      I hope you’re doing your part and reporting back in to Google, and not just wearing them around by yourself.

      1. I got some help from the Glass Explorers community and was able to bend the frames so that I get a much better viewing experience now. It takes quite a bit of tweaking, but once you get it right, the whole display experience improves greatly.

    2. The weird thing is, I can focus on REALLY tiny text without glasses if it’s as close to me as the Glass was, but the glass was unfocused and fuzzy as hell. I guess it has to do with the prism or something. (I wear glasses as I’m nearsighted)

  6. Google could partner up with different manuf

  7. Google could partner up with different manufacturers like with the Nexus line

  8. I think I’ll wait until Apple releases their version of Glass. They’re the only ones who could possibly do it right.

    1. Jeez, I could make a mint by selling glass sized apple logo stickers.

  9. The Ford Model T was one of he most successful production vehicles in history. Comparing it to a glorified beta product is inaccurate.

    1. It isn’t a glorified beta product, it *IS* a beta product.

  10. Google needs to further condition the general public to believe Glass is “cool”, not awkward and nerdy. — condition us? Those words are so true but conditioning the public like was tried with other Bluetooth devices can be hard seeing limited usage and the need for a cellphone still.
    I for one can be “conditioned” all Google wants but will not fall for a limited usability Bluetooth device, if it were standalone maybe.

    1. I still believe that the final consumer model will have a cellular transmitter in it. The current need to tether it to a phone is clunky and was made due to battery life concerns. If they are indeed upping the battery considerably for the public release, they should hopefully be able to squeeze the transmitter in there.

  11. I played with Glass at the Big Android BBQ. Cool little thing, but really needs a few tweaks:
    1> Better battery life
    2> The ability to mount it on prescription glasses
    3> brighter screen

    I was VERY grateful to be allowed to use the glass for the 5 minutes I was allowed. It’s a great concept, and will be even better when they refine it.

    1. The screen appears to have an auto brightness feature. To save power it often dims too much and makes the text hard to read. Looking at something bright seems to brighten the display. Then you can look at something dark and it seems to stick for long enough to be useful.

      You can’t really experience the display in the way that you should until you have a real fitting done (or bend the frames to fit your face yourself). But you can’t do that to a pair you are just demo’ing.

  12. Someone needs to make a “They Live” filter app for Glass!

  13. Glass should be changed too much with its desing and battery life. However it is gonna be a milestone. Look at the videos in and see how it is gonna influence.

  14. I like the functionality posed by Google glass – but would prefer to see it in the proven safety dual lens format. It would be great if they could join with the concepts at

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