T-Mobile Moto X receives software update to improve camera quality, check out the before and after shots

Motorola Moto X Camera DSC00716

We’re still waiting around for Motorola to push out Android 4.3 to their Moto X flagship (which has already leaked out), another software update is rolling out to address our biggest complaint with the device: its shoddy picture quality.

You might remember from our Moto X review our biggest complaint with the device was Motorola’s camera software which was found guilty of using an excessive amount of noise filtering, even at lower ISOs when none was needed. The end result were images from the “Clear Pixel” 10MP camera that were horribly muddy and soft.

While we’re still waiting for Motorola to push out Android 4.3 to the device (you might remember an early build was leaked not too long ago), it appears that T-Mobile Moto X customers will be the first to grab an update to address the device’s lackluster camera. The results, as pictured by AnandTech‘s Brian Klug are like night and day to those with a keen eye.

Moto X camera update before after

Gone are the bluish hues and hazy images, replaced by more accurate, warm white balances. Contrast is also vastly improved, and it looks like Motorola’s finally toned down that noise filter that was robbing all X’s images of detail. While the camera doesn’t necessarily perform much better in low light, it’s now easier to actually see what’s being photographed thanks to much more sharper images.

Moto X camera update low light

No word on exact timing of the new Moto X camera update being pushed out on other carriers, but we imagine it shouldn’t take too long. Gotta say, the Moto X suddenly became a whole lot more appealing.


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  • Mark

    Won’t take long unless you’re on VZW, then you’ll get the update for Chrismahanukwanzakah

  • cns2007

    Great comparison shots here:


    Against S4 and LG G2 as well.

    • No_Nickname90

      Speaking of the LG G2. Tmo sent me an email saying it’s coming out this Wednesday. Hmm…

      Someone is a bit excited. But never get the first batch.

      Sorry for the non-related comment. I’m just excited.

  • TalkingMoose

    While the after shots are indeed sharper, anyone who thinks that the after shots lack bluish tint and are warmer need to take off their sunglasses.

  • chris420o

    Moto x….you shall be mine…once vz gets motomaker



  • John Denver

    Hope they roll this out to the new Droid lineup on Verizon. They have the same camera and problems as the Moto X.

  • JustinQ

    Too bad Google didn’t do this for the Nexus 4. All we can do now is hope that the Nexus 5 has a great camera out of the box.

  • Wes Loveday

    It’s still crap, and why I didn’t even give the new MAXX a chance because the camera was so bad. My 2 yr old HTC Rezound took better pictures!