Are you still rocking an HTC HD2? You can now put Sense 5 on it!



Android phones come and go, but only one phone has survived for almost 4 years. Funny thing is, it wasn’t even designed to run Android (was meant to be a Windows Mobile device), yet it is one of the most supported devices of all times. It keeps getting the latest ROMs, sometimes before flagship smartphones! Yes, we are talking about the legendary HTC HD2 .

If you still have your hands on one, congrats… and you can now test Sense 5 on it! A new ROM brings a Sense 5 port to the HD2, courtesy of senior XDA developer gilbert32. It’s important to note that this ROM is nowhere close to being finished. You should only flash it if you want to play around with it and are sure of what you are doing.


Touchscreen, calls and data work, but every other component is pretty much out of the question. Non-working features include WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, GPS, sound, camera and more. So yeah… the ROM is pretty much just for those who want to check out what Sense 5 would look like in an HD2.

You can be sure the developer will keep working it all out, but you should always be careful. Remember rooting/flashing ROMs can void your warranty and/or brick your device. So be careful and do your research, or else you will be on your own if anything happens to your phone.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s show hands. Who here is still rocking an HTC HD2? Will you be testing this ROM?

[via XDA]

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  1. This phone is truly the phone that cannot die… wow

  2. Where my 4.3 update on the HTC one by Septembers’ end?

    1. Still got another week for HTC to hold on their promise…

      1. That’s what I am talking about. The CEO heard me, because I was tweeting him!

    2. Excellent question.I’m guessing the HD2 will see 4.3 before the official release on the ONE. ;-)

    3. They have 7 more days

  3. this phone never dies forever will be the best

  4. I don’t know why I got rid of mine, I’m going to hunt one down on Craigslist or eBay

  5. Yeah, I still keep my HD2 in my car, I use it as a fail safe contact directory and also a back up Sat Nav using Sygic Maps. It is still running Windows but I must use it to start dabbling in the world of rooting and immerse it in some lovely Android magic. Even the camera can hold its own with the new kids on the block………….and the build quality, need I go on!!

  6. WOW! This phone is going to last longer than HTC themselves..

    1. i.e. 2 more years?

  7. i still have this phone, while alot of people returned theirs to T-Mobile, i kept mine and flash android 2.3. this was my first phone where i learned to flash roms..i eventually got a MT4G and flash stock rom back to HD2, now it sits in mint condition in my storage closet.. will never get rid of it.

    1. I still have the 2 free Transformer movies that came with the phone. =.3

      I miss those promotions. Free movies. That’s how I watched Transformers 2. =.P

      1. after flashing, i dont have the two movies nor do i have the Ashpalt 5 demo it came with. yup those promos were awesome..did it come with a 16gb memory card? i think so…

        1. Oh I can’t remember that far back. LoL!! I want to say that it did, only because you think so.

  8. I’d get a Windows Phone if the UI looked like that (first pic) But they killed it

    1. Ah!! The old school Windows? Wasn’t that 6.2 or something in the 6? I remember when Microsoft said NO Windows 6.x phone was updating to Windows 7 phone and that the apps would be completely different. It’s amazing how things change.

  9. this phone should be in a museum

  10. I have my HD2 on WP7.8 right now… It’s good to see Sense 5!! I really want to see it become more stable and functional~~!!!

  11. Got one sitting in the drawer. Time to knock the dust off that sucker.

  12. this thing is like the Mewtwo of smartphones

  13. This was my 1st 4 inch phone. I remember it being all large and people was all like “why do you have that large phone”. It was pretty cool, but kept lagging on me. I wasn’t in the flashing game yet.

    I do remember there being an update for the phone right before I sold it for the Nexus 1. I wonder if I would have updated the phone would I still have kept it? Hmm… Oh well… Glad I got the Nexus 1.

    This is still pretty cool news, nonetheless. I’m surprised that a non-Android phone is getting ALL this support. It makes me wonder where everybody is getting the source code to do this.

  14. HTC’s greatest creation!!!!

  15. Yes, do be careful not to void that HD2 warranty!

    1. Really? LoL!! I know you didn’t. =.P


  17. “void your warranty”
    for a phone that’s like 5 years old.

  18. Why would anyone want sense ? It’s terrible.

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