Galaxy Note 3 display leaked, side-by-side comparison with Note 2 shows smaller bezels, accessories begin popping up

Samsung Galaxy S3 display digitizer bezel

As we near Samsung’s official Galaxy Note 3 unveiling event set for Sept 4th in Berlin, more leaks of the device have begun coming out of the woodwork.

First up, the actual display/digitizer of the device has been pictured from 3rd party parts supplier ETrade Supply, giving us a good look at, not only the shape of the upcoming phablet, but also a quick comparison with the previous Galaxy Note 2. You’ll notice a much more rectangular shape this time around, while the Note 3 still very much falls in line with Samsung’s current Galaxy design cues.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs 3 display Phandrizzle

Overall, the size increase appears to be minimal, but since these are 2 separate images placed side by side, it’s not exactly to scale. What we can accurately judge is how the bezels have shrunk around the sides and along the top/bottom, allowing Samsung to increase the display size (rumored to be 5.7 inches, up from last year’s 5.5 inches), while keeping the overall size of the device closer to the the previous generation Note.

Galaxy Note 3 accessories

Accessories makers are also getting the jump on the Note 3 where Amazon is showing a few listings before an official announcement could even be made. The first listing shows a $10 extended battery pack from Hyperion for the Note 3, which curiously mentions compatibility with the Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T versions of the device, but not T-Mobile. You can also find an $11 TPU case from InventCase tailor-made specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

It seems we already have a good idea of what to expect from the next-gen Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as far as looks and rumored hardware — 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, 3,300mAh battery — now we’ll just have to see what new additions Samsung introduces on the software side of things. Who’s hyped for this big fella?

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  • Chris H

    I love a sexy girl with little bezels and she’s looking fine

  • Thomas Schneider

    I just hope that the release date isn’t three months down the road. Hopefully it won’t be with some of the accessories starting to show up.

  • Dan Fryling

    Me me

  • Tommy Thompson

    accessories that have released prior to the device have never been accurate. There were several cases that “leaked” before the S4, and even the S III that weren’t a single bit accurate.

    • Caleb Loop

      They should do a “where are they now” article on all those accessories that jumped the gun and got the design totally wrong. I remember seeing Droid Bionic (original design from CES) cases on clearance sale at best buy for like a dollar. haha.

  • Morris

    I’m excited but still a little disappointed about the screen size

  • Morris

    However I would like some more news about the galaxy gear

  • Ben

    Just take my money already……. :)

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    The back leaves a little to be desired. Once again, speakers in the wrong spot. The HTC is looking impressive

    • Guest

      yeah cause I listen to my phone speakers all the time…. not

      • Steven Skwarkowski

        Yea, because incoming phone calls, notifications, watching youtube videos, etc is ALWAYS better with muffled speakers on the rear of the phone while laying on a flat surface!

        • simpleas

          Yeah cause I put my incoming at FULL BLAST ALL THE TIME…. not… smh… I put them at half volume as it’s already too loud.

        • MrDSL

          Who lays their phone flat on a table and watches videos anyway..get a case with a kickstand already.

    • Joe

      Those are note 2 cases…

  • deh2002

    I wish Samsung would get away from the physical home button. I think this phone would be perfect with on screen buttons.

    • Evertroy

      I often pull my phone out just to check the time and having that button allows me to turn on the phone and grab it from my pocket at the same time. That way the phone is showing me the time as i pull it out and i dont have to fiddle around with side buttons. I went from iphone to android years ago with an OG htc evo and I missed the home button sooooo much. The whole “you dont know what you got til its gone” thing.

      • C-Law

        I’ve had an s3 and a note 2 and like the home button for the same reason but I also love soft nav keys so after I installed cyanogenmod on both, I added softkeys and disabled the menu and back button. I hate using the home button to actually go home, I much prefer just a tap to the screen than a physical button. But I sure do like having the button just to check the time

        • simpleas

          i use both and prefer both. Hard Key Soft Key via LMT

      • ITCanWork

        You can do the same thing by pressing the power button while retrieving the phone from your pocket, I dont see why its a big deal, i do it. When I grab my phone from my pocket i instinctly press the power button on the right side on my s3. I can see how this could be a problem if its on the top like HTC One or Iphone.

    • stndspec

      The button is plain ugly and so useless on the Note 2. The right side power button turns the lock screen on to check time etc, and a second press turns the screen back off. That obnoxious ‘home’ button can also activate the screen with a touch, but then does nothing, no functionality, no matter how many presses. The screen will just stay on for as long as it’s set to, wasting battery. Using the button for task swapping is also super redundant, there are tons of ways to do this. Personally I like using a pinch gesture. Buttons are the vulnerable spots of any device, prone to breaking over time, and if dropped in water often the one component that just doesn’t come back to life. The button is also the most accidentally pressed button I’ve ever had in my pocket. If I reach in to pull it out, it’s been pressed basically.

      I want to see a Note with a thin black bezel that blends seamlessly into an oled screen with no physical buttons disturbing the pristine look. Like if a Note 3 hooked up with a Nexus S.. The front of that NS was so sexy. Anyway, nix the button, was hoping it’d be gone by the 3rd.

  • DDroid45

    With all that power I hope they don’t overload it with gimmicks that going to slow it up, and I also hope it don’t feel cheap, who Eva disagree kiss ma A$$

  • Justin S

    <<< Hyped. It was between this baby or the Moto X for me. Once I saw the MotoX was going to have a "Nexus-like" off contract price. I decided to stick it out with my GNex for the Note III. Maybe Ill be ok with it till the Moto XXX comes out

  • Tony Lai

    Why is the front facing camera hole on the Note 3 that much smaller than the Note 2?

  • chuckles87

    Still a rectangle with round corners on another note I just tried an iPad girl left it at my house so I can put music on it well after major complications of errors because I guess you cannot connect it to more than five computers I had to do a full reset. I am puzzled about the whole it just works argument I had to fight that thing to the end of the earth just to put music on the dam thing. And then once done I tried to play with the thing and I got no enjoyment from it. All of this I really was trying to give it a fair shot.

    • Joe

      Indeed. It blows my mind how apple products are so wildly popular. I seriously think there’s a direct correlation between the popularity of Apple products and the subpar intelligence of the masses.

    • Butters619

      You can only sync an iPad to one computer when it comes to putting music/movies on. I still own an iPad (yeah boo hiss) and that is the biggest draw back. Closely behind in drawbacks is the fact it only supports mpeg4 video so everything I download has to be converted, loaded into itunes on my laptops, and synced over.

      • Idon’t Know

        Everything you said is wrong. Do some googling.

        • Butters619

          It’s not wrong. There are a couple pain in the ass work arounds. Or I could log in to my itunes and itunes match and sync music over that way, but as soon as that computer becomes unregistered to my match account I lose that music.

  • sherazch

    I played with the front panel picture in Photoshop (added a frame and other missing elements) and compared the size to both the Note 2 and Galaxy S4.

    Looks like the Note 3 (3.05in x 5.80in) may be just very slightly smaller than the Note 2 (3.17in x 5.94in) though the screen is slightly larger. Overall, I like the trend of the screen taking center stage. Can’t wait!!!!i=2727305302&k=mc24dWG&lb=1&s=O

    • sherazch

      Image did not attach earlier–can’t wait!

      • Wootsat

        haha, dude that’s awesome. Seeing it fleshed out like that is makin’ me want dat note iii!

  • Jason Farrell

    $11 for a simple TPU case? Try $0.99 w/ free shipping on Ebay. They’re all pretty much the same.

    I’ll probably be waiting for Incipio’s DualPro hybrid case for the Note3, since I love the one on my SGS3, or maybe go with a Seidio this time around.

  • DavidVarghese

    I’m just imagining how much sexier this could have been without that physical home button…

    • ari_free

      I’ll root for LG if they come with a commercial “no more belly buttons on your phone.” That will screw up Apple big time because that’s a big part of their brand identity.

    • MrDSL

      While I’m thinking how awesome it is they are still using the middle home button.

  • Kaden

    Hyperion is a pretty big battery maker on amazon, so I think that they would have the correct dimensions and their battery is legit

    • Dan

      yeah Hyperion batteries are top notch too. My wife has been using an extended battery in her GS3 for almost a year now, works great.

  • Chris McKeever

    disappointed in Note 3’s size. Sticking with the Xperia Z Ultra! Come to Verizon or ATT soon please!!

    • real0325

      I’m right with you.

    • Max

      the ultra is pushing the limits for sure

      • Chris McKeever

        I don’t think they can go any bigger for a good sized phone.

    • fallacies

      you all fail to realize that samsung has models with the bigger screens… the note is the note.

      • Chris McKeever

        Oh yeah like the joke that is the Galaxy Mega? I didn’t fail to realize anything, I work with cell phones. The Mega is a mid range device with a giant screen. Big difference between that and the insane Xperia Z Ultra. Plus these Samsung phones need a new style. They’re starting to become jaded.

        • Bradha562

          Have you seen the Z Ultra screen wake issue?

          Scary that this phone is in reviewers hands with a major issue like this.

          • Chris McKeever

            Yeah makes me nervous but I think it’s fixed now, at least I hope…

        • fallacies

          True, but @ this stage of the game there is nothing wrong with a Samsung mid-range alternative. .. Your priased Ultra has hardware and Quality Control issues. But, since you work with phones, I guess you knew that. Also, when has SONY made anything good that wasn’t an LCD or gaming platform?

          • Chris McKeever

            Their new Tablet Xperia Z is beautiful. Little rough on battery life but a gorgeous device. Also Sony’s headphones, or at least certain ones. I own the MDR-EX700LP. best pair of earphones I’ve ever heard. Right on par with Shure’s SE530’s. Also portable cd players back in the day, walmans, and now bluray players.

        • Sal King

          Thought I saw you working a kiosk at the mall near the food court.

          • Chris McKeever

            lol nope don’t work in a mall.

  • John

    If the Honami doesn’t come to Verizon, then I might be picking this up. I really want Verizon to pick up the Honami though…

  • godrilla

    4k recording rumored want one

  • No_Nickname90

    Oh my gosh!! They are really pushing that bezel space to the max. LoL!!

    • Sal King


      • No_Nickname90

        I laugh a lot…

  • Max

    damn, that lens looks promising

  • gadgety

    Looks wise it’s interesting to note (sic) that it’s back to the Note 1’s more squarish appearance. The Note 3 is also likely to get infrared beaming as the S4.

  • iampoch

    I hope it comes with 32GB internal memory as minimum. If not, then I’m not interested. If it’s similar to the S4, then a 16GB internal will only have 8GB available for users. That’s too small for me unless they start allowing app installs to the external mSD.

    • Dan

      didn’t an update for the S4 come out allowing you migrate apps to external SD?

      • iampoch

        Is that a 4.3 update? Hope it trickles down to the Note 2! I’m desperate for more internal storage!

        • Dan

          I read about it a few months ago, probably a TW 4.2.1 or 4.2.2 update or something. My Note 2 is still on 4.1.2 so I don’t have it.

          • iampoch

            I’ll play around with my GF’s S4 later :-) if there’s an App to SD option, I hope the Note 2 gets it as well :-) thanks for the heads up.

        • Christopher Robert

          Yo if you want to “trick out” your Note2 just root it. Jedi X ROM lets you put apps on an external SD card. It also improves the Battery Life by about 40% and come with great CPU and GPU kernel improvements.

          If you don’t know how to root it just jump over to and there are walk through videos that make it so easy anyone can do it.

    • Emanuel Irizarry

      If it has 4.3, then App2SD should be back.

  • Dan

    I’m hyped! Going to have to wait a good 6 months before I can upgrade from Note 2 though.

  • phatmanXXL [16,000+ posts]

    It’s the same garbage design. REVOLUTIONARY.

    • phatmanXXL [16,000+ posts]

      Go get you that amazing 5C phakeman

      • Guest

        B0t60At Mad?

      • MrDSL

        Why fix what isn’t broken? Unless of course you think the Note series is a failure.

        • phatmanXXL [16,000+ posts]

          No I have a Note 2. Its a great phone. I just don’t understand why people are complaining like the Note 3 is supposed to be another Galaxy Mega. Yes it’s a small bump in screen size, but a lot of people will agree if the Note 3 will be any bigger than the 2 they don’t want it. Instead they basically upgraded every other aspect of the phone. Haters like my Apple fanboy clone above are gonna hate.

          • MrDSL

            I definitely agree with you on the size..I actually hope its not as wide like my og pro is. Much nicer to hold in one hand then my Note.

          • phatmanXXL [16,000+ posts]

            My girlfriend has the OG Pro, great phone.

    • Idon’t Know


  • JWeezey

    I’m not excited about the sale date being another month away. :/

  • CKH14

    So the overall size difference From Note 2 5.55 inch screen to Note 3 5.68 inch Screen is a massive..3mm? what the point? Same width as Note 2 just tacking on 3mm in height Plus a less attractive design than Note 2? Kinda bummed after waiting for 10 months for Note 3 and being so phsyched about it finally releasing, and this is the final product? Heres to hoping this is not the real N3 design and size… oh well what another year of waiting for a 6 inch Note to take full advantage of the S pen.

    • Emanuel Irizarry

      The screen is .3 in angular scale. Not taller. Your comments are not even in this article. The galaxy note 2 is SLOOOWWWW and has a horrible display at 260+ PPi. The galaxy S3 was slooowwww but the S4’s beautiful 440+p PPi screen, which will undoubtedly carry over to the Note 3 screen, and at minimum, the Snapdragon 800 will make the Note 3 be what the Note 2 should have been. The 600 in the S4 is very fluid and fast. So, the 800 should more than make up for the need more power on a bigger screen. As for unattractive design, this is the screen frame. Does not mean this is what the outside looks like. This could easily be just under the outer shell. BUT I agree, if it is, the Note 2 does LOOK better.

      • simpleas

        troll harder ROFL

        • Emanuel Irizarry

          Did I miss something?

          • phatmanXXL [16,000+ posts]


      • OtisFeelgood

        The Note 2 might be a lot of things but “SLOOOWWWW” definitely isn’t one of them.

        • Emanuel Irizarry

          That’s your opinion. I find it painfully slow. Coming from an iPhone 5 or an s4 it Is slow.

          • OtisFeelgood

            “Coming from an iPhone 5 or an s4 it Is slow.” <- That's your opinion too since I have an S4 and it's no more quicker than my Note 2. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

          • keithh81

            Iphone 5 and S4 are the latest phones where the Note 2 was the year old specs. Of course the S4 would be faster because it is their newest flagship of the year. The note phablet is nothing more than the flagship s series with a bigger screen and s pen. Outside of that there really isn’t any major differences other than of course the have a bit better processor in it because of it being a phablet. The Note 2 was a phablet version of the S3. The Note 3 is the phablet version of the S4. Now if your arguement was the S4 was faster than the Note 3 then you would make more sense but since the S4 has updated specs than the Note 2, obviously it would be faster.

      • ckh14

        How could it possibly be increased by .3 inches diagonally? That makes no sense 5.55 to 5.68 is an increase of .13 inches no where near .3 As for the note 2 being slow in other comments you must have a bad device or loaded a crap rom because I have a note 2 and an s4 and they are practically identical in speed and performance. As for the hd screen that makes no difference at all vs a larger increase in size, and I’m confused how anyone could think that resolution will somehow make up for the tiny increase in screen real estate. Those of us hoping for a larger screen was two fold, first the larger the screen the more useful the s pen vs the novelty of it with the note 2 screen size. Secondly evolution as gaming improves and video streaming hd quality improves having a 6 inch device is on major benefit. As for the hd res I personally would rather have 720 res with 6 hour of screen on use time than hd res with half that. As the difference of hd vs 720 from my note 2 or mega vs my s4 the resolution improvement is negligible on screens of this size. What tiny increases of perceived clarity are far outweighed by the battery life of my s4 vs either my mega 6.3 or note 2. Not to mention the competition has caught up in terms of specs and size, so yes the s pen is the differentiator but on another note 2 size screen it becomes another novelty vs a practical means of usability that having a larger 6 inch screen could offer

        • kenny

          Exactly! Finally someone with a common sense. Why does just about everyone report that the note3 will be as big or bigger when huge decrease in bezel and more rectangular shape more than compensate screen increase of only .13inch diagonally. In my estimation it got to be smaller than note 2 rather significantly. And that and bigger battery is what I am hoping to see.

    • Bamboclot44

      the difference is the resolution, the Note 3 has a 1080p resolution which will make it much better!

  • Joe

    Umm, those are note 2 cases – it’s pretty obvious when comparing the display/frame from the leaked image (assuming it’s legit). The note 3’s corners are far more squared, much to my dismay! The design of the note 2 was absolutely perfect…this thing looks like a brick. =

    • Tatus

      Different people. Different opinions.. imo. the look shown for the supposedly new Note 3, is absolutely so much better.. I like it..

      Too bad they can’t please us all ;-)

  • xdapao3

    Still very pissed at the tiny increase in display size (my ideal is 6.3″-ish but with 6″ I would have been happy) but VERY happy that it seems confirmed they haven’t followed the herd behind f*cking Apple and it still has a removable battery, expandable storage and a polycarbonate body.
    As for the looks, looks are just about the last thing I care about in a smartphone but I am glad to see that they changed course, I liked my OG Note way more than my current Note II and the Note III reminds me of my OG Note. I quite like it.
    From all accounts the Note III is another definite INSTANT BUY.

    • Abdullah Naji

      The Note series will not be as big as the Mega range. That’s why the Mega is there if you want a huge screen. The Note is also considerably very large.

      • xdapao3

        It will already be practically like the Mega 5.8″. The Note’s distinctive feature is the S-Pen and that would still differentiate the 2 series, not to talk about the much inferior Mega’s specs.
        Also, let’s not forget that one of the OG Note’s distinctive features was its “mega” display compared to the other smartphones at the time, nowadays there are several alternatives with substantial bigger displays than the Note’s (sadly, they all are crippled by some f*cking stupid choices like integrated batteries and/or some other deal breaker).

      • ckh14

        I also have 2 mega i9205 a note and an s4. I’m not saying it should be 6.3 inches but around 5.99 would be ideal as it would offer a much greater surface area to utilize the s pen. While I love my megas I realize that they’re too large for most which I’m cool with, , though I personally love the size and carry them as my main phones, the note 2 is just too small to use the s pen for more than a novelty. Increasing the screen size to 5.99 would add major benefit for s pen and media or gaming without a major increase in overall size over note 2. But 5.68 is way to small of an increase, 3mm is a tiny bump and will make no practical difference.

  • ShopByChoice

    Samsung galaxy note 3 is most popular tab in this year. It’s model is looking very attractive.
    It’s features like 5.55 AMOLED capacitive touch screen, 8 MP primary camera , 1.9 secondary camera . It runs on 1.6 Ghz quad core processors.

  • Jeff Fandl

    Help me with the Note 3…Since the Note 3 Phablet, Note 8.0 and Galaxy Tab are all part of the same family, does the release of the Note 3 Phablet mean all 3 products are being updated? I want to buy the Note 8.0 but I’m waiting for this release to see if there will be a new release of the product. Anyone have any answers?

  • ChicagoBob

    Best thing about the Note – Samsung vs anything else is the ability to run two apps at once.

    This is something that larger screen phones should really show off and with a 2.3Ghz and more ram I can see that happening more and more. How many tablets let you run two things at once? All that room on the screen and you and can’t show two windows at once?

    Geez.. Kudos to Samsung for doing it.