Get Rockstar’s games (GTA and Max Payne) for $2-3 until July 30th


Those of you who don’t mind revisiting some timeless classics on your mobile devices will love today’s news. Rockstar games has discounted its games on the Google Play Store by a few bucks. You can get Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City for just $3 each, and Max Payne for just $2. It’s not a bad price to pay for some genre-defining games that dominated the sixth generation of gaming consoles.

You won’t want to take too much time deciding whether or not these games are worth $3, though, as the price will only be this low through July 30th. After that, they’re not terribly expensive, but high enough that you’ll regret not taking advantage if you end up getting the itch to play them. Find them in the Google Play Store at the source links ahead.

[via Google Play Store (GTA 3) | (GTA Vice City) | (Max Payne)]

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  • Jordan Caviness

    Thanx Q..copping right now!

  • Kurt

    Don’t own an Android device, but I bought Vice City. I’m looking forward to making the switch to Android when the Note 3 is available and smashing my iPhone. Apple sucks.

    • Jordan Caviness

      downvote for even having an iClone in the first place.

      • Kurt

        iClone? It’s a genuine iCrap phone

        • Adil Qamar

          He was saying Iphone is a clone of Android and stuff.

          • Kurt

            Thanks for the reply and letting me know. Not you, but are most people on this site a-holes?? If so, I’d prefer going to another site

          • Jordan Caviness

            not most. just me. although you will run into funny sarcastic folks on here once in a while. sorry if u are a newbie to the site, but i dont discriminate.

          • Adil Qamar

            Nah, it’s all good here. Some people just get bitchy after the mention of an Apple product. :)

          • simpleas

            don’t let the door hit ya on the way out

          • Jordan Caviness

            that…and the fact that each “new” iphone is a clone of its predecessor. “is that the 4,4S,or 5″?

          • TornZero

            In Apple’s defense, the flagships (that is, literally only the iPhone) have looked rather different on a regular basis. The original, 3 and 3Gs all looked alike, the 4 and 4s looked alike, and the 5 and 5s will look alike.

            We can expect a new aesthetic hardware change with the 6.

            It’s predictable. It’s safe. Like a Nerf helmet, or water wings when you want to have soup with dinner.

    • Dan

      A better idea would be to sell it ;). It’s suprisingly easy, Apple has great resale value, gotta give them that.

  • Dan

    I tried some of those games on my phone, imo it’s just not the same with touch controls.

    • Jordan Caviness

      Now that i remember, i stopped playing GTAIII because of the controls. i just got ViceCity and these controls are much better..still not perfect tho. does GTA support SixAxis or Gamepads? N E One?

      • Dan

        I know that Vice City supports sixaxxis, not sure for the rest.

        But imo, if I have to use a controller to play, it means I’ll be at home. If I’m at home, I’ll just play the game on my PC :)

    • No_Nickname90

      You can dock a keyboard. I heard that all the keyboard cheats from the PC version works.

  • Craig Becker

    Great article! Just snagged Max Payne. Game will always be a classic. Was a game changer in it’s day. Plays smooth on S4. Will test on galaxy tab 10.1. graphics are the same as they were on ps2, pretty good.

  • basschica

    “Heyyy. Hey donkey. You live in a barn right? I’m in Max Payne. Have you seen that movie? Okay donkey, say ‘hi’ to your mother for me.”

  • Joshhud

    How about they get Vice City working from my Sprint Galaxy Note II first