AT&T 4G LTE comes to 7 new markets



AT&T has more towers going up to provide its customers with even more 4G LTE coverage across United States. Today’s launch brings the fresh signal to folks in seven new markets. Check this list out to see if your city has made it:

  • Sussex County, Delaware
  • Columbia, Missouri
  • Vallejo, California
  • Merced, California
  • New London, Connecticutt
  • Greenville, Alabama
  • Troy, Alabama

These launches won’t have many major metropolitan areas at this point as AT&T has already covered a vast majority of those folks with 4G LTE. Still, those in smaller markets deserve to have just as fast a network as the rest of us so these launches are just as important. If you are on AT&T and stay in either of these areas be sure to give the network a spin with a good ol’ fashioned speed test.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I have a good friend that lives in Merced.

    /completely irrelevant comment

    1. Do they atleast have an AT&T LTE capable device?

      1. iPhone 5. So yup.

  2. This is about as exciting as 3g being lit up in 7 new cities. Been using 4G for 3 years between sprint and Verizon.

    1. Oh don’t worry, AT&T still has some new places to light up with 3G yet :)

  3. Need some St. Joseph, Mo love bad. A couple of towers get damn near unusable from around noon to 7pm.

  4. Remind me why anybody would be with ATT again?

    1. Depending on your locale, at&t is the best or only option if you want rock solid coverage. I guess I don’t get the at&t hate from some people. Sprint and T-Mobile would have the same policies/higher prices if they were on top. Anybody that believes differently is just foolish or naive.

      1. What about Verizon? I live in Denver, Colorado; a major metropolitan area and switched from Sprint to ATT when iPhone 3g came out. Service sucked, always dropped calls at the same spot on i25 right downtown denver in addition to all over denver. Switched to sprint, not much better. Switched to Verizon and its rock solid. My gf’s iphone 4s could not make calls in my basement or back yard and I live downtown Denver. This was not years ago, this was months ago. Switched her to Verizon Galaxy s3 and she cant believe the difference.

        I understand if AT&T is the best option for coverage in your area, no brainer there. Just didnt know that was the case anywhere, figured if anybody has good coverage in rural area’s, its VZ. 7 years after AT&T launched their 3g network they still dont have 3g everywhere and are way behind the game in rolling out 4G- sucky.

        1. Like anything, YMMV. I live in a rural area and until last June all we had was EDGE on att. Great for calls, bad for data. In March of this year, we can now get lte (25dn/6up) on top of 3g hspa+(7dn/3up). Lte tower actually overpowers the closer 4g tower. Congestion is basically nonexistent due to low population density. Based off my own experience, its hard to argue att isn’t spending some coin to improve their network. Att is pretty much rock solid for me everywhere I go.

          My cousin lived in KC which had great T-Mobile service. He moved to Omaha and T-Mobile is garbage there. Verizon is spotty at my home. 3g is about 2 bars at best, though lte is allegedly lit up for Verizon now so who knows. It really doesn’t make much sense to switch to Verizon due to comparable prices. Plus, I prefer the ability to just insert my sim card into a different phone and go.

    2. remind me again why anybody wouldn’t be with AT&T?

  5. Um why att? I like the plan im on. I have a good phone and they unlocked it. They have a great line up of devices. Great customer service. 4g lte all over my city plus for back up I get 4g hspa+ EVERYWHERE. After all they’re the largest 4g network and the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4g lte network. Got so tired of sprint slow ass 3g

  6. They are supposedly launching a new tower in Guerneville, CA next month. I can only hope because there is no signal AT ALL here

  7. Saying att is way behind on rolling out 4G? False.

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