Jul 24th, 2013


Those of you who don’t mind revisiting some timeless classics on your mobile devices will love today’s news. Rockstar games has discounted its games on the Google Play Store by a few bucks. You can get Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto Vice City for just $3 each, and Max Payne for just $2. It’s not a bad price to pay for some genre-defining games that dominated the sixth generation of gaming consoles.

You won’t want to take too much time deciding whether or not these games are worth $3, though, as the price will only be this low through July 30th. After that, they’re not terribly expensive, but high enough that you’ll regret not taking advantage if you end up getting the itch to play them. Find them in the Google Play Store at the source links ahead.

[via Google Play Store (GTA 3) | (GTA Vice City) | (Max Payne)]