Samsung Galaxy Note 3 allegedly pictured in the wild, and in official training manual

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated Android devices launching this year. While we are busy digging up something, anything on the phablet, we came across a few interesting leaks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 schematics.jpg

The first “leak” comes by way of SIM Only Radar who was able to secure some alleged images of the Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900), ripped from the device’s official training manual. You’ll notice a design very similar to what we see from current Galaxy devices, as well as a handful of purported specs. Seems Samsung will emphasize the device’s photo capturing abilities thanks to a 13MP camera with dedicated camera button, and Xenon flash. Where a Xenon flash would eat most other smartphone batteries for lunch, the Galaxy Note 3’s ample 3,000+ mAh battery should suffice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the wild.jpg

The second “leak” is brought to us from the boys at TechKiddy nabbed some extremely blurry images of the device, allegedly sent directly from a Samsung testing facility in China. If you squint your eyes real hard, you can see what appears to be a handful of extremely large devices sitting on a table in a room filled with Asian women (lucky, Android). Again, it’s hard to make out, but appears as if Samsung is sticking with the rounded look of the current Galaxy-line, so don’t expect anything too jarring.

Where we are fast nearing a plateau in specs for many devices, the Note 3 still has some wriggle room left over from the Note 2. We’re hoping to learn more about the Note 3 as we approach IFA 2013 in September. Many of you may remember last year when Samsung scheduled an event just before the main show to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We expect this year to be no different.

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  • Toasted_Cracker

    This or the HTC One max will likely be my next phone.

    • The Phatastic PhatmanXXL

      Same here, I’m still torn between the two.

    • Mastermind

      Honami for me.

    • The Phatastic PhatmanXXL

      I think I’ll just get an iPhone 5 instead. It is the best and best selling smartphone in the universe.

  • Evertroy

    That’s not “In the Wild” if it’s in a testing facility…

    • RobertArias

      Just once I want an “in the wild” pic to be a monkey swinging from a vine in the jungle holding the phone

      • ViolinistMD

        You Win lol

      • Go Hawkeyes

        Will you settle for a Vine shot on my phone of my kids acting like monkeys in a jungle gym?

        • Sean Royce

          Killed it.

    • Chris Chavez

      You ever been to China? It’s wild. O_o

      • shmigga

        They make the phones in Korea.

  • James

    This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m sick of Samsung. I’ve had the Galaxy S3 for the better part of a year and it looks and feels quite cheap compared to my coworkers iPhones/HTC One’s. Their tablets aren’t any better, especially the new Galaxy Tab lineup. I’m not impressed.

    • spicymeatball

      You must not like their displays then. That is what sets them apart. When your used to it you take it for granted.

      • unbearablepleasures


      • domytoruluq

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        What’s the 2nd button on the
        right side, below the power button? Could it be a dedicated camera
        button? Or just a sim card slot?

        • DavidVarghese

          No one gives a crap about your cousin.

      • DavidVarghese

        Really? I think of Samsung’s displays on their phones to be rather unimpressive compared to the H1 and, dare I say it, iPhone 5. Blacks aren’t that black, and colors seem overly saturated. But I guess that’s the case with all amoled screens.

        • Defenestratus

          Uhhh you have it backwards. AMOLEDS have blacker blacks. LCD’s black’s aren’t really black. I will say that looking side by side, the S4’s screen trumps the HTC One’s in color vividness. The HTC’s screen just looks washed out.

          • DavidVarghese

            Not in my experience of testing both phones out… Like I said before, it’s more saturated to a point where it doesn’t look real. That explains the color vividness and the “darker” blacks. I prefer for videos/pictures to be as close as possible to the actual color, which I think the H1 is closer to than the S4. I guess it’s personal preference.

          • Blkegk

            your personal preference is known that you’re anti Samsung and pro HTC.
            so I can pretty much know what you are going to say before reading the entire post.

          • DavidVarghese

            That’s a good thing I suppose. I’m consistent, and I don’t waver in my preference. If Samsung can offer a phone that suits my taste/preferences, I’d jump at it. Not too long ago, it was Blackberry. Now, it’s HTC. It’s subject to change, but with the direction HTC is going recently, not anytime soon.


          • Skander

            It isn’t some dark magic AMOLED displays will ALWAYS have deeper blacks, and with the S4 it is literally pitch black, NO LCD ever has that black.

            Also, you can adjust the saturation to sRGB in the display settings under display mode.
            Quit being a silly blind fanboy.

          • Nathan Aker

            Well LCD screens are definitely for you then if you want realistic colors, personally I like the vivid colors makes everything pop

          • moppen

            Actually the darker blacks are because of how the AMOLEDs work. The pixels are only lit when there is a color so black is a pixel that isn’t even on, therefore as black as it gets. The backlight of an LCD makes blacks slightly less than true black.

        • James

          There’s no shame in that. The iPhone has one of the best displays on the market. In my opinion, only a few of HTC’s flagships really rival it. The Nexus 4 also has a really nice screen.

          • malcmilli

            i went from an Evo LTE to a Nexus 4 and i felt like the screen was a definite downgrade

      • Levi Urquhart

        I have a Galaxy Nexus, and the SAMOLED display is pretty. At least until the name of your ex-girlfriend gets burned into it. I’ll be getting an LG G2.

      • malcmilli

        Their displays are good, but when I got my mother a gs3, i didnt feel like her screen was better than my Evo LTE’s. I mean it was cool but it never made me feel like my phone felt inferior after looking at her screen. I did get that feeling when moving onto the nexus 4 though… as far as build goes, my note 8 definitely does not feel like a $400 device, it feels like a $250 one. Especially the home button.

    • Matthew Merrick

      I disagree 100% about their phones, but one thing – the galaxy Tab 3 line is awful.

    • JBrowne1012

      HTC One is nice I’ll admit but its better than an iPhone 5 sure its not the signal interfering aluminum but it does much much much more than the iPhone 5 could ever dream. The iPhone 5 is like a prius while the HTC One and Gs3 are power houses in a car comparison they would be muscle cars that eat the prius alive and provide pure enjoyment but because you go so much farther your battery will take a hit.

  • Jordan Caviness

    is that an edge-to-edge screen that i am seeing?

    • Toasted_Cracker

      Sure does look like it.

    • Krzysztof Bryk

      none of those is not3 – thats new mega device newbie

      all what youre ‘seeing’ is blurred pixeled picture

      noone would put this photo but hey some need more attention than others :)

    • Kurt

      Pantech Vega Iron has an edge to edge screen and it looks gorgeous. are there any other phones that have edge to edge screens?

  • Toasted_Cracker

    What’s the 2nd button on the right side, below the power button? Could it be a dedicated camera button? Or just a sim card slot?

    • Toasted_Cracker

      Never mind. I see that the article already talks about a dedicated camera button.

  • CerealFTW

    I was hoping they would get rid of that strange home button. at least its not as bad as the Verizon note 2 home button hahaha

    • Toasted_Cracker

      Me too. To me the Note series would make more since if it utilized the on screen buttons since the s-pen doesn’t work on the back and menu buttons.

      • reznorfan0

        It will this time around. My note 8 has the functionality, now way they won’t put it on the note 3. I like the hard menu button, I use my phones in docks and surfaces quite a lot, it’s much nice to be able to just tap that home button than to have to feel around for the power button.

  • indio7777

    Note 2 = best phone ever.

    • Chris Chavez

      Until the Note 3.

      • WoodyGrape

        Chavez is that Samsung love? Htc would be ashamed :)

        • simpleas

          Hes smart =) The more I use my note 2, the more I love it. It’s simply the best all around phone available right now I think. Im def skipping Note 3 for Note 4

        • Chris Chavez

          No no no.. Just pointing out the fact that even someone’s opinion on the “best phone” is short lived. :P

    • andrew__des_moines

      I think my wife is going to take my Note 2 and give me her GS4. She misses the big screen of her previous original Note too much. Strange to think a 5″ screen is too small, but it does seem that way at this point. I will definitely miss it.

  • toomuchgame441

    The HTC One MAXX will easily outclass this… I’m not lying forward to any Samsung releases for the remainder of the year. HTC is dominating.

    • Defenestratus

      The One Max, IIRC won’t have the stylus available for it like the Note will. While I’m sad that Samsung seems to be rather unimaginative regarding its phone designs these days, I’m still holding out hope that they offer the Note 3 in a considerable better build quality model.

    • Blkegk

      stop stating your opinions as facts.
      my personal opinion is that the note 3 is guaranteed to outsell the HTC one max.

      • WoodyGrape

        well, that’s not your personal opinion… that is fact so….

  • pr0xidian

    I’m gonna replace my note ll with an xperia Z unless the note 3 is waterproof.

  • a)

    4,000 mAh battery or GTFO

    • WoodyGrape

      uuhhh… note2 battery lasts through a day of heavy use… I think they can stop worrying about the battery on this

  • mirage03

    Htc fanboys are so annoying.. they always like to compare their htc crappy break prone low quality device to any samsung phone.. just a reality check, htc one max won’t be a note 3 competitor if it wouldn’t have a pen feature or software.. is htc capable of making a device like that to prove they are innovative too? Samoled not black? What is this blind fanboy lie again? Lastly,if anyone has held an S4, won’t say it feels cheap at all.. it feels sturdy despite being plastic,feels better than the s3.. and please, we want htc to stay in this smartphone comepetition,but let’s not overdo it.. htc one so overrated, huge outdated bezels, bad buttons, only the metal is all it has going for it.. LOL

    Annoying fanboys

    • maverick1103

      So are the Samsung fanboys, Apple ones were the worst at one point, but now you Sammy fanboys take the biscuit! You make me laugh how you defend your plastic phones, especially as most of you are ex Apple fanboys. It must eat you inside to stand there arguing when you know you really want a premium phone again and not have a £600 phone that feels like it came out of a kinder egg!!! :-P

  • Marsg

    Dang it, not blurry photos again, if only they had a moto x to reduce the blur

    • Krzysztof Bryk

      those are blurry and downsized to hide the fact that phone pictured there is new galaxy mega … such ‘news’ separate technology blogs from attention whores ;]

      • Marsg

        I’m not even sure which device I’m supposed to be looking at honestly, is it the white one? If so than that does look like it’s too big to be the note

        • Krzysztof Bryk

          who knows

        • JBrowne1012

          Too big? small hands?

          • Marsg

            Lol no I said it’s too big to be the note, the device looks to be over 6, the note is reported to be 5.7. A galaxy s4 in my hand looks like a iPhone 5 in a tweenies hand.

          • JBrowne1012

            I hope its 6.3inches I hope its bigger than that 5.7 is too boring Note 3 should be huge otherwise its just a revised S4 with S pen.

          • Marsg

            lol even at 6.3 its just a revised Galaxy S4 with a S-Pen, im not sure if 6.3 will be very pocket-able but im willing to keep an open mind as long as the bezel is close to non existent.

  • Luke Grissom

    I am getting excited for what comes out this fall. I’m definitely looking to upgrade my S3 to a bigger phone so right now its between the Note 3, One Maxx, and the xperia z if it comes stateside on verizon. Maybe Moto or LG will surprise me with something as well. I would love for one of these to be waterproof.

  • Unorthodox

    They copied Apple’s playbook to the letter. 3rd generation of the phone and no design change whatsoever. Boring.

    • Adam

      Dude. this is still less than 1.5 years of this product’s life… A slower evolution isn’t huge.

      Apple put out basically the same (longer screen!) phone for 3 years now, and is about to make it 4

  • Steven Skwarkowski

    According to the specs, Samsung will be popping in there new Exynos 5 chip. My guess is the rest of the world will get the new hotness, while the USA gets the dumbed down version!

    I make a sad! =0(

  • erwinanciano

    I’m surrrounded by Asian women. Lucky me.