Jul 18th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:16 pm

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated Android devices launching this year. While we are busy digging up something, anything on the phablet, we came across a few interesting leaks.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 schematics.jpg

The first “leak” comes by way of SIM Only Radar who was able to secure some alleged images of the Galaxy Note 3 (SM-N900), ripped from the device’s official training manual. You’ll notice a design very similar to what we see from current Galaxy devices, as well as a handful of purported specs. Seems Samsung will emphasize the device’s photo capturing abilities thanks to a 13MP camera with dedicated camera button, and Xenon flash. Where a Xenon flash would eat most other smartphone batteries for lunch, the Galaxy Note 3’s ample 3,000+ mAh battery should suffice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in the wild.jpg

The second “leak” is brought to us from the boys at TechKiddy nabbed some extremely blurry images of the device, allegedly sent directly from a Samsung testing facility in China. If you squint your eyes real hard, you can see what appears to be a handful of extremely large devices sitting on a table in a room filled with Asian women (lucky, Android). Again, it’s hard to make out, but appears as if Samsung is sticking with the rounded look of the current Galaxy-line, so don’t expect anything too jarring.

Where we are fast nearing a plateau in specs for many devices, the Note 3 still has some wriggle room left over from the Note 2. We’re hoping to learn more about the Note 3 as we approach IFA 2013 in September. Many of you may remember last year when Samsung scheduled an event just before the main show to announce the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We expect this year to be no different.

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