Pac-Man Dash! now available on Google Play – The Pac is back in a high-speed action runner


Pac-Man Dash banner

The Pac is back and he’s received a fresh new makeover for 2013. It was back during last month’s E3 we ran into Namco Bandai’s huge outdoor booth where a plethora of cute girls were showing off “Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures,” coming soon to consoles. This is a title based off a Disney XD show of the same name and today, the Pac-Man from that same universe has arrived on Android devices.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures E3 2013

Pac-Man Dash! — now available on Google Play — is more of a spin-off than a reboot, but one things for certain: this isn’t your grandma’s Pac-Man. Following mobile gaming’s latest trend, Pac-Man Dash features the trademark yellow hero from the 80’s in a balls-to-the-wall, endless running action platformer. There are still thousands of cookies and ghosts to help quench Pac-Man’s insatiable appetite, but you’re going to need to buckle up because things move fast. PMD features 4 save files — complete with Google Drive integration — so your friends and/or family can play at their own pace, without messing up your progress or score.

Pac-Man Dash powerups

Honestly, I haven’t seen an Android title with this level of polish in quite sometime. On a 1080p resolution display, Pac-Man Dash looks absolutely gorgeous. Colors pop, animations are smooth and fluid, and after you factor in blistering fast gameplay and the free entry fee — Namco Bandai really hit this one out of the ballpark. If it looks even remotely interesting, don’t waste another minute and give Pac-Man Dash a download on your Android device right now.  You’re going to love it.

[Pac-Man Dash of Google Play]

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  1. I just blew my power pellets all over that pic.

  2. Pac-Man Dash aka Sonic Clone….it does look interesting though, I’ll give it that.

  3. Not compatible with Nexus7? Really?

    1. Interesting. Looks like it’s compatible with every device except Google TV and the Nexus 7. How weird. Maybe they’ll fix it in an update…

      1. Bad enough I couldn’t play Leisure Suit Larry on my Nexus, and now this? It’s like my adolescence is being conspired against! :P

    2. Try it again, I saw it as an option for the N7 just now when I looked.

      1. Thanks for letting me know!

        1. You’re welcome. Hope you’re as pleasantly surprised by this game as I am. Not bad for free. (Although I haven’t played it enough to see the I’m sure to come freemium stage.)

          1. am, it’s not my typical game genre but I’m having a blast with it. Having saves in Google drive is very as well.

  4. Too bad you cant download it yet

  5. Cant download it yet

  6. Well HELLO Ms.PacMen!!

  7. you know it’s a Chris article when there are pictures of somewhat above average girls

  8. ……..Do the girls come with the game?

  9. Chris does this on purpose.

    Putting pics of good looking women in the article to get more reads…I know your game, Chavez! I got you figured out… O_o

    (I’ll take all 3 please..)

  10. It there an option to get it with the gals pictured above? ^_^

  11. Pacman doesn’t have arms and legs… does it!?

  12. What a wonderful news for Pac-Man lovers! Now enjoy favorite PC game on Android Phone… Going to download…

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