Samsung Galaxy S4 for MetroPCS now available for $550

metropcs galaxy s4

MetroPCS has announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available for its customers. The affordable carrier is selling Samsung’s flagship smartphone for $550, which — if you haven’t already figured out — is its off-contract price. The phone can be used with the carrier’s $40 per month unlimited everything plan, which includes 4G LTE data in areas where it’s available.

MetroPCS is saying this thing is only available in “select markets” for the time being, though it should be available for everyone in due time. You can head here to see if your area is on the list, and be sure to give your local MetroPCS store a call just to make sure.


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  • a)

    The only people I know who are looking into this phone are street pharmacists

  • Bill

    Cant afford it. Price drop on sgs3 anyone?

  • KJ

    WHAT!?!? Are u serious!

  • toomuchgame441

    Very inexpensive… Good job Metro/Samsung… Now go stick yourselves

  • 9Johnnyn9ne9

    I just left metropcs today and got the s4 at t-mobile, i already knew the s4 was coming this week on metropcs.

  • CryptoNoel

    By the way, it’s GSM. It will be T-Mobile friendly :)

  • Modman

    Yes im serious if you are an adult with rent and other more important expenses 550 is way to much for a phone. Off contract phone prices will never improve. However I recently got the sgs2 on boost for 250 and love it. All I am asking is it to much for Metro or boost to drop the sgs3 price to 250? The sgs4 is already out for crying out loud. I may keep this phone till sgs5 comes out and get sgs3. Really to wave my hand over the phone to answer I use wave control app. Smart pause is cool but unnecessary. If I could afford a contract plan id get all latest phones. Maybe two phones behind is the magic number.

  • FatFredJones

    If this is $550, why is the Google Edition $650?