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Slickwraps have always been some of my favorite full body wraps for protecting my iPhones over the years. The 360 degree level of protection from dust, the occasional light drop, and especially scratches and dings was consistently without fail. So when it came to protecting my new HTC One, I had no reason to think they would perform any differently.

Slickwraps installation


The installation process doesn’t even need an instruction manual — that’s how easy and intuitive it is. Most everyone who has owned a smart phone has protected it with a case or skin one time or another. Having said that, the Slickwraps full body wrap has to be the easiest protection I have ever installed, hands down.

To adhere the skin to your phone, first clean the front and back of your phone from any dust or dirt with the included micro-fiber cloth. Then peel back the skin from the paper it is attached to and position it in place on your HTC One, making sure to start at the top or bottom and line up the edges the best you can for even coverage. I found that using the camera lens as my point of reference made it easiest to get started, and then I continued by lining up the cut-out area for the HTC logo.

photo 1

But don’t fret if you don’t get it the first time. The Slickwrap is very forgiving, and I was able to lift the edge and re-position several times to get the best result. There are a couple of things to keep in mind during installation, though.

  1. When you pull off the largest skin that is used for the back of the device, you can stick the half of the portion you are adhering last back onto the adhesive paper to keep it from getting in the way during installation.
  2. Make sure you don’t stretch the skin to “help” it reach the edge. You will not be happy with the results. The end product can look like a cotton shirt that has been stretched with your hands. You will be able to see where the material is stretched, and it doesn’t return to its original shape very well.

photo 2

Slickwraps color and style options

The Slickwrap I reviewed was the HTC One Leather Alligator Black Skin. Included in the packaging was a full-body wrap including front, back and sides, a HD screen protector that fits within every wrap (although mine was missing from this package), a micro-fiber cloth to wipe your HTC One clean, and an info card with website links and a scannable qr code.


My Leather Alligator Black Skin was just one of 5 different styles and colors available. In addition to the Leather series, there is the Carbon, Glow, Metal and Wood series, as well. Together, there are unique textures and depth option that provide an amazing 36 different variations in all for your device.

My favorite Slickwrap is still the Leather series primarily because of the added grip and texture the skin provides. If you have a HTC One then you know that one of the few drawbacks worth noting is the slippery feeling of the smooth aluminum surface on the back. My Slickwrap has alleviated that concern, and for $19.95, who can complain?

Overall impressions/conclusion

I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my mobile devices. I don’t like big bulky cases, and the thought of completely covering up my gorgeous HTC One all the time is unsettling, and not for me. The phone screams “look at me, touch me, and hold me.” Sure, I know there are many individuals out there who will argue that they need protection for one reason or another, and I respect that.

For me, in the end even the full body Slickwrap added a little too much to my device. After my review, I removed everything but the leather back. By doing this, I think I may have found the perfect balance of protection that allows me to enjoy the look and feel of my device without adding any unwanted bulk. However, if you need light protection, and want to personalize your device with various different colors and texture options, Slickwraps are definitely worth a look.

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