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Slickwraps have always been some of my favorite full body wraps for protecting my iPhones over the years. The 360 degree level of protection from dust, the occasional light drop, and especially scratches and dings was consistently without fail. So when it came to protecting my new HTC One, I had no reason to think they would perform any differently.

Slickwraps installation


The installation process doesn’t even need an instruction manual — that’s how easy and intuitive it is. Most everyone who has owned a smart phone has protected it with a case or skin one time or another. Having said that, the Slickwraps full body wrap has to be the easiest protection I have ever installed, hands down.

To adhere the skin to your phone, first clean the front and back of your phone from any dust or dirt with the included micro-fiber cloth. Then peel back the skin from the paper it is attached to and position it in place on your HTC One, making sure to start at the top or bottom and line up the edges the best you can for even coverage. I found that using the camera lens as my point of reference made it easiest to get started, and then I continued by lining up the cut-out area for the HTC logo.

photo 1

But don’t fret if you don’t get it the first time. The Slickwrap is very forgiving, and I was able to lift the edge and re-position several times to get the best result. There are a couple of things to keep in mind during installation, though.

  1. When you pull off the largest skin that is used for the back of the device, you can stick the half of the portion you are adhering last back onto the adhesive paper to keep it from getting in the way during installation.
  2. Make sure you don’t stretch the skin to “help” it reach the edge. You will not be happy with the results. The end product can look like a cotton shirt that has been stretched with your hands. You will be able to see where the material is stretched, and it doesn’t return to its original shape very well.

photo 2

Slickwraps color and style options

The Slickwrap I reviewed was the HTC One Leather Alligator Black Skin. Included in the packaging was a full-body wrap including front, back and sides, a HD screen protector that fits within every wrap (although mine was missing from this package), a micro-fiber cloth to wipe your HTC One clean, and an info card with website links and a scannable qr code.


My Leather Alligator Black Skin was just one of 5 different styles and colors available. In addition to the Leather series, there is the Carbon, Glow, Metal and Wood series, as well. Together, there are unique textures and depth option that provide an amazing 36 different variations in all for your device.

My favorite Slickwrap is still the Leather series primarily because of the added grip and texture the skin provides. If you have a HTC One then you know that one of the few drawbacks worth noting is the slippery feeling of the smooth aluminum surface on the back. My Slickwrap has alleviated that concern, and for $19.95, who can complain?

Overall impressions/conclusion

I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to my mobile devices. I don’t like big bulky cases, and the thought of completely covering up my gorgeous HTC One all the time is unsettling, and not for me. The phone screams “look at me, touch me, and hold me.” Sure, I know there are many individuals out there who will argue that they need protection for one reason or another, and I respect that.

For me, in the end even the full body Slickwrap added a little too much to my device. After my review, I removed everything but the leather back. By doing this, I think I may have found the perfect balance of protection that allows me to enjoy the look and feel of my device without adding any unwanted bulk. However, if you need light protection, and want to personalize your device with various different colors and texture options, Slickwraps are definitely worth a look.

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  1. They do wraps for the Pebble too and after I noticed how they do business I can’t buy anything from them anymore. They would go on the forum with multiple accounts to bash the other companies and spam and I noticed the same thing on reddit and youtube…low guys. Low.

    1. Yeah, Gadgetwraps are far more chill on the Pebble forums.

      1. Gadgetwraps scammed me.. crap

        1. Troll. Fact: This guy works for SlickWraps…I know from his IP registered on the Pebble Forums.

          1. lol. Nice try loser. Pebble, wtf is that piece of crap.

          2. Get a life you loser kid. His IP, OMG.. Yeah Right.. IMAO

          3. Stop Trying to troll my name bro

    2. BULL CRAP! Dude SW has been around for YEARS.. haha.

    3. Interesting. What, specifically, would they do?

      1. Make fake accounts to troll other skin makers like gadgetwraps on the forums. Look at Seth Green up there. Look at how many discuss posts he has…he was banned on the forum for being a second account for slick wraps to slander gadgetwraps.

        1. That…sucks. No sale.

          1. Minja Miketa works for crappy Gadgetwraps. Loser..

          2. That’s funny, but no. I am a moderator over at Pebble and noticed the connection.

          3. Mod.. HAHA.. Loser

          4. Your still a loser.. Though finding 1 vid of their thousands of positive ones.. loser

        2. This guy works for crappy Gadgetwraps. Loser..

          1. Coming from a career troll, that doesn’t mean much

          2. Yea, he is now attacking every post here and everywhere on my post history….

          3. Yeah Minja Miketa is a huge troll. I guess people on the Pebble forum HATE this guy

  2. I can see why people would use these, but they are ugly as hell to me.

  3. I think I’d go Armor Suit for mine…you know…once Verizon actually has them. I put an Armor Suit screen protector on my Kindle HD 8.9″ and it was the best screen protector I’ve used to date. It doesn’t peel up on the edges and since you apply it like window tint (with liquid) you can move it around until you get it where you want it and then squegee out the fluid. It’s also kind of rubbery (for lack fo better description) so it is forgiving and sort of heals when it gets “scratched” etc. For my Kindle I paired that Armor Suit with an Otterbox case (and removed the God awful plastic film screen from the Otterbox. It has been very durable without sacrificing screen clarity/use. Oh, and minor technicality but I believe that’s a lint free cloth not a microfiber =)

    1. 18 seconds into the installation video he calls it a microfiber cloth, not a lint free cloth =)

  4. Why would you ruin the design of that phone with that skin! Wow!

    1. I didn’t ruin the design of anything–I just reviewed a product. I usually don’t use a skin or a case, but gave it a try.

      1. That’s completely understandable then. I didn’t intend to be mean!

        I thought skins were a great idea a couple years ago when I first got an iPod Touch, but then I realized it really ruins the design of .

        Anyway, the leather backing, how bulky is that? I can understand why you’d keep the back on that’s for sure.

        1. HA, no worries! The leather backing is actually very thin. To be honest, the one aspect of it that I like is that it gives it a little extra grip. The aluminum of the HTC One, no matter how gorgeous, can be dangerously slippery at times.

          1. Well, that’s awesome that it is so thin. It does look thick in pictures.

            Also, I agree that the HTC One is an exceptionally slippery device. Glad you found a happy medium with the backing staying on.

          2. I guess I should have shown a side view to make that more clear–but they are all exceptionally thin, with the leather gator skin having slight variation in thickness do to the texture.

          3. This sounds like crazy talk, but could one put a Slickwrap on their phone and then put *another* hard or soft case around it?

  5. Looks crap, frankly.

    1. as Scott said I’m dazzled that anybody able to make $7049 in 1 month on the internet. have you seen this site link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    2. I think it looks amazing! But think a bored black big case is ugly. I just bought one. +1 for Slickwraps!

    3. I think it Looks sick!

  6. sorry, that crap looks terrible.

  7. No thanks Ill keep my Speck case, looks great and protects my phone. This looks like crap.

  8. I had a decal on my Samsung Vibrant. (GS1). It was just a white decal. And I had this case on the phone. So it made it look like I had a white phone. Why? Because I was tired of having black phones. LoL!!

    Also without the case the phone looked like it was all white with black edges. Pretty cool. But I don’t need these now. HTC makes cool looking phones.

    1. Yes they do. Not for everyone, I agree

  9. I know nothing about this.

  10. Great idea,TERRIBLE execution.

    Looks like the sort of crap J-BLO would sell in the Viva Movil vomitoriums…………………..

  11. Not sure if any of you ever heard of Clear Coat…

  12. I love the slim design of the HTC One, but agree that putting a bulky case on one would kill the aesthetic. I actually think the Alligator skin looks sweet, though I’ve never seen it in person. I also noticed they’re made in the USA, which is almost unheard of for accessories like this.

  13. Personally I think this is SICK! I’ve been rocking SW for a few years being a loyal customer and they do produce the best wraps in the world. I HATE bulky cases and this is a perfect alternative for that.

  14. People do this to their phones?!?!

  15. It is all a matter of opinion really ! personally i pretty much like these slickwraps but i can on the other hand understand why some would be opposed to them.

    1. I like the back side. But the front is an ugly combination of glass, drilled aluminum, and pieces of Slickwrap with awkward and abrupt transitions between the 3. (i.e. the SW boundaries around the speaker holes and screen itself, and the continuity between 2 SW pieces which is obvious since it breaks the pattern of design)

      1. Agreed.

  16. Hey Everyone I LUV Slickwraps!

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