Aviary photo editing app gets overhauled in 3.0 update with new UI, features, and more

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For all you Android photogs out there that love snapping, tweaking, and sharing your smartphone photos online, listen up. Aviary, a popular photo editing service, has just received an update in the Google Play Store and it’s a doozy. I’ve typically turned to Snapseed as my go-to photo editing app, but with the latest update, I think Aviary has officially taken its spot.

The all new Aviary version 3.0 brings an entirely overhauled UI, as well as a bevvy of new photo editing features to help make editing on-the-go easier than ever. Besides your typical color corrections and improved high-def and enhance tool, Aviary has even thrown in new downloadable filter and sticker packs for the kids. There’s even a fun meme editing mode for adding quick block text to images.

Aviary 3.0 update

Even with all these new features, Aviary managed to reduce the overall size of the app by 10%, taking up even less internal storage on your smartphone. By comparison, Snapseed weighs in at a bulky 23MB, whereas Aviary is a light 8MB. Not bad at all. The best part is the Aviary is completely free to download and available right now in the Google Play Store. Hit up the link below.

[Download Aviary on Google Play]

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  • Covert_Death

    chris, again with getting me in with the laides…. you should go into marketing my good sir

    • scoter man1

      At least they showed up in the story. Most of the time he just reels us in with one on the main page and then puts some other random pic in.

    • Thomas

      I got dibs on the chick on the left ;)

  • BoSamps

    I’ve been using snapseed for awhile now, but I hope that this smaller app can replace it. You really hit home with the size comparison

    • http://twitter.com/gamercore Chris Chavez

      Yeah, when I saw the 7.9MB size I was like :O

      • Albin

        It’s SD card moveable. You want a Class 10 microSD for performance. My main beef with Google Play is that the “About This App” fact box on the right doesn’t routinely include which are SD moveable – should be right there with the size. If the developer doesn’t bother to mention it, you have to download to find out. (The little All In One Toolbox app indicates during the download and prompts to move to SD when available.)

  • Tony Hannides

    …………Do those girls come with the app?

  • Dan

    great app, the only thing I dislike it that you have to pay for more effects