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We’ve posted our complete Google Glass Review for the Explorer Edition, but we know our inquisitive readership will have a boat load of additional questions. We’ve made this handy article to collect all your questions and when we’ve gathered a list and tidied up our answers, we’ll publish all the info you’re still dying to know.

Google Glass XE5 software update

Post your Google Glass questions below!

This is part of our Google Glass Review. For more information, check out the full review, or jump directly to one of the following sections: IntroductionHardwareSoftwareNavigationCalls & MessagingCamera, Day in the life (123), FAQConclusion.

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  1. Does the glass feels heavy?

    1. It’s pretty light. I’d say maybe a few grams heavier than your normal sunglasses. I’m not used to really wearing anything on my head, so it’s begun to hurt my ears and nose after wearing it for 5 days straight. I’m sensitive. :/

  2. Can you initiate Navigation via calendar appointments in Now, the same way we can on our phones?

  3. I see its possible for someone to know if you are using glass by the reflection in glass, but is it possible for them to see what you are doing?

    1. It would really have to be angled perfectly. Even then, the image is too small for people to really notice what’s going on.

    2. If they have good eyes (like me), then yes. Some of my friends couldn’t tell what I was looking at (even when it was a picture of a woman). :p

  4. Will Google Glass become more or less socially acceptable than wearing a fanny pack?

    1. Well Google Glass is kinda sexy. I am not sure about fanny packs. lol. I think it will.

      1. Did someone say…. fanny pack? O_o

        1. Scum…. Bag…

        2. Oh boy! And with those shorts! lol. Re-defining the meaning of fabulous.

        3. Dammit Christopher, get over here and jump me already will you?

      2. Google Glass plus fanny pack? That would be epic.

  5. how well does the bone sound conductor work? Could you listen to music on it? Can anyone else hear it or is strictly through vibration?

    1. It’s basically as loud as your typical smartphone earpiece except it vibrates your skull, just behind your ear. Honestly, it’s not that loud. I’m sure they could turn it up the “volume” on it, but then it’d probably tickle more than it already does.

      The sound quality is strictly for calls and voice. Music would sound horrible on it (plus, there’s no music app on Glass).

      1. Yet..

  6. Usually I don’t want to talk much to my phone…… twice, three times when it understands wrong, so much better solution:
    Find (write, correct) on the phone >> show the result on glasses??

    = partial mirroring on my phone with the results on my glasses??

    Great example:
    Search, correct key words, show the results on my glasses, read, click on a related link etc?

  7. Excellent review! Was waiting for something like this! My concern while watching the Lucky Terds who got Glass.. Will users attract unwanted attention from female iguanas?

  8. soooo i click to read the conclusion aaaannndddd nothing???

  9. Can you really see yourself wearing this every day of your life? Or is it something that you will soon stop wearing and would end up in a closet and dusty?

  10. Can you open a specific picture or PDF without saying anything or tilting your head awkwardly? I’m talking about using these during class or meeting.

  11. DOes it have a gaydar app?

    1. Like the one from The Office?!

    2. Yes, see the above comment about tickling.

  12. I’m pretty sure that once this thing hits the market on a consumer level, and there’s enough people wearing them, many places will ban it because of its recording abilities and people may not appreciate you wearing them because they are worried of you taking unwanted pictures/video of them. There are already some places banning the use of Google Glass. I’m worried that if I was to buy it, people would have a certain level of stigma against me. Although right now, people think that Google Glass is the coolest thing ever, over time and with enough people owning it, Google Glass might be an issue.

    What’s your take on the situation guys?

  13. do you feel it was really worth $1,500 ? honestly…

    1. or now that you have used it; what would be the top price you would pay for it?

  14. What do I know about Google Glass? Well, everything now. I mean, you guys only posted 396 articles on it today lol

  15. Can you take a nutcracker to it and tell us what’s inside? Why is everybody so scared to do a teardown? Whatever website that does it first is going to get a zillion hits worth way more than 1500 bucks…

  16. does the screen look really red like the one you uploaded to youtube or is it crystal clear ? also, how does google glass screen look like when seeing towards the sunlight?

  17. Do you think there might be a way to do a proximity heads up display? Such as tell how close someone else is with a google glass, and put an indicator? Almost like a video game?

  18. will google glass be able to surf the internet and watch video or youtube?

  19. Does it multitask? (e.g. – video + getting directions like in one of your videos) or can you make it multitask?

    How do you make a video more than 10 seconds long without touching the touch pad just by voice? (because I think the default is 10)

  20. Honestly, I could care less. Keep the dweeb glasses away from me.

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