It’s a date: Samsung and Apple return to court November 12th


Things have been a bit quiet on the Samsung vs Apple front as of late, but that’s not because the two sides don’t still hate each other’s guts. The last big happening surrounding this case was Judge Lucy Koh’s major adjustment of the damages Samsung owed Apple for patent infringement. The original judgment awarded the Cupertino company $1.05 billion in damages, but after Koh’s decision was overturned by higher powers she adjusted that early figure to just over $450 million.

More work needs to be done to adjust that figure, though, as the claims are now only limited to the 13 Samsung devices originally brought into the trial. Note that Apple is not permitted to seek damages based on any new sales findings or products since those devices were identified. That doesn’t mean Apple wouldn’t find some obscure way to sue Samsung for more devices in the future, but in these particular proceeding the buck stops at 13.

So when will the grueling process of number crunching begin? November 12th, quite a bit from now, and the result of the proceedings might change the aforementioned $450 million figure either way. We’ll be anxiously awaiting for the results of that, and you can bet we’re already circling our calendars well in advance.

[via Reuters]

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    Frienemies w/both parties reaping the rewards of free marketing/exposure.Don’t look for this to end any time soon,why kill the golden goose for a single meal when you can reap the rewards indefinitely.

  • Cory Wilson

    I’m so sick of hearing about it, just 2 gigantic corporations in a pissing contest with the courts. I would urge everyone to not take sides either, it means little to consumers.

    • Sean Royce

      Agreed, the general consumer probably doesn’t even know about “smart phone wars”

  • Jayshmay

    I just got my S4!!! Keyboard is very spacious!

    • Austin Nichols

      looks a little cramped compared to my note

      • Sean Royce

        He can of course, switched keyboards if he likes.

  • Modman

    Sorry but that isn’t correct
    The late Steve Jobs said he would destroy Android before he died and its still Apples Mission. If you believe in freedom of choice stop buying from Apple till they get the message. I even ordered a Zen touch 2 to stay Apple free for my music.

  • Yellow Snow

    It’s time for a third company to step up and be competitive with the two giants neither of which I want to support anymore. Samsung has become everything I ever hated about Apple. Come on Motorola!

  • Sean Royce

    And the war ignites again.

  • Rdfry

    Apple can go f themselves