So just how many people did Google invite to get an early look at Project Glass?


Google’s Glass Explorer program is not quite a contest, but it’s not open to the general public, either. Given the fact that those selected as “winners” still need to shell out $1500 to partake in the Project Glass beta program, more than a few wallets could come up as losers. So just how many individuals has Google extended an invitation to?

Culling Twitter to compile a list of invites, Andrej Karpathy, a PhD student at Stanford, has esteemed at least 4238 people have been contacted as part of the #ifihadglass campaign as of this morning. The number could still grow. Those selected include everyone from Newt Gingrich and Imogen Heap to more average folks with a few interesting ideas on how to use Glass. Of course, it’s up to them whether or not they commit to buying the futuristic eyewear (a task much easier for someone like Gingrich as opposed to you and me).

Developers also make up a large portion of those hoping to get an early look at Glass, and so far the future looks promising for the concept. More than just an expensive headcam that can dictate text messages, there are proposals for healthcare, education, safety applications and more (a more detailed list can be found at TechCrunch).

Any Phandroid readers among those selected? Do you plan on spending the cash to grab your own piece of Glass?

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. That’s look people had to be very active in Twitter…

  2. I got an invite. I have close to 900 followers G+ which probably helped. I’m definitely buying in for sure.

  3. People who apply with no means to pay and pick up are really posting me off

  4. I got an invite via Google+, and I plan on finding a way to make it work, financially. The use case I presented in my entry was a truthful one, and I very much so plan to use it as I described.

    The biggest hurdle is traveling for the training/pickup when the time comes. But I’m determined to make it work, for the opportunity is great.

  5. I was selected on Google Plus. And I guess I am one of those people that is *pissing off matt, because I cant pay for them xP

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  6. the official rules said they would give away 8k (with wording about how that number could change if not enough good entries were submitted)

    1. They are not giving away but selling the prototypes at $1500 each.

      1. give away 8k invites, same thing. the point o the post was to clarify the number of invites.

  7. I’m not on the list, but I received my acceptance from Project Glass via my submission on Google+. That list looks like it’s only pulling from Twitter.

  8. I think its funny how people singed up for that contest or wharever, and dont have the money to go to new york or even buy the glasses so they post on indiegogo so that everybody can pay for their trip. Why would you even waste a spot on the list if you didnt have any money! Damn freeloaders.

  9. I’ve got an invite through Google+. I opened an account to apply, so there were no followers there. I live near San Francisco and don’t have any problem buying the G-Glass, which I fully intended to do. It sure beats $1200 I paid in 2004 for Magellan navigator and $6000 for 37″ LCD TV.

  10. I got an invite to purchase Glass a few days after I posted on Twitter.

  11. I got an invite to purchase Google Glass 2 weeks ago. I said that I would use Google Glass to work on music with my engineers, and artists despite distance. I requested 4 from them after I got selected will see if they allow us to purchase 4 Glass pieces to see if we can make it work during music production.

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