AT&T opens Galaxy S4 pre-orders on April 16th, priced at $250 on contract

AT&T is the next US carrier to offer a bit of a clearer window on when the Samsung Galaxy S4 will launch for their network. It was announced today that the phone will go up for pre-order on April 16th for a price of $250 when signing up for a new two-year service agreement. Not announced, however, was the date that the phone will ship.

T-Mobile was the first US carrier to make known their launch plans for the phone, tentatively pegging May 1st for the release of Samsung’s next flagship. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor for all US variants and sports a 5-inch 1080p display. For more info or to sign up for updates via AT&T, head over to the phone’s official landing page.

[via AT&T]

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  • linkgx1

    $250 is more than I expected. $50 more…but whatever.

  • Cliffy44

    I’m gonna wait for the Note 3, this coming August. You should, also.

    • linkgx1

      I’ll wait too

    • Raifid4

      If $250 is steep than how much do you think Note 3 will be?

      • allday28

        he never said it was steep. lol

        • Melanie W. Vega

          before I looked at the bank draft that said $4200, I accept brothers friend had been actualie bringing in money in there spare time at their computer.. there neighbor haz done this for only twentey months and resantly paid for the loans on there apartment and bought a top of the range Lotus Elise. we looked here, .

      • Butters619

        Lol. You meant to reply to linkgx1 I take it?

        • Raifid4


    • Samuel Serafim

      5 inches is my limit. Thanks,

      • androidisawesome

        that’s what she said.

  • youareme7

    Got to reiterate what I posted on before though OT. Why is your RSS feed so tiny now? No graphics or anything?

  • Tomato88

    Screw you AT&T. Off-contract or you can go home.

  • godrilla

    I wonder the net difference from att to tmobile is after 2 years.

    • Craig Hawkins

      About $500-600

      • godrilla

        How much is att’s truly unlimited 4g data for new customers? I use an average of 10 gigs on my note 2 on tmobile for $30. Unlimited data 4g that is. Bigger screen resolution wise eats more data watching youtube netflix, and video calls.

        • Butters619

          AT&T doesn’t offer unlimited data to new customers.

          The only way you have unlimited 4G is if you were grandfathered (I am), and you get throttled after 5GB.

          • godrilla

            So much is the 5 gig plan tmobile also has a 5 gig plan but they give you hot spot tethering included for $35.
            And I guess with att you pay more to get less!

          • Butters619

            5GB is $50/month on AT&T.

            3GB is $30/month

          • Timbo1

            Screw that noise……

          • Taye Young

            wow at&t great service but 5gb $50/mnth little steep t-mo is the way to go bro

  • BigCiX

    Hurry up November!!!

  • C-Law

    What’s up with the $249 price? The S4 is NOT enough improvement over other smarphones (iphone5, guessing iphone6, HTC One) to be able to jack up the price. Samsung was able to compete with Apple on the s3 by starting at $199 also. If Samsung’s flagship is now $50 more and Apple continues to keep theirs at $199, Samsung is going to lose their momentum fast.

    • malcmilli

      i doubt samsung will lose millions of customers due to a $50 price difference.

  • Timbo1

    ATT failed on the price compared to the $99 down on T-Mobile. I wonder how ATT will justify the higher price in marketing. Most likely dance words to confuse consumers along the lines of you have to make payments on T-Mobile where as you already own the phone b.s. for ATT but in all actuality everyone knows you really end up paying more for the phone with a two year commitment where on T-Mobile you pay the true price of the phone after 20 payments. And then when the payments are done the monthly bill will drop $20 because no more phone payment. And yes I know the rate plan doesn’t drop in price before any wise asses tries that one :)

    • maurice

      Best part i just found out yesterday at a TMO store is that you can pay the phone off early and not the whole lump sum but just when u have some extra cash… NICE!!!

  • Tony Lai

    $250 premium plastic!

  • Dan

    What amount of onboard storage for $250?

  • Rieku Ame

    Soooooo, how much for the HTC One?

  • MrSpoiler15

    I’m waiting for the Note 3.

  • androidscales

    this will sell great phone btw

  • Taye Young

    wow 250 yea im sticking with t-mo