Google Play Movies now available in Mexico and India


As the Nexus 7 becomes available in India, Google is making sure new owners will have plenty of content to pair up with their new tablet. Google Play Movies is now available to Android users in that country, bringing with it a generous library of streamable video. Along with India, Google has also brought the app to Mexican users for the first time.

The announcement follows an update to Google Play Movies enabling real-time info cards to select programs revealing details on the current movie or TV show, including actors, music, and related films. To grab the latest version of Google Play Movies follow the link below.

Download Google Play Movies

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  1. …and Italy still has to wait, who knows for how long :(

  2. great now do the same with music in india :D

  3. We also got books in Mexico recently, now we have app, movies ans book options HOPEFULLY NEXUS STORE IN MEXICO SOON OMGOMGOMG

  4. And South Africa…..its no wonder illegal downloads are so big, come on guys

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