[Update] Is this screenshot of Google Babble legit? You decide

[Update]: It looks like this is another fake, folks. (Not that we expected anything more.) The icon used is the same one that Google+ user Shen Ye created on his own. Alongside that, reader Alankrut Patel pointed out how some elements of this image prove this is likely just a mock-up thrown together by someone who was simply bored. In other words, there’s nothing to see here (but keep discussing what type of design you’d like to see for Google Babble, anyway).

Last week’s Google Babble leak might not have been that believable — after all, a cheesy poll screen and some bad grammar didn’t do well to convince us — but we’re holding out hope that we’re inching close to final form for a version 1.0 release. An anonymous tipster sent us another supposed shot of Google Babble today, this one being much cleaner and “Google-like” than what we saw last week.

This particular screenshot shows a simplified Holo-styled user interface that incorporates elements from a couple of different Google services. For starters, the member list near the top uses pictures that are surrounded by different-colored circles ala Google+. The colors on those circles are all used to identify a new string of messages from each individual in the chat.

The rest is straight forward, classic Holo — the “back” arrow on the app’s icon in the upper-left corner, the overflow menu and video chat icons on the upper-right, and the standard list and text input elements below all of that seem quite believable and realistic.

Its simple design would fit with Google’s style, but it’s also simple to a fault. With other elements — such as picture messages or other views within the app — it might be easier to call this out as a fake as those are tough to get down, but whoever made this didn’t give us much to scrutinize and didn’t get imaginative enough to the point where they might have messed up.

It also doesn’t have that new, distinct style we’ve seen in a couple of newer Android applications. Google Keep launched with an evolved Holo style that was akin to Google Now’s card-style layout, and we’re told to expect the same thing from a major upcoming Play Store upgrade sometime soon. That particular style might not be required for all of Google’s new or updated applications going forward, but it’s something you have to think about.

What do you think? Is this just another fake or will a group chat inside Google Babble end up looking something like what you see above? Hit the comments section below to give your input, and don’t forget to throw in suggestions about what you’d improve while you’re at it.

[thanks anon!]

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  • MangoFace

    “I’ll babble you tonight”

    • Asimoalex

      Ahaha your icon makes that comment a million times better


        Reddit sucks

  • http://twitter.com/brakke97 Bram Ruttens

    Looks real!

  • Tom Burke

    This is really just Google+ Messenger with a different icon in the corner.

    • http://jimeagle.com James Eagle

      That’s good, Google+ Messenger works really well. They just needed to re-brand it so all other Google services can all use the same chat protocol.

  • Robert G. Ingersoll

    I hope it’s fake. Because compared to newer #HOLOYOLO apps, it’s damn ugly.

  • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

    Please please please let not this be the final icon!

  • Tommy Thompson

    Ana is out further than the rest. fake. everything lines up except her

    • RozJC

      Her name looks fine in that respect. But aren’t the names and dates out of line with each other. Intentionaly perhaps as it seems to be the same across the board. But that would bug the hell out of me if it was released like that.

      • Tommy Thompson

        Not referring to the name, referring to the grey portion below the pictures. all are aligned, except the one below her picture

        • RozJC

          Ah right, yes. I see what you mean! That is pretty dodgy..

  • Subzer0

    Poor Brian, he just wanted to drive the SUV

    • mmark27

      oh god, I was scrolling down to say this exact thing. ha ha. nice!

  • Alankrut Patel

    No, this is fake. Look at my G+ post explaining it. https://plus.google.com/103185718916653927607/posts/7zY5BXnZqJN

    • RitishOemraw

      Nice catch!

    • Mitchel White

      I do see where your going with that but it could be possible that because that is the most recent post on the image, maybe its a little thing that shows it as the most recent or possibly, new since the last time they were in that chat. The screenshot could also have been taken mid animation.. only time will tell… i kinda like that layout and hope it is real, if not… im sure googles got a even better one up there sleve


        Or maybe a secondary participant gets a smaller arrow?

    • No_Nickname90

      Oh my…

  • gmaninvan

    I like it but it is still missing features that I really wanted to see in the new unified messaging platform. In particular, I really want to see location and contact sharing involved and ideally general file sharing (although this is less likely).

  • Tony Raffini

    I think it is fake. Look at the bottom response by Bradley. The yellow rectangle that contains his name and the date extends slightly into his profile picture. It is the only response on the screenshot that shows this inconsistency and it tells me that it was overlooked mistake by the forger. I also think it’s pretty silly for the timestamps to only include a date and not the actual time that messages are sent and doubt that Google would overlook that in the final product.

    • RitishOemraw

      You do know that Google+ Messenger also only shows the date and not the time right?
      (at least for messages older than a couple of days)

      • Tony Raffini

        I didn’t. I can’t really stand Google+ Messenger. Talk ftw.

        • RitishOemraw

          Whatsapp for me, but used it for like 5 conversations when it was still new… :P


    this would be awesome with ingress.

  • shurperro
    • Tony Raffini

      dude, those images you are using to point out that this is a fake are from the old forged leak. This is a new leak.

      • shurperro

        i haven’t got account in forocoches, but I think the new images come from that forum ;) care

  • shurperro

    Source: (it’s a private post, need account).


  • Keith Myers

    Its a fake, Shen Ye (https://plus.google.com/116988351660148062102/posts) exposed it as he was the designer of the icon in the leak.

    • RitishOemraw

      That is about a different ‘leak’
      The first time this icon was revealed was in a Google distributed video or picture, so the icon was originally designed by someone at Google. Shen Ye, just shows how his the other leak was a fake.

      But this is most like also a fake, nonetheless

  • Tazkven

    This is some BS, Ana is always such a kill joy … WTF

  • RitishOemraw

    Where is the poll?

    • Asimoalex

      yea i dont see one either

  • KennethHarvs

    The leaked image on Skloink.com looks more legit. http://www.skloink.com/apps/foto-toont-google-chatdienst-babble/ It follows the Google design patterns

    • Sharky

      I hope so, that one looks much better.

    • RitishOemraw

      Looks pretty nice, just think the hangout button on the bottom left is in a wrong place.

    • Tommy Thompson

      That looks great!

  • dave

    I am not convinced with the + sign. thats not how google do + signs

    • Mitchel White

      actually i think that is how they do there “add” sign.
      Its not a +1 sign

  • Caleb Loop

    No, Absolutely fake. Its using the icon that has been proven to be an internal app for testing notifications on chrome OS.

  • Don Villapando