Microsoft pits Galaxy S3 against Lumia 920 as part of Windows Phone Challenge tv spot

Remember Smoked by Windows Phone? The concept is getting a bit of a revival in Microsoft’s latest ad campaign. Expected to be in heavy rotation during broadcasts of the NCAA basketball tournament otherwise known as March Madness, this TV spot features a showdown between the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Nokia Lumia 920. More specifically, the cameras of the two handsets face off.

A supposedly random couple is approached and asked to test out the Lumia 920’s 8.7MP PureView camera versus the Galaxy S3’s 8MP sensor. Surprise, Windows Phone wins and the lady switches devices on the spot. OK…

Add that to the hundreds of other times Windows Phone has “smoked” Android. Not. Maybe it’s time to bring back the #DroidRage campaign, too. We all know how well that turned out.

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  • Joel Vasallo

    Can you see the pixels? CAN YOU SEE THEM!?! Really, .7 megapixels is not worth flaunting, their lack of apps should be a bigger concern…Just imagine where they would be if Nokia ended up going Android back when they were in their “restructuring.”

  • OptimusL

    That lady looks like she has no idea where she’s at.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    Too bad she can’t post it to instagram!

    • Simon Tupper

      Instagram is said to be available on WP8 this spring, so ir nor a big deal. Plus we Fhotoroom which is a better photo editor even if it’s not as mainstream as instagtam.

      • 1ofdakoolkidz

        Umm.. That is the point, instagram is a very popular mainstream app, yet they still don’t have it! They are also missing a few hundred thousand other apps as well.

        • Simon Tupper

          The WP market place is getting pretty solid, this argument is losing its impact… Do yourself a favor and stop using it… We only miss a few apps, no big deal

          • Joshua Simpson

            For example: Google translate on the lumia 800… Was it like Nokia’s flagship phone 2 years ago? I got offered one for free by my carrier, with a love it or return it guarantee. Thought I’d try for a change. Returned it the second day. Don’t get me wrong, I like the cleanness and the fluidity of WP – very nice -, but the market place still has a looong, long way to go yet. Innovation and development for the win! ; )

          • Haxcid

            Until late October 2010, the Android market consisted of less than 100,000 apps. I mean really how manny shotgun sound and clock widgets do we need? WP market is coming along. Give it time, Google had years to get to this point, WP is just truly getting started. Competition is a good thing for everyone. Breeds innovation, lower pricing, better quality, etc…
            And the Lumia camera smokes my LG smart phone camera, be it dark or light out.

          • jonda99

            This was exactly my argument years ago when I dumped my iPhone for Android, I don’t need 675 flashlight apps!!!! I’ll be making the switch to Windows Phone on my next upgrade and have no doubt that the app market will catch up.

          • shonangreg

            Yes, competition is good for everyone. And this is exactly why most consumers should be encouraged to not even consider microsoft. They have been convicted of predatory, anti-competitive practices. The DOJ decided against splitting the company up, but we consumers can give them the death penalty ;-)

            I do wish Blackberry well in its quest to become a third major choice in the mobile device market. Cheers!

          • redspear2

            I don’t see myself using WP for a while but I hated that argument with Android when iOS started and you still see it today about Android tablets. Its a mute poiint. WP is big enought to get the big apps and if you want specific apps your best bet is still iOS.

          • Simon Tupper

            iOS needs a major update, my iPad seems boring compared to my surface. I see a lot of potential in WP and W8.

    • Ahmed Eltawil

      True, but as other commenters have mentioned an Instagram app will be available this spring and very soon.

      • Fjodor

        The best low light camera today is the new HTC ONE

        Look at Phone arenas latest test.

        • Fjodor

          wp has almost no apps and no games.

  • Mike

    If this is as awkward to use as my Windows 8 PC, it can have all the megapixels it likes but I still wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole. Microsoft done goofed.

  • Maximillion82

    Well it would be more of a comparison to run it again the nexus 4 vanilla android vs vanilla wp7. but I’m sure that wouldn’t loom good for Microsoft.

  • Sharky

    Someone had to say it – wouldn’t it be fairer to pit it against the S4 instead of last years tech? I doubt their PureView camera would match the S4’s 13mp shooter.

    • Shambels

      I think it’s fair to put two phones from 2012 agianst each other than to put last year phone aginst a phone not released yet. The stats on the GS4 will appeal to allot of people (not me) but the camera sensor on the 929 (not released yet) could take better low light pictures. I’m sure they will compare the next WP flagship to the S4.

  • Alex Alexander

    Setup the S3 in Night Shot and the result is very nice…

  • Jody Schoolcraft

    Now for the next test lets see the speeds on different launchers, Apex, GoLauncher, SPB Launcher…Oh wait Windows phone can’t do that….

  • Shawn_Locke

    Little does she know, she just downgraded. Muahaha!

    • TheOtherGuy

      The real twist here is that the “Windows phone guy” wasn’t happy with his windows phone and wanted galaxy s3. So he tried to convince them to swap the phones and the only way he could convince them, was to take pictures himself and shake the camera as much as he can with the S3 in dim lighting to make it look like a crappy photo.

      I bet if the couple tried to take the photos themselves with both phones, the galaxy s3 photo would look considerably better…

      • Fjodor

        The best low light camera today is the new HTC ONE

        Look at Phone arenas latest test.

  • ThaSik1

    Wonder if both pics were taken with or w/o flash?

    • Fjodor

      arent nokia liers

  • S.Rambo

    Ten min after she switched tried to load her fav apps on the phone realize they dont have any throws phone on ground chases after guy to get GS3 back thats the real ending

  • Vadim Marchenko

    M$ guys are so desperate ;)…

  • zifnab

    Yea, cause all I care about in a phone is the photographs it takes. I’d like to see Microsoft become a competitor, its always nice to see three options… but I just don’t see it happening.

  • Gardenol

    Ten min and touches her camera with her finger and the pictures look the
    same, it almost looks like he smeared the oil’s from his finger onto
    the camera, and probably lowered the settings.

  • Reg Joo

    Man! Microsoft is so weak now, they were great pioneers, a while ago, but they got stupid, and are trying to go the apple way. Fire ballmer, and bring back gates, otherwise they will become second rate. I think I’ll stick with android, at least they innovate, and come up with future ideas, like google glass, which may change the way we do things.

  • scoter man1

    Cool! You guys have last years technology then!

  • famished

    Why is the guy taking the photo and not her? (not saying the Lumia doesn’t sport a better sensor and lens, just saying this seems skewed from the get go)

  • Eric Silva

    Underwhelmed, seeing as the guy intentionally moved while taking the pic with the S3 so that the pic is blurred, and further away so the picture is smaller. Yay! Poor lady.

  • UniBroW

    too bad in the video they don’t open google now to compare how it works on windows phone….oh wait…

  • james ortiz

    ummmm you can see he moved the s3s camera around to get that blurry effect…the s3 has an amazing camera and probably puts the lumias to shame. can these companies actually do an honest comparison?

    • Fjodor

      The best low light camera today is the new HTC ONE

      Look at Phone arenas latest test.

  • CoronaDoug

    People who fall for this should own a Windows phone.