After removal from Play Store, Adblock Plus now available as third-party download


With Google’s ban on ad-blocking services forcing the removal of their app from the Play Store, the folks at Adblock Plus have decided to skirt the distribution method. A new version of Adblock Plus is now available as a free download direct from the group’s website.

Aside from simply being available to download, the app gets several updates, including a Holo makeover, easier manual proxy configuration, and fixes for Chrome display issues and URL handling. Most importantly, the new version of Adblock Plus implements a method for automatic updating independent of Google’s online marketplace.

If you already have Adblock Plus installed you will want to be sure to sideload the latest version in order to keep your software up to date in the future.

[via Adblock Plus]

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  1. Yea, I’ve been using AdAway, apk is here:

    1. Interesting. That sites says current version is 2.3, before that, 2.1. So why do I have 2.2 installed on my phone, which was but to date from the play store?

      1. Up to date.

  2. Download unsuccessful

  3. Download unsuccessful x 4

    1. Which browser are you using?

      1. Not working for me either on Chrome. I’ll try the regular Browser and see.

        EDIT: Download unsuccessful on Chrome and the stock Browser.

        1. I tried it on Opera Beta and it worked.

          1. I always use Opera to download stuff. Chrome and stock browser always seems to have problems downloading anything.

  4. AdAway i like better works well’

    1. Totally agree. I like the whitelist and blacklist features…

    2. AdAway is awesome, so is the F-Droid Repository.

  5. Download unsuccessful

  6. Native for s3. There’s no way chrome will let you dl this one ;-)

  7. Haha, there’s ways around everything…

    1. Such as downloading the file to a PC and transferring the apk to your phone via usb.

  8. chrome and dolphin wouldn’t work… but I used an older version of Firefox and it downloaded ok.

  9. Downloaded Opera to get it, Dolphin and chrome blocked it.

  10. Just like taxes, everyone wants everything… for free.

    1. I’d agree with you, only if carriers don’t count ads as data usage and ads are not so heavy on bandwidth.

    2. How is this like taxes? What does this have to do with everything?

  11. Who ever downloads this app will definitely open themselves to more malware and other security issues…What do you guys think?

    1. What is your reasoning behind that statement?

      1. I think the source of the app would definitely make a difference for me. There are so many so many Trozan apps out there just to begin with

  12. I’ve always used AdFree Android, which has always worked well at blocking ads, but I keep seeing people recommend Adblock Plus. Is it really better? If so, how? I’d consider switching if it did something AdFree doesn’t do, or maybe even just for the self-updating feature.

    1. No, it’s not better. Adblock Plus is garbage, stick with AdFree or AdAway.

      1. except it works without root…

  13. anyone know how to enable adds for phandroid..I don’t see the option for it on my ad block

  14. so google took all the ad blocking apps off the play store?


  15. Why do we support these kinds of apps? Do we want more apps that we have to pay for? Do we want more apps that give us partial functionality and then say we have to pay to get more? Do we want less apps in general? As a developer in training who wants to get something for all the hours I’ve put into learning and coding, but who still wants to make my app available to everyone, I am not a fan of ad blockers. I AM a fan of transparent and responsible ad usage.

    1. Ads can siphon data through the Internet even when the application would not be otherwise connected. Not only does this increase unwanted data traffic over cellular towers, but it can also lead to a phone/tablet’s battery draining faster.

    2. “Transparent and responsible ad usage”

      That’s the key to me. I have no problem with ads that are non-obtrusive and don’t try to track or collect data on me. Unfortunately, far too many apps have very obtrusive ads and give the ad service as much info about you as it can scoop up.

  16. I don’t know what people in the comments have against ABP, all the others “AdFree Android” by BigTinCan or “AdAway” all just leave the ad space still on the pages except they’re huge ad shaped boxes with question marks and 404 error messages within them, but ABP actually removes any instance of ads around when I need it (streaming online video on my tablet) and is easy to toggle off if I don’t…

  17. Great! I hate ads! I have an ad blocker installed on every device I own.

  18. Speaking of ads. Please make a script or whatever to kill these. The pattern shouldn’t be too hard to detect.

  19. Your sister can make $25, and it won’t take longer than 5 minutes. She’ll be working on her knees, not on her computer.

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