Vine seeking Android Developer, but app could be a while

Twitter-owned Vine, the latest craze in instant video sharing, launched earlier this year with no Android app in sight. While it’s hard to imagine why users of Google’s OS had to miss out in the first place, it now sounds like the startup will begin Android development in earnest. In a job posting earlier today, Vine listed six openings, including Lead Android Engineer.

Currently, Vine’s engineering team consists of only three members, which may explain why we only saw an iOS version of the app at launch. Rounding out their squad, the company would add six new employees to work with software design and engineering.

The downside is that Vine is only now seeking the new staff members, meaning an Android app likely won’t come to fruition until after the hiring process is complete and the team has had time to put out a proper build. In the meantime, work is ongoing on the company’s New York City office space.

[via TechCrunch]

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  • fredphoesh

    by the time they develop that, the public would have grown tired of this rubbish gimmick.

    • Brandon V. Fletcher

      Sounds like a bit butthurt

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  • IsKoo

    “Has Twitter’s Vine CopiedVideo SNS Service, RECOOD?”