LG teases lineup for Mobile World Congress


With only days to go before we’re packing our bags and heading to beautiful Barcelona (jealous much?) for Mobile World Congress, LG has dropped what might be their final tease before they debut their 2013 lineup at the show. We’ve already been introduced to the Optimus G Pro and Optimus L Series II, but the video suggests we will see at least two more new devices from the Korean manufacturer.

The emphasis on the V in “view” may be a reference to a new member of the Optimus Vu family. We don’t have as good a guess for the F in “freedom.” Another attempt at a tablet, perhaps?

We thought LG may have given up all of their secrets ahead of the show, but it looks like we will be guessing a little while longer. We’ll get our first look at LG’s new lineup come Monday morning.

[via LG]

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  1. Did the Optimus G get? Jelly Bean yet?
    -typed on my 4.2.2 Google Nexus 4.

    1. Who cares? Its the Optimus G, lol. Nexus 4 owners, UNITE!

    2. Optimus G it run ICS, but, it has the Jelly Bean features… So here you have it.

      1. I use Google Now. So…? You’re telling me Google Now will run on the Optimus G?

        1. You’re right, but most the features there, I do have galaxy s3 and not much of different. I don’t use Google now that much any way.

    3. Google is awesome!=)

      If LG continues to tease generic things like Optimus G Pro and L-series so hard, loud and pretentiously, people will stop paying attention to everything LG does.

      LG should look at HTC.
      HTC brand+LG innovations?

    4. So it seems like a Nexus 4 users has difficulty typing on the smartphone lol

      1. So much fail in this post.

  2. nope the Optimus G didn’t get jelly bean yet… Taking way too long, which is why LG will never get my business again

    1. Carriers…..didnt the international model get JB? Blame Sprint and ATT for taking so long to approve the update not just LG.

      1. They just got it, so they were last place to the party anyway

        1. Speaking of late to the party how many phones does HTC have out that hadn’t been updated yet?

    2. You can now buy an unlocked Optimus G with JB, the carriers should take some blame as well.

  3. I have a note 2 running 4.2.2. What’s the big deal. Root and be done with it

  4. Still looks like they paid Samsung to make their new phones to me.

    1. Headline should be, “LG teases Galaxy S Lineup for Mobile World Congress.”

  5. Please give us your new Viewty to beat Nokia 808

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    1. Really, a Lotus Esprit? She bought an at-least-ten-year-old used British sports car. Awesome.

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