Rumors of Sony Xperia Tablet Z with 10.1-inch FHD display surface


With Sony’s refresh of their handset lineup at CES, it’s fair to reason that new tablets could soon be on the way (especially considering Sony’s vision of connected entertainment in the home). While the Xperia Tablet S (pictured) provided the perfect match for last year’s flagship handset, new rumors have surfaced that see the recently announced Xperia Z getting its own tablet counterpart.

What likely will be called the Sony Xperia Tablet Z is said to be a 10.1-inch device featuring a resolution of 1920×1200, providing a Full HD experience befitting of the company known for high-end televisions. The Tablet Z could feature the now standard quad-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 processor (the same as found in the Xperia Z and ZL), 2GB RAM, and 32GB of internal storage.

The camera won’t be quite the 13MP shooter found on the Xperia Z handset. Instead the Tablet Z is said to sport an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front-facing camera. Toss in a 6,000mAh battery while keeping the slate to a mere 6.9mm thick and we have the makings of quite the compelling device.

All of this comes with a grain of salt, as reports on the Tablet Z are unverified at this point. Even if this exact set of specs doesn’t pan out, it still provides a good idea of what we might expect from Sony. Mobile World Congress would be a logical venue for the unveiling of such a tablet.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Hope so. I’ve been looking forward to a new tablet from Sony…

  2. I wish people would make more 8 inch tablets. I find that to be the perfect size!

  3. if its not over 400 dollars im down. nothing should be more than nexus 10 which is far superior than anything on the market right now. unless they have its screen and offer more. .

    1. Nothing is going to have its dev support though 0.o

  4. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z could be get a huge success!

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