Demand for Samsung handsets reaches all-time high in early 2013


According to a new report released by ChangeWave, demand for Samsung smartphones has reach an all-time high in the first quarter of 2013. Over the first 90 days of the year, 21 percent of potential smartphone buyers want Samsung device. That’s a growth of 8 percent from the previous quarter.

Of those buyers, the majority (69 percent) plan to purchase a Galaxy S3, though the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came at 23 percent. Phablets (defined as a phone with a screen size larger than 5 inches) are growing in popularity, with 27 percent overall seeking a device of that class. Demand for phones with screen sizes of 4 to 4.9 inches was highest at 52 percent.

Apple, while still dominating consumer demand, saw a steep drop off from their post-iPhone 5 high. Following the launch of the latest iOS device and leading into the holiday season, 71 percent of smartphone buyers wanted an Apple handset. For Q1 of 2013, the number has dropped to 50 percent.

The trend isn’t new. Demand typically spikes for new device launches (see the Samsung Galaxy S3 as an example) and tapers off in the following quarters. The data clearly shows that the iPhone is keeping plenty of buyers interested, but don’t sleep on Samsung. Already winning the market share war in many regions, upcoming devices like the Galaxy S4 should only serve to push demand higher.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. The iPhone is keeping plenty of buyers interested? Apple stock hits a nine month low as rumors swirl and confidence falls http://www.theverge.com/2013/1/15/3878936/apple-stock-hits-a-nine-month-low-as-rumors-swirl-and-confidence-falls

      1. You do realize that articles author Mark Rogowsky is always pro Apple. If Apple wasn’t worried; why are they trying so hard in court to stop Samsung and others from selling their phones? According to Apple they have the patient on everything including the first button. LOL

        1. Typical fandroid response…label the author an Apple fanboy in an attempt to discredit him while doing NOTHING to disprove his claims….soooo predictable

          1. Two years ago, Apple was gaining market share like crazy, all the major tech bloggers were willing to concede was that Android was an interesting alternative, and Steve Jobs seemed to embody technological polish. Today, Apple’s market share is waning, most tech blogs place several Android handsets on the same level (and many above) the best Apple offers, Jobs is dead, and many feel that the legacy of Apple polish died with him.

            The platform will live on, stoked largely by the rich & ignorant, the iTunes addicted, and those unable to grasp the fact that their smartphone can do more than web surf and play music. That should keep them in the 10-15% range. But it’s been over two years since Apple really offered anything special, and certainly not anything revolutionary. In fact, the feature list of iOS 6 reads a lot like the feature list for Android 2.1 Eclair, without the Flash compatibility or customization. Voice Search? Push Notifications with Tray? Exchange Support? Live Wallpapers? Live Navigation with Satellite Imagery (sans Street View)? Lockscreen Music Controls? And yes, I know that a few of the aforementioned were available in iOS 5, but my point stands. Nothing stands out, except for the fact that only the newest handset has access to the FULL feature list, leaving each previous iteration with something wanting.

            Meanwhile, my SGS III rocks Jelly Bean, and is a speed demon in Power Saver mode, with more options on a long press of a picture than the iPhone has ever seen.

            Friends don’t let friends buy Apple.

          2. “Apple’s market share is waning”
            iPhone Snags its Highest US Market Share Ever, Says Report

            “Most tech blogs place several Android handsets on the same level (and many above) the best Apple offers”
            iPhone 5 Best Smartphone

            Review: iPhone 5 still the best overall smartphone [Video]

            iPhone 5 Review: Simply the Best Smartphone Ever Made

            “The platform will live on, stoked largely by the rich & ignorant, the iTunes addicted, and those unable to grasp the fact that their smartphone can do more than web surf and play music.”
            Sorry, Samsung, iPhone Is Not Your Mother’s Smartphone

            Like I said, the ignorant are so easily duped :-)

          3. If you enjoy an outdated phone with limited features compared to the best Android phones and enjoy Apple having more control over your device than you do, more power to you (you are welcome to waste your money). But don’t expect others who are more informed about smartphones to agree with you, you constantly come on here with your pro Apple arguments to try and sway people and you keep using poor examples.

            You also seem to think that the whole world revolves around the U.S. the person you responded to stated that Apple’s marketing share is shrinking (which it IS) yet you post a link about U.S. market share (derp). Then you post 3 articles (with one of them being the Daily Mail -_-) to try and prove that Apple is the best smartphone.

            Of course the platform will live on, but people are losing interest in the iPhone and as I said before deal with it. Stay mad, son.

          4. Why do you care so much? Your name being DroidDoesn’t says a lot…

            I think people should buy a device based on their needs. I choose Android for various reasons but I have had an iPhone and still have an iPod Touch which lives in the car. I prefer the Android interface (and I mean Android, Nexus only for me) but I don’t feel the need to defend Android at all costs (it has areas which still could be improved) and I certainly don’t need to bash Apple. On the contrary, I’m happy to admit that the iPhone 5 has a great screen or that it is still easier to use than Android or that the design is nice (not as good as the 4/4s though). But hey…

          5. People are losing interest in Apple, deal with it.

          6. iPhone Demand Remains Robust

            Like I said, the ignorant are sooooooooooo easily duped :-)

          7. Haha yes just keep pretending that everything is confined to North America and the rest of the world doesn’t exist. Don’t worry if anything your precious iPhone will become cheaper (but then that would take away from their premium appeal huh? ;))

          8. Thx for proving to us that Apple will only gain/sustain ground at home with their homefield advantage (i.e. NA Company/NA studies/NA marketting) and tries to sue the arms and legs off their competition for infringing on shapes claiming it as one of their innovations.
            Only pussies do that.

      2. Yes, iPhone sales are an undisputed evidence of that

        1. Apple Shipped 52 Million Units in Qtr 4

          Like I said, the ignorant are sooooo easily duped :-)

          1. Why does an android hater like you post on an android site? Was it the Demand for Samsung phones that pissed you off? I don’t expect you to answer by the way! I’m sure Siri can point you to an apple site!!!

          2. You sound like those bots from that firesale s**t that me and that kid had to go shutdown.

  2. They must of been polling only iphone owners. My prediction, Apple becomes irrelevant.

  3. I’ll be demanding a Samsung handset the very day the Galaxy S4 comes out!!!!!!!

  4. I would love an S4 when they come out…. or a note 2 would be nice now.

  5. My wife and I both have the Galaxy Note 2 with the 5.5″ screen, quad-core processor and excellent battery life. I can go 2 full days without charging and I use mine a lot. I’ve had so many people that see my phone want to take a look at it. I’ve had 3 longtime iPhone users switch to a Galaxy phone in the last month. Funny, originally the iPhone users would first say the Note 2 is too large to use as a phone. Then they realized the iPhone’s was too slow and the dinky screen was too small to use … LOL

  6. By the time I’m eligible for a upgrade the S4 and Note 3 should be out. I’m using the S2 for now.

  7. love my s3.cant wait for S4

  8. Well yeah, have you seen what Sammy’s bringing??

  9. Samsung is putting out very good devices, obviously they sell. Apple themselves use many Samsung parts in the iPhone for a good reason. Personally I don’t have a Samsung phone, since I jumped from the Nexus One to the Nexus 4, but I do like the devices that Samsung is offering.

  10. I love, love, LOVE my GS3. I didn’t even love my Epic 4G Touch this much. The only other phone I’ve felt so attached to was my original HTC EVO 4G and I was considering going back to HTC until the GS3 came out. I am not at all surprised to see Samsung’s popularity growing, hopefully it will continue to do so.
    And I’ve already starting a special savings account for the GS4, since I’ll still be under my GS3 contract, and I want to buy it the day it comes out.

  11. had the Samsung Galaxy S II and now have the Galaxy Note II. my next phone will probably be the Galaxy Note III. f yeah Galaxy!

  12. Apple has two good things going for it: a very nice display, and some outstanding developers who design very nice themes and tweaks; but only as long as they can be jailbroken.

  13. Look at this beautiful Samsung Galaxy S4

  14. I own an S3 and plan on getting an S4. Before I got the S3 I had only purchased iPhone since they first came out. The S3 gives me a better signal inside my house. With the iPhone I had to step outside to talk with the S3 I get a strong signal anywhere in my house. I have the same carrier.

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