Official Nexus 4 Bumper arrives in the Play Store ahead of launch

It was only a few weeks ago that Google’s Dan Morrill clued us in that an official Nexus 4 bumper was on its way. And now, just before the launch of the device goes live in the Google Play Store, this mysterious bumper emerges. While the accessory still isn’t available for purchase, this is the first glimpse we’re getting of the bumper which looks nice from the single image.

You’ll notice the side of the bumper has what looks like some kind of aluminum, while plastic trim adorns the rest. For $20, it doesn’t come cheap, and if you’d like, you can sign up now to be notified when it is officially available for purchase.

Looks like my Nexus 4 grand total just jumped to $370 excluding taxes and shipping n’ handling charges. Now we just have to wait for the wireless charging dock. Anyone else picking up a bumper?

[Play Store]

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  • mitchell kelman

    would anyone like my Galaxy nexus??? haha!! thats most likely going on ebay for this baby! I hope the battery would just be a little bit better

    • Powsniffer0110

      I do! How much? Email me

  • Ben Baranovsky

    I will also most likely be grabbing one of these. It seems like a good plan.

  • Jeremy Davis

    Whats the bumper for again?

    • Chris Chavez

      To protect it. From bumps.

      • RavenFox

        lol well said

  • pr0xidian

    Anyone who has owned an lg phone will steer clear of this.

    • Chris Chavez

      I don’t understand what that means..

      • Anthony McKay

        It means that kid is emo

      • guitarist5122

        LG has to rebuild its relationships with it’s customers. Speaking as a G2x owner, we got shafted and will most like never by another LG phone. The fact that this is a Nexus may sway folks though.

        • Chris Chavez

          But this is Google’s device just as much as LG’s. The only reason LG “shafted” G2X owners is cuz they never updated it’s buggy software. Guess who controls the software on the Nexus 4? (Hint: it aint LG). :p

          • Anthony McKay

            Who is Google?! I’ll take Ape Tit for $800 pl0x

          • guitarist5122

            You basically reworded what I said, lol. Because Google is largely in control here, that is why I said “may sway folks”. The fact that it still has LG on it is enough to keep a lot of people second guessing this device. Customer satisfaction goes a long way. Seems like LG is finally realizing that, but maybe too little too late for some.

    • Dalbir_Singh

      It’s time to move on. Hopefully, LG can become a real competitor in the Android market.

  • maximillion82

    I’m getting it because I do tend to drop phones and this one is glass front and back.

    • oneillperson

      So wouldn’t you want to protect that fragile glass with a normal case..? *confused*

  • CryptoNoel

    yay! i prefer bumpers over regular cases. it doesn’t take much away from the phone’s natural beauty :)

    • Chris Chavez

      Ditto! :)

  • Kc

    I’ll just wait for a full case

  • longshot1056

    I will definitely be getting the Nexus 4 tonight, and possibly the N7 on Black Friday if there are good deals for it, but I can’t say for sure if I’ll be getting the bumper. I want to see the device first and hold it for a while before I make a final decision since I never put cases on any of my tech devices because I dislike adding extra weight and size that is unnecessary and I don’t drop my devices. The only reason I would consider getting this is because of the glass back, which I’m not to worried about, and that it doesn’t add any significant amount of the reasons aforementioned.

  • bmg314

    Soooo, Chris…whatcha gonna do with that Note 2?

    • Chris Chavez

      I…. I don’t know yet. I think I’m gonna put both devices in my empty pool with some chains and 2×4’s. Gonna make ’em duke it out, battle royale style. O_o

      • bmg314

        Wow. You know, there are organizations that will come and take those devices away from you and give them good homes. It’s called P.E.T.S People for the ethical treatment of smartphones.

      • ClayRogers

        I see you weren’t able to go a full week without using the O_o face!

  • PhoenixP3K

    I never got notified for the Nexus 7 cover as it’s still not available in Canada (did they just forget about it?)
    So I’m not holding my breath for the Nexus 4 bumper, but I do want one, or something similar to protect the phone.

  • irishrally

    I’ll get one and hopefully it covers up the chrome.

    • Larizard

      but it says here the bumpers have chrome on themselves too..

      • irishrally

        It doesn’t say that.

  • abc

    I don’t understand the point of a bumper.
    How will a bumper protect the glass back & front?

    • Jamille Browne

      Weight transference? Depending if its a bulky bumper as well when dropped should land on the rubber instead of the device absorbing shock.

    • Keith

      The phone has edge to edge glass, it’s more likely to break if you drop it along the edges of the phone. I’m guessing it gives the phone raised edges too, so if it drops on the front or back it will hit the bumper first.

    • blest

      Same thing I was wondering.

    • RavenFox

      laying it down keeps both surfaces raised, avoiding scratches. dropping it is another story.

      • Miss_Jean

        > laying it down keeps both surfaces raised, avoiding scratches

        Why can’t a phone *ALREADY* be designed like that? Laying it flat up (or down) would never touch the screen itself…. because of a tiny 1mm ridge around the phone.

  • setspeed

    No way am I paying £15.99 for a plastic bumper, they must be joking! I’ll wait a week or two and buy one for a couple of quid off eBay.

    • ClayRogers

      The price is pretty reasonable actually.

      • setspeed

        You and I have very different ideas of what constitutes a “reasonable” selling price for a piece of rubber which costs pennies to manufacture.

  • Anthony McKay

    Still not available..This is really chapping my ass. Kept waking up randomly to refresh Google play page and checking my email.. pretty sure I was sleep shopping

    • ClayRogers

      I must of smoked ten cigarettes last night, one every hour that I woke up to refresh the page.

  • Ryan

    I just got off the phone with the Google play tech support… It’s going to be 12 noon Eastern Time. Good luck to everyone I have my fingers crossed!!

    • ClayRogers