First software update for Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 brings Multi Window View

Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be seeing its first software update rollout over the coming days. The refresh brings the phablet’s software version to L900VPALJC and features a several minor tweaks in addition to the quiet introduction of one of the cooler features to grace the Note 2. First seen on the international version of the device, after updating Sprint users will be privy to Multi Window View, a feature that allows the handset to run two apps simultaneously, displaying windowed versions of both on the large 5.5-inch display.

In terms of fixes and enhancements, the new software will better handle outgoing emails when without coverage, sending the drafts to the Outbox. Incoming text messages will also now produce an audible notification if received while in a call. And with Multi Window View you could theoretically check that text message while composing an outgoing email at the same time.

The update will arrive over the air. Users anxious to receive the new features can check to see if their handset is eligible by navigating to the About Phone section of the Settings menu and checking for available updates.


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  • niuguy

    *anxiously awaits release on Verizon*

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      I can only hope Verizon is more timely with updates.

  • guitarist5122

    The note 2 on all carriers did ship with that feature already? Sounds like they rushed it to the market

    • Quentyn Kennemer

      It was the same way in Europe.

  • Alex Alexander

    Also Sprint should add the scrollable buttons on top of notification bar.
    The Galaxy S3 has many more functions than the Note 2.

  • burgosma

    What about the lag to awake problem?

    • fins71

      Nothing wrong with my phone. Try disabling S voice from home button in S voice settings and see if that helps. It might be waiting to wake to see if you want to use S voice. My phone wakes instantly every time.

  • pr0xidian

    Waiting release on T-Mobile

  • kev2684


    • Oluseun Ogunlegan

      ^^^What this dude said.

  • Steve Conrad

    Does this mean the “missing” Screen Recorder is also included in this new update?

  • JWolf_PDX

    Sprint seems like their really pushing for the customer. The GS3 launch was IMO a huge success and they set a precedent by being the first US carrier with JB on their GS3 Now they’re pushing out updates quickly to the barely released Note 2. Kudos Sprint, you are renewing my faith in you. Now just roll out LTE to my area please.

  • Jocelyn Moonjob
  • Brandal

    What about Us Cellular?!

  • chloe

    Hi, just need some help here.
    Whenever we click on the apps samsung n2 will show some instruction message.
    One day , I accidentally tick on the ‘do not show this message again ‘ button.
    Do you guys know the way to make instuction message appear again?