Take 3 minutes to laugh at Apple with this banned iPad Mini promo [VIDEO]

It seems Apple is a gold mine for jokes in the techie world and the Cupertino company’s latest “innovation,” the iPad Mini, is no more safe than the likes of the Apple Maps debacle or Antennagate. The iPad Mini’s 7.9 inch form factor created quite a stir within the community for a couple of different reasons.

For one, it proved Apple’s obnoxious tendency to act as if it’s always their way or the highway. The iPad can’t be 10.1 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it has to be 9.7 inches. The iPad Mini can’t be 7 inches, it has to be 7.9 inches. The iPhone can’t be 4 inches diagonally, it has to be 4 inches tall. These sorts of things prove Apple will find any way to insignificant way to stand out that it can.

It also proved the company is stubborn. It pretty much gawked at the 7 inch Nexus, but by adding .9 inches the iPad Mini is in some sort of safe zone that Apple arbitrarily decided was the “right” size for this category of tablets.

Well, none of us were buying it. It’s foolish and contradictory, and we all felt obligated to call it out. We didn’t quite do that here on Phandroid (after all, it’s an Android blog) but we felt this new banned iPad Mini promo was the perfect time to do so.

Because why not take 3 minutes out of your day to laugh at the most nonsensical development in the tablet game yet, right? Riiiiight. Go ahead and click that play button above and give yourself a quick break before we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  • Butters619

    It still blows me away how bad the cameras on the iPad 3/4 are. Especially the front camera (the only camera you should ever use on a tablet unless you want to look like a tool). Tablets are awesome for using skype in bed, but it’s just garbage and looks like crap.


    • Sean Livingston

      I will look like a tool all day. If whatever tablet I buy has a camera, I will use it. Caring about what people think is a pretty stupid reason not to use a rear camera on a tablet.

      • Butters619

        Using a 10″ tablet to take a picture just looks foolish, especially considering you probably have a phone in your pocket that has a better camera and is a lot easier to hold.

        • Joshua Morgan

          Count me in the ‘who cares what people think of me’ camp. I guess if you want to concern yourself with judging others based on what they want to take a picture with, that’s your choice. However, I’ll be taking pics with whatever device I choose not caring. If I cared what people thought of me, I wouldn’t wear flip flops with socks, vibram five fingers, or crocs as footwear.

          • Butters619

            But there is a difference between your examples. Crocs, vibrams, and socks with sandals may all get jokes but they are comfortable and make sense to wear, no matter how unfashionable they may be. Using a tablet to take a picture is not better than a phone in anyway except for a massive display (which isn’t really needed). Holding a tablet to take a picture is awkward and pressing the on screen shutter button is certainly much more difficult than using a phone or camera. Plus, as I noted earlier, the photo quality would be much worse than a phone or camera. So you are making the task more awkward and taking a worse picture.

          • Sean Livingston

            Those are good reasons not to use a tablet, but looking like a tool simply is not a good reason to not do it.

          • guitarist5122

            Enjoy being single the rest of your life lol

          • BLADESMAN1889


          • BLADESMAN1889


          • Sean Livingston

            hahahah, I love it.

        • http://profiles.google.com/mjsoctober Michael Schmidt

          At an android conference last week I was taking notes on my 10″ tablet during a talk. One of the presenter’s slides had a chart on it i wanted to capture. Lift tablet, take photo (directly into Evernote), lower tablet, continue typing.

          • Butters619

            Clearly there will be a few corner cases where it could work

          • http://www.facebook.com/GoPDemon Gabriel Mak

            I hate people who block my view with tablets at concerts, recording videos.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708741524 Robb Nunya

            I think I saw you there doing that. BABBQ?

        • camelsnot

          You’re thinking in your tiny world. Companies use this exclusively with evernote or their own apps. Insurance companies use the ipad now for on the scene accident writeups. They take pics with the ipad to expedite the claim, whereas before they did have an extra camera which then had to be hooked to their laptop, move pics, etc. Again, think outside your tiny world.

          • Butters619

            I am clearly not talking about people using a tablet for work. I am talking about the people at Disneyland, concerts, graduations, etc holding up a giant tablet to take pictures/record video.

    • Steven Skwarkowski

      Cameras on tablets are a little pointless IMO. No one is going to even attempt to take halfway decent photos with a super small 5mp or 8mp camera using a trapper keeper (yes Im showing my age) sized “camera”. Id like to see better cameras put into cell phones with a nice 8-10mp range.

      Plus, people taking photos with tablet look dumb as hell. Fun to point and laugh

      • camelsnot

        people have different reasons for needing a camera on a tablet. Companies for one use it.. probably not at McDonalds, but other companies. Insurance companies use it for claims writeups. More efficient than having to use a camera, hook to a laptop, transfer and so on. If you don’t ever need a camera on a tablet, then don’t worry about it.

        • Ben Blush

          u can just as easily do a claim writeup on a phone so ur insurance company argument doesn’t hold water…just cuz they do doesn’t make it a smart thing to do…

    • guitarist5122

      Lol, I agree! It’s not only looks goofy and akward taking pics with a huge device, but it’s just says “hey, look at me! I’ve got a tablet. And I can take pics with it even though my phone takes pics way better.”

      • Montisaquadeis

        I still have the trapper keeper I use to use in high school in my backpack lol. I am now 25. Currently has some dnd stuff stuffed inside.

    • the_suffering

      The front camera on my galaxy s3 is worse. At least from my experience. FaceTime and Skype are decent on my 3rd gen iPad, but when I tried to Skype (or google plus hangout) from my gs3 to wife’s one x over wifi all I got was slow, pixelated, green garbage.

      • remnem

        thats odd, it maeby the static, mine is just fine, way better thank the one on my laptop.


      Butters…. You’re grounded mister!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000855991915 Theo Bogdan Constantin

    I taught this website is about android not about apple parodies…

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/107214144202094295079/posts James

      I agree. Unfortunately you’ll be swarmed with downvotes if you say anything remotely similar to defending Apple. Unfortunately, Android news now constitutes daily Apple bashing.

      • bmg314

        Apple started it. :-P

    • ant-roid

      I come here for the apple bashing

    • Andy_in_Indy

      I guess we didn’t learn,

  • Josh Flowers

    these guys have done hilarious videos about Apple in the past. great video.

  • Former_Verizon_Girl

    Not sure where this was “banned” exactly.

    Besides no one is going to confuse the iPad mini… with a Touch. VERY different devices.

    • Butters619

      Hint: It’s a parody.

    • themuffinman75

      Wait what? You can’t be that clueless, so sad.

  • Ahhk


  • phinn

    Can’t really laugh at Apple anymore. They support their CDMA/LTE customers (more than half the US population), Google does not.

    • chuckles87

      You can blame Verizon for screwing up the last nexus. I’m glad they gave T-Mobile the exclusive this time

    • selonmoi

      You want to have the most open phone in the world on the most closed network in the world? Google bent over backwards trying it and it didn’t work.

      Suck it up and make your choice.

      • phinn

        Yes I do. I want a Nexus phone on the only carrier that gives me signal in my office. I want Google to support their loyal customers by making 2 versions of a phone just like Apple is capable of doing.

    • thatcrazyone

      meh i could care less about LTE… hspa+ provides me 21Mpbs down and 5Mbps up and i have an 80Mb wifi connection at home and work lol

    • remnem

      i laugh anyway, i live in chile lol

  • godrilla

    i love these videos about how funny and whimsical they are. its 7 months future proof but with a non retina display screen and a old processor, at least a year and a half old, if not more. you pay more for less lol.



  • clearzero

    Do people really find this to be funny?

    • http://twitter.com/IamPeePay Tomáš Petrík

      Yes, we do :)

    • IronHorse01

      No we don’t its lame

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      *In Steve Harvey voice* survey saaaayyyyssss… we do!

  • Christopher Ickes

    V Z W says your welcome.

    • jeremyseattle

      My welcome what?

  • Robert Causey

    The best part of that was the opening fellow who’s name was “Jony Five” lol!

  • Andy_in_Indy

    My favorite part is Joney Five – Number 5 is alive!

  • Mike

    Lmao, are these the same guts that made the parody of the i5?

  • IronHorse01

    Wow if this makes you laugh then you have the sense of humor of a 2 year old. Lame

  • http://www.swornbrotherhood.com/ nemesys06

    i thought this video was hilarious. the sad thing is, everybody at Apple probably right the same thing

  • Guest

    I am thinking to get the Nexus 7 16gb now. I live in the UK and it costs 169 pounds compared to the ipad which is 269. The price is a main concern for me as I had to save this money.

    But now, there is Android 4.2 releasing? So should I buy the Nexus 7 which has Android 4.1 only? Is it worth it?

    I don’t understand the OS on Kindle Fire as its Android with Silk. So I am not considering it but if anyone knows more about the OS on Kindle Fire, please inform me.

    • enomele

      It’s a fork of Android. It takes stuff it likes and ditches ones it doesn’t. You are stuck with out any of the Google apps, biggest of all being the Play Store.

    • jmiller808

      if you go with the Nexus 7, you won’t be disappointed. it will get 4.2 right away when it’s released. That is the advantage the nexus devices have over all other android based devices.

  • Ashy

    I am planning to get Nexus 7 16gb now. I live in the UK and it costs 169 pounds compared to the ipad which is 269. The price is a main concern for me as I had to save this money.

    But now, there is Android 4.2 releasing? So should I buy the Nexus 7 which has Android 4.1 only? Is it worth it?

    I don’t understand the OS on Kindle Fire as its Android with Silk. So I am not considering it but if anyone knows more about the OS on Kindle Fire, please inform me.

    • Fred G. Vader

      If you decide to buy a Nexus 7 it will eventually get updated to the latest version of Android. That is the whole point of the Nexus brand. Personally there is no way I would get a Kindle Fire over a Nexus 7.

  • Matt McElwain

    Friggin hilarious!!! Just killed a good 20 min at work watching these.

  • Sondrek17

    If you really want a laugh you should watch microsofts windows phone 8 event. They keep talking about how android copied iOS, how the smartphone OS’s hasn’t evolved, they keep talking about revolutionary software functions that has existed in android for over a year. I like the tiles and I love my htc titan. And I have decided to get a windows RT tablet, I used to have the asus transformer (great device, but I hate polaris office).

  • Crimsonshadow774

    I was going to buy an iPad 3 but the Nexus 10 blows it out of the water.

    Yay :)

    • http://www.phandroid.com Quentyn Kennemer

      Lol I think that’s been my response to most of Apple’s products lately.

  • warcaster


  • nycplayboy78

    DEAD @ Darnell Johnson (Apple’s Black Employee)….LAWD too funny!!!!