Oct 30th, 2012 publishUpdated   Dec 4th, 2012, 5:23 pm

It seems Apple is a gold mine for jokes in the techie world and the Cupertino company’s latest “innovation,” the iPad Mini, is no more safe than the likes of the Apple Maps debacle or Antennagate. The iPad Mini’s 7.9 inch form factor created quite a stir within the community for a couple of different reasons.

For one, it proved Apple’s obnoxious tendency to act as if it’s always their way or the highway. The iPad can’t be 10.1 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio, it has to be 9.7 inches. The iPad Mini can’t be 7 inches, it has to be 7.9 inches. The iPhone can’t be 4 inches diagonally, it has to be 4 inches tall. These sorts of things prove Apple will find any way to insignificant way to stand out that it can.

It also proved the company is stubborn. It pretty much gawked at the 7 inch Nexus, but by adding .9 inches the iPad Mini is in some sort of safe zone that Apple arbitrarily decided was the “right” size for this category of tablets.

Well, none of us were buying it. It’s foolish and contradictory, and we all felt obligated to call it out. We didn’t quite do that here on Phandroid (after all, it’s an Android blog) but we felt this new banned iPad Mini promo was the perfect time to do so.

Because why not take 3 minutes out of your day to laugh at the most nonsensical development in the tablet game yet, right? Riiiiight. Go ahead and click that play button above and give yourself a quick break before we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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