Unofficial Galaxy Nexus Google+ Page Mentions Multiple Nexus Devices – Android Fans Go Nuts

Careful out there, folks. I know we’re all a bit excited, scouring the nets for any bit of info regarding the next Nexus device(s) but just like the world of Twitter, Google+ is full of unofficial accounts spreading hope (sometimes falsely). Take the “Galaxy Nexus” Google+ account which posted the following:

“Happy birthday +Galaxy Nexus, you were born one year ago, on October 19th. Soon you are going to meet your younger brother(s) ;)”

This lead our Phantips inbox filling with, “ERMAHGERD!!! NERCKSERZ!!!!!” emails from excited Android-fanboys across the globe. Only one problem — the Galaxy Nexus Google+ page in question ISN’T OFFICIAL. Whoever runs it was merely commenting on current rumors and speculation that multiple Nexus devices could be announced on October 29th. We’ll still keep our fingers crossed but in the meantime, watch yourself out there. The net is a big strange place (especially those weird kids on Google+).


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  • JustinLamarGlass

    Razr Nexus?

    • JustinLamarGlass

      let me not get my hopes up

  • scoter man1

    Okay… be calm. YUEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

    • Chris Chavez

      Nooooo! This wasn’t official! STAHP! -_-

      • kimir

        Wat u doin.

      • Alexander Ramirez

        chaz y u do dis

  • OMFCody

    HTC Nexus J5 :) :) :)

    • Oceanseamaster Ebay

      Nah! Multiple Nexus devices are: Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Nexus 7 32Gb, Nexus 7 8Gb Low cost (99$)…


  • Nano

    Am I the only one that doesn’t really care about the new nexus phone’s’? I mean I am much more excited for any 4.3* device that has nice specs, expensive materials and some decent size…. Damn my small hands…

    • Marsg

      you don’t even know the sizes yet lol

    • Donovan Shore

      I do care about the next Nexus because of updates from Google and new product ideas, but this year nothing can pull me away from a PadFone purchase. So yeah, not too concerned about the next Nexus.

      • Chris Chavez

        But what about super fast Google updates???? :o

        • Donovan Shore

          Haha, yeah, about those. After dealing with Samsung and their updates through a Vibrant and a GS2 I was pretty hell bent on just going with a Nexus branded phone. I am a power user that loves his updates and to push my phone to the limits, just to say I can. But as for Android software, the system is pretty sweet as of late.

          Every time someone I know tries the Android vs IPhone debate against me they feel their strongest argument for Iphone is that Android is slow on updates. Well my argument back is generally that most everything that the IPhone does not, I could accomplish on my old G1, so updates are irrelevant. If I am on 2.2 and my phone is blazing and gets all my tasks complete, then do I care that 4.1 or 4.2 is out? If there is something streamlined in a new update, or something that would make my life easier, or something just so awesome that I need the update, then I would be concerned or upset.

          This is where I am at with Android though, I feel that a Phone with 4.1, large screen, 2 gigs ram, and a decent amount of storage, that also turns into a full blown tablet is all I need. So Nexus updates do not really concern me anymore for I am satisfied. As I say this though, there is still some time for Google to surprise me since the PadFone has not arrived here yet and the Nexus release is just around the corner. Save for that the only next big thing I am looking for in Android is booting to full OS of some sort, perhaps Chromium or Ubuntu side loaded.

  • LawrenceMcatee

    Memes are out of control….

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      The amount of memes being used is too damn high ;p

  • Marsg

    O.O ….. this is better then Christmas
    Edit: Galaxy Nexus is a Fan Page, we have been punked

    • Chris Chavez

      Stop it, stop it! This WASN’T OFFICIAL.

      • Marsg

        but i want it be official so bad >.> Google needs to stop messing with us. They are kind of raising our expectations too high, now if they only release one were all going to be like what? but wheres the rest lol

        • Chris Chavez

          Yeah…. I just want to roll up Google into a little ball, and put them in my mouth. O_o

          • nick olaguez

            Mouth? Or?… So every time you feel a scratch or tickle you’ll know it’s googs?

          • Chris Chavez

            What are you some kinda sicko?!!? :O

          • nick olaguez

            Oops I thought that was a step brothers Reference!

            :32 seconds 0_o

          • bmg314

            A ball…in the mouth….ummm, what exactly do you mean…nevermind, don’t really want to know. >.<

  • kimir

    it’s ERMAHGERD NERCKSERS. Come on.

    • Chris Chavez

      I’m terrible at gersberms :/

      • kimir

        Yer nerd ter werk ern dert.
        Terrerberl. :)
        It’s gersbermps… LOL

  • DavidB23

    Nexus in the past has meant: Avg HW introducing a new OS ver that really good HW can upgrade to in about a year.

    • JRomeo

      it took me a minute to realize that HW meant HardWare

  • johnny989

    So, since Google is releasing multiple nexuses, can we make Nexi a word?

    • Del373

      There’s no official word on how many nexus devices are to be released. If I were you, I’d save myself from disappointment and just assume there’s to be only one as has been the case with every nexus release prior. At least until an official statement is made that is.

      …as far as the plural form, it would be amusing if they held a vote like Toyota did with the Prius.

      • Larizard

        dictionary: plural of Nexus is “Nexuses”, or just “Nexus”. Nexii is not a word.

  • bmg314

    Damn you, interwebs and your heinous rumor mongering! Damn you!!

    And may I please have more? °_°

    • Larizard

      i like that face °_°

  • cabbiebot

    Sites that ran with this rumor:
    The Verge


    • cabbiebot

      then they 404ed their post out of shame. oops!

  • Jwhap


  • Freshly_Snipes

    I smell Troll bate.

  • Pkmmte

    Multiple Nexus?
    Official Galaxy Nexus page as confirmed by Chris Chavez?


  • GBGamer

    Please! Xperia Nexus!

  • Treyhunnid

    how is a rumor from a unofficial source/page taken as relevant? really? phandroid cmon…. smh

  • David Pat

    These aren’t going to work on VZ because you can’t bring an unlocked device to the carrier and it doesn’t plan to carry a new Nexus.

  • kev2684


  • Sean Livingston

    Talking to phones like they children? Disturbing.

  • InspectorGadget80


  • Anonymous

    assuming both brands make it.. i’ll be torn between sony and htc