HTC giving away Cushnie Et Ochs edition HTC One X

The fashion-savvy have probably been wondering when they could get their hands on the Cushnie Et Ochs edition HTC One X since it first popped up last week. The phone debuted in a two-tone color scheme that is as unique as it is striking, and while it was meant mostly to dazzle the Fashion Week crowd, HTC is now offering a chance for those of us a bit more grounded in our aesthetics to take the leap into high design.

The contest is rather simple, and, as most online giveaways functions these days, involves social media. All you have to do is follow HTCMobile¬†on Pinterest and re-pin an image from a selection of photos of the black-and-white One X. That’s about as easy as it gets, and worthwhile even if you aren’t that interested in holding one of the most fashionable phones on the block. The One X itself is still a great device regardless of its outward appearance.

[via HTCBlog]

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  • Justin Glass

    Does anyone else think this thing is ugly besides me?

    • Justin Glass

      But if i won it i would use it. It should come with a special app or something

    • Manbo

      It’s fugly

  • bos

    I’m so happy that htc spent money designing a case that looks like half an oreo cookie instead of wasting money designing a phone with removable batteries and storage. The company must be doing really well financially as a result of these wise decisions.

    • Marsg

      they have a event mid September where they will probably introduce new devices and its not a modded case its actually the phones housing, I wish the nexus had designer housings I could install

  • Butters619

    Pinterest? Is it even worth the time to sign up.

    • Marsg

      takes like less then a min to sign up and another to enter the contest, ehh why not.

  • Franklin Gutierrez

    this will match my two-face costume for halloween >:D

  • master94

    Bummer, pintrest, cant register. Contest must have crashed the server.


    Cheap paint job. Could have put more effort into it. “Lets make half the phone black, cause we’re stoned”

  • The Mute

    I would have used the black camera ring… just sayin.

  • Michael Thompson

    “Let that be your last battlefield”

  • laibacute

    pretty thing i must say and will be really matching.