7-inch Tabeo toddler tablet coming from Toys ‘R’ Us


Toys”R”Us has been known to stock a tablet or two designed specifically for kids in the past, but today the company announces their first slate to receive the brand’s stamp of approval. Called the Tabeo, the new toddler tab doesn’t differ much from previous devices in the same category. The slate features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 chipset, 7-inch display with 800×480 resolution, 1GB RAM, and WiFi connectivity. Otherwise not too many bells and whistles are to be found.

The Tabeo’s most notable spec is the inclusion of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, though it will come with a parsed-down user interface designed with younger folk in mind. It will ship with a selection of games, apps, and books pre-installed. Parental controls will allow adults to easily monitor internet usage as well as establish a list of viewable sites.

The Tabeo is available for pre-order now priced at $150 and will hit Toys”R”Us stores exclusively on October 21st. A selection of accessories will be available, including bumpers and cases.

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  1. Bought my toddler a used kindle fire the other day. Better and cheaper than something like this.

  2. Gave my daughter my galaxy 7 inch and promised her a nexus 7 when I can.

  3. Might as well spend the extra $50 and buy a Nexus 7…under $100 and you might have a deal, not $150.

    1. The Tabeo actually has HDMI out and a micro-SD card slot, so it will make for a video player to any TV/big screen with hdmi. The N7 can’t do that — no storage for movies, and the TV needs to have DLNA to connect.

      The other specs on the N7 are better, but it is still intentionally crippled so the other android makers are able to produce an unsubsidized, uncrippled 7″ tablet.

      The acer a110 may be the first full-featured competitor for the N7, though its screen will be slightly lower resolution. I do wish acer would speak up and get the a110 out there for us to buy. I’ll get two or three of them (for me, the wife, and a nephew.)

      1. This is probably a little more resilient to damage than the n7. I have had no issues with space on my n7 btw. OTG cable can be used if I really need extra storage but considering an entire series of a TV show can be condensed to less than 5gb and still look good on the tablet I have not had any need for more space even on long trips.

        HDMI would have been nice but I haven’t had a need for it yet. My phone has MHL and I’ve used it once in the entire year I’ve had it.

      2. The Nabi2 offers HDMI, MicroSD and has just about the same specs as the Nexus7 for the same price as the N7, this tablet is not priced right at all.

        1. I don’t think nabi will be able to offer that many apps versus a tablet made by toysrus. Nabi claims over 500 and tabeo claims over 6,000. One of the most important factors of a kid tablet is the provider’s ability to curate a large number of kid appropriate apps.

          1. Lets not forget you can side load the Amazon App Store to the Nabi 2 and install the many kids games/books/other educational software as well.

      3. When I was a kid we had the Commodore 64 and the Commodore 128. The 128 just wasn’t as popular. Price matters.
        I see this as the Commodore 64 of this generation. It’s very cheap, everything is integrated and just like the commodore, you could plug it into the TV and it has an expansion slot.

    2. Nobody is going to spend an extra $50 for a toddler tablet.

      1. True, more the reason to spend the extra $50 and get a N7 and let the toddler play with it sometimes. The specs on this are so sub-par compared to the N7 it’s not even funny. I have a N7 and just waiting for Otterbox or similar case to come out before i left my 3.5 year old play his games unsupervised. A tablet like this should be $99 a most, if not $75-80. I mean a 1 Ghz processor and 800×480 screen?!

        1. and broke it? I learn my learn with my N7 and toddlers

        2. Can the price be any lower? meep has 512 megs and also $150

    3. $50 more is too much for a tablet just for the kids but for only $9 more you could get a new Kindle Fire with special kid features. It doesn’t have SD or front facing camera, however.

  4. This tablet is for kids, and only kids. It has apps already on designed for kids, the interface is for kids, it is a product designed for kids. I hate that people on here are saying “you could get your kids a N7 for a little more”. That’s not the point here. It is a tablet, made especially with kids and toddlers in mind. For an extra $50 or so, they are not going to find it any different. Are you expecting them to mess with bootloaders and such? Please…

  5. Devs may want to consider cranking out educational apps now that we have several tablets specifically made for kids.

  6. HDMI and SD? Wow, even a kid’s tablet beats the Nexus 7. OK I am so mean.

  7. NABI 2 THAT IS ALL. Its better, it’s designed for kids and has almost the same specs as a N7.

  8. This looks like a rebadge of the Archos ChildPad.

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