We go hands-on with the upgraded 2012 Amazon Kindle Fire

We had a wild ride at the Amazon press conference this morning, but we managed to push through the mob and get some sweet time with some of the new devices. This one happens to be the base Kindle Fire, which is nearly identical to last year’s but with a better processor and more RAM. Amazon managed to drop the price to $159 this time around, though, making it one of the best deals around the market.

The tablet isn’t for the high-end, demanding user, but it is definitely worth the price for those looking to take care some casual tasks. Regardless, tt will be nice to get a significant upgrade for a lower price. It is hard to say no to a $159 Kindle Fire, so go and pre-order it if you want to get this one by September 14!

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  • Pkmmte

    No play store, no deal.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      It will be rooted and flashed with a stock Android ROM in no time. So it might still be worth it… if you feel comfortable doing that stuff. I mean I am still leaning towards the Nexus 7.

      • bob

        Nexus 7 is junk. I’m getting my 3rd one hopefully by next week. I had screen and touch registration issues just a few weeks after getting it. the replacement had the same problems out of the box. If this one comes defective again I’m gonna call Discover and have them force the return. Google only gives you 15 days to return. that doesn’t even meet most state laws minimum requirements.

        • Edgar Cervantes

          DAMN! 3rd?!

          • bob

            Yes sir… Its a major problem with all of them. The guy that handled my RMA the second time said all he does all day long is issue RMA’s and replacement tablets for the exact same issue. I’m beyond dissapointed. Though I will say this. People claiming they wait an hour on hold to get their replacement started are just being dramatic or lying to make it seem worse. I’ve called the service number a half dozen times at all hours and I’ve never been on hold over a minute.

          • frank mora

            It is not a major problem. I call BS. All the units I have and all my friends and co-workers are just fine.

          • bob

            You can call b.s. all you want. Might make you feel better but it doesn’t make it any less true. Just don’t forget this conversation when your screen starts intermittently flickering or the touch response dies off and on. Oh and don’t forget to check the lower left corner regularly. The adhesive heats up, dries out and causes the screen to separate from the frame.

          • Kernschatten

            Two days and I returned mine. I’m a die-hard Android fanboy, and I couldn’t stand it.

        • scoter man1

          I’m calling pebtac (problem exists between tablet and chair).

        • NIGHTSCOUT

          Not to mention Google has ZERO customer service……

  • MSined

    Man Chris, your Image stabilization on your camera makes the video trippy!


    Here’s what i’m curious about: What will the prices be like next year?

  • feztheforeigner

    Nexus 7 is still the clear winner…