AT&T-branded Xperia T shows up on UK retailer site

It looks like AT&T might be thinking about carrying the Sony Xperia T soon. UK retailer Phones4U accidentally posted a press shot of the Sony Xperia T with AT&T branding on its listing.

While this isn’t hard confirmation that AT&T is set to bring the device out it’s a rather clean render and there’s no reason to believe it was doctored by either Phones4U or Sony.

Also note the two separators on the AT&T render — that design is not present in the international version which could be further proof that this is a shot of a possible AT&T version.

We’re not sure when AT&T might be bringing the device out if they are, in fact, doing so, but considering it was just unveiled last week in Berlin we’d say it’s not exactly right around the corner.

Nothing we say is worth more than any official word, though, so we’ll be waiting to hear more from AT&T in the coming weeks or months. [via AndroidCentral]

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  • http://phandroid deh2002

    That’s one odd looking phone, I think most will pass unless if it has amazing specs which I don’t believe it does?

  • Spartoi

    Why does AT&T always make their Sony phones uglier?

  • Gus

    from my point of view the sgs3 is way uglier you both have no taste this phone is sexy as all Sony products!