Max Payne drops to $.99 in the Google Play Store

If you’ve been holding off on giving Max Payne for Android a try because it’s a little too pricey, you might want to head to the Google Play Store right now. Rockstar has dropped its price to¬†$.99, and for that price you’re getting one of the most iconic video games of the previous generation of PCs and consoles.

Max Payne follows the DEA agent whose name is shared with the title of the game. As he is framed for murder he has to attempt to clear his name while dealing with some of the most evil and intimidating forces in the city, all the while having to deal with personal struggles of his past. Sound good enough? Get your from the Google Play Store here.

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  • Joseph Lee


    • Mike Gitkos

      I tried, and it’s not compatible with the S3 :(

      • Jason Parrish

        but it is with S2? FAIL!

  • Abstract

    How is this game? Never bothered to try it -_-

  • OtisFeelgood

    I just bought it. I’ll check it out tonight.

  • Butters619

    I loved the original Max Payne on Xbox. The second one I wasn’t too thrilled about because I beat the game in a few hours.

  • Jason Farrell

    Not compatible with my AT&T S3, but it is compatible with my S1 Captivate.

    Since it’s only $0.99 I think I’m just going to buy it for my Captivate and “illegally” try to sideload it on my S3 to see if it’s really incompatible or just a market oversight. I loved this game back in the day… and the music still echos in my head.

    EDIT1: Working so far, but it’s going to take a loooooong time (over 2 hours now) to download the 1.4GB of extra game data it needs @ ~130K/s and dropping. Servers must be getting hammered.
    EDIT2: IT PLAYS JUST FINE WHEN SIDELOADED ON THE qualcomm S3, so, wtf RockStar? Fix your Google Play compatibility.

    • Teddy_Ruxpin

      Yeah, what’s up with that? For $.99, I might buy it anyways and hope it becomes compatible…

    • Jason Farrell

      1280×720 screenie from the tutorial level.

  • UniBroW

    I grabbed this and Modern Combat, not sure when I’ll get to play them but glad none the less.

    *edit* Modern combat doesn’t seem compatible with game controllers so I’d recommend saving your money if you don’t like playing fps games with touch screen controls.

  • Mike Mouse-Morales

    that’s because this game is a terrible port. The controls suck if you don’t have a Bluetooth controller added to the device you’re using the game is just a hot mess.

  • bboyAndroid

    I bought it when it first came out. I had the Evo 3d now I got the gs3 n its not compatible. They got me with no vaseline