Show of hands: who’s getting today’s newly-unveiled Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Camera? [Poll]

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In case you were living under a rock today, Samsung has officially unveiled both the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera. Both are poised to be juggernauts in their respective spaces, with the former being a point and shoot camera that straddles the line between powerful consumer camera and superphone (except it doesn’t have any phone radios).

To quickly sum it up, the Galaxy Note 2 will feature a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED HD display, a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel HD camera with a 2 megapixel front-facing camera, Samsung’s S Pen technology for use with TouchWiz on top of Android 4.1, and more.

The Galaxy Camera pulls out all the stops with a 16 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and 21x optical zoom. Its live viewfinder is a huge 4.8 inch touchscreen, and inside is Android 4.1 and some nice features specific to the digital photographer inside you.  Specifically, Pro Mode will give you the tools you need to take a variety of different shots like a pro without needing to be one.

You can read more about the Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Camera here and here, respectively. But now that you’ve seen what Samsung’s holiday plans are looking like it’s time to pick you guys’ brain: are you buying? Many have held off on the Samsung Galaxy S3 for one reason or another so there are sure to be some still in the market for a smartphone.

And when is the point and shoot consumer camera world ever dead? With some very nice features and the backing power of Samsung this won’t be a bad gift for yourself or loved ones. Vote in the poll below and let us know if you’ll be opening your pocket books for these once they’re made available worldwide.

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  • Sharif Salih

    Mmmmmm note 2. Only thing I worry about is that it won’t have tmo bands and three regan in my area will take forever.

    • Sharif Salih

      lol, swype got me. I worry about the refarming taking forever. not whatever regan means :)

  • nsnsmj

    If the camera was a Sony one, I’d get it for sure. Sony makes much better cameras than Samsung. The idea is nice though.

  • surethom

    The Note is just way to big & not sure about the camera its all about the picture Quality & Samsung have not had the best picture quality latly?. Will Android drain the battery faster??

    • Chris Chavez

      Well, a 3G/4G/WiFi connection and constantly uploading pics all the time is sure to eat up some battery. Will have to keep the charger handy.

      • Marsg

        not to mention its packing a quad core exynos

  • Jason Farrell

    Not a big enough jump from the S3 as I thought it’d be, so, I can wait until Jan 1st, 2014 for a Note3. :)

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Yeah it seems that the Note will be just a slight bump from the Galaxy S each time now. Nothing too crazy cause they want the Galaxy S to be the BFD.

    • malcmilli

      waiting for that exynos 5250??

  • bmg314

    I kind of wish that the Note 2 differentiated itself from the Galaxy S3, esthetically speaking. Other than that, Id consider it if it runs on tmo.

  • averymlewis

    Maybe, I have a Galaxy S3 which looks very similar to it outside of the screen size and it works perfectly. I think I’ll wait for the Galaxy Note III not sold on it I’ll change the wallpaper on my S3 to that feather wallpaper and feel like I have a Note II plus I already have a stylus so …. Probably not

  • Jaime Lefebvre

    I wonder if Verizon would consider this (galaxy cam) a tablet or a phone in the share everything plans.

    • jeremyseattle

      tablet – no voice

  • Oliver Petruzel

    It will all come down to how much I can sell my GNote1 for in December…

    • Daniel Tiberius

      The sooner you sell it the more you’ll get. I need a backup phone for cases like this lol

  • GamerChica

    The note 2 is tempting but i was hoping for a higher res screen. I like the grey color too

    • warcaster

      Disappointing that they didn’t even make it Super AMOLED Plus. That would’ve been a at least a decent compensation keeping the resolution/lowering the DPI.

      • Raifid4

        It is. Has RGB matrix with 720p resolution. Means it will also be brighter than S3. I miss the brightness of my S2 while using bluetooth in the car.

  • Alejandro

    Definitely the note2 the camera is a possibility I hadn’t even considered

  • AGx

    I’m still sitting on my MT4G and I’ve been waiting for the Note 2 since TMO dragged a** about getting the first Note out. Yeah, I’ll be getting a Note 2 unless something better releases in the next few months.

  • AGx

    For all the people who were hoping the Note 2 would be a big jump over the SGS3, I think you were missing the point. The experience is supposed to be the selling point, not the specs. It is a big jump over the Note 1 (imo) but it’s all about the larger screen and S-Pen experience to make it a seller. It’s not the SGS4 after all.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Agreed. I only expected a slight bump over the GS3, so I’m happy. I’d love to get a 64GB one.

  • Evan Murphy

    umm all I can say is October nexus Samsung

    • bob

      what makes you think Samsung is doing the next Nexus? I think there’s more of a possibility Moto or even Asus will do it before Samsung does for a third time.

      • Jamille Browne

        Samsung has been the only one and HTC being the first and screw motorola and asus, motorola hasn’t even been in the news really as far as devices go, Samsung is the dominant player and until that changes google is gonna use samsung, Motorola androids suck anyways. Didn’t asus try to partner with garmin at one point and then that was a fail, then they tried the pad phone which was respectable.

      • ShaunOfTheLive
  • CaffinatedOne

    I love the idea of having a camera that I’ll have to throw out should I choose to replace my phone (/sarcasm)

  • J Dub

    How long before the camera gets hacked to be even more awesomerer?

  • bob

    There’s only one thing that could completely kill the Camera for me. Is the boot time 8 hours like every other Android in existence? If so it doesn’t matter how good anything else is its worthless as a point and shoot camera.

    • Daniel Tiberius

      Boot time on my Note LTE is pretty quick. Less than a minute.

      • bob

        In that minute your picture escaped and is probably 4 blocks away. Anything more the 2 seconds for a point and shoot is completely pointless. My Current point and shoot that’s 4 years old can go from completely off to shutter open and taking pictures near instantly and back off again even faster and in my pocket.

        • Daniel Tiberius

          I doubt people would walk around with it completely shut down though. Just keep it in airplane mode and it’ll come right on.

        • Myad Prof

          interesting… what model is this?

    • rehpyc

      Seems like you’re fishing for something to dislike. My phone boots under a minute, but you have to remember that Android has a deep sleep mode. My phone can last 3 days in sleep mode, and that’s with it using a radio signal

    • severinj

      don’t almost all newer android phones boot in roughly 10 seconds? they’re not even really newer, im talking about phones from last year.

  • Daniel Tiberius

    If I can sell my Note LTE and get one of these off contract for a decent price I’m in.

  • wtpanos

    should have been a choice for I want both but can’t afford it lol

  • Chisanga Ng’oma

    The Galaxy Camera sounds like a great idea for point and shoot, this could well be just the start, if this works I can see Sony getting one out too, maybe even HTC with their great software too.
    I have a Lumix bridge camera, but if I had too choose between android and the native software, android all the way!

  • Caffiend

    Sooooo.. It’s the Memoir II…?