Vizio Co-Star teardown outs dual-core processor


The Vizio Co-Star, which we reported earlier is starting to arrive on the doorsteps of those who have pre-ordered the new Google TV box, has been given the  teardown treatment by the folks over at iFixIt, finally revealing a few of the specs that the company has otherwise been rather tight-lipped about. Most notable for the $99 set-top box is the inclusion of a 1.2GHz dual-core processor accompanied by 1GB RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

The hardware spec is pretty impressive considering the Co-Star features some of the better specs we have ever seen on a GTV box at a fraction of the cost. If Google had come out with such a device initially (or a better path that saw the internet TV concept delayed until features and pricing hit the sweet spot) Google TV could have been a hit from the start. The Co-Star, at the very least, should allow the platform to gain some much needed ground.

[via iFixIt]

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  1. I still don’t think this hardware will cause GoogleTV take off.
    People want to replace their cable box, not add something else to it.

    GoogleTV will take off as soon as it supports its own tuner, acts as a DVR for broadcast television, and aggregates your recorded TV together with internet content.

    Unless Apple beats them to it.

    1. The closest they’ve come is integrating the logitech revue with dish network receiver. I pay $2 or $3 a month for the integration. The logitech revue wraps around my dvr and dish programs quite nicely and acts as the ui to all my tv options. Google search for DVR, Netflix, Current programs, Amazon videos, and now google movie rentals through youtube. Their marketing sucks. They were so far ahead of the game and then started backing off. In my mind they are still first to integrate with cable programming so don’t give Apple credit for that.

  2. Doesn’t feel any faster than the Revue it replaced? It is good to hear about the additional storage. The Revue maxed out after I installed 3-4 apps.

  3. I agree that Google should integrate the google tv with dual hd tuners and a dvr function. I for one would buy one in a minute. I enjoy my vizio costar, between that and my smart TV I can watch whatever I please. bye bye cable!!!!! hello to saving at least 900 bucks a year!

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