Motorola says ICS for DROID 4 now rolling out

Motorola took to Twitter to announce tat the Motorola DROID 4 is now receiving Ice Cream Sandwich. We suspected a recent soak testing session was fr testing the final build of Ice Cream Sandwich for the device and Motorola finally officially confirmed it.

There are significant UI changes in tow along with the many features Android 4.0 brings, so be prepared to handle a phone that will feel brand new, software wise.

And while this isn’t Jelly Bean we’re sure users couldn’t be happier to finally be using a modern version of Android. Motorola is non-hesitant to mention that this thing is rolling out in phases so don’t be vexed if you can’t pull it down just yet.

Just know that it’ll get to you eventually. You can try forcing the download by ┬áheading to the settings menu, but this won’t guarantee you a download. [via Twitter]

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  • Frank Gifford

    I’ve tried every force update “trick” in the book and can’t get it to go :(

    Just have to wait…sigh

  • InspectorGadget80

    And still nothing for my atrix.

  • kevin

    Maybe the redheaded stepchild biotic is next

  • kevin

    Hello moto you think maybe the bionic might be next are you gonna find another one that came out after that to do first. Shouldn’t be any bugs in it by now you at 9 months to work on it

  • kevin

    Biotic next maybe after 9 months waiting

  • David Pat

    Best update so far

  • Max

    2 questions, 1) Are there any negatives at all to ICS? lag, even less battery life (although I dont see how that could be humanly possible), etc? 2) Now that flash isn’t available directly from adobe, will it transfer over if i already have it installed? or would I need to download a different version of the .apk? waiting excitedly for my ice cream, im hoping for cookies and cream